Floofy Friday

Thank Cod Friday - it's you! 
We've been looking out for you all week buddy. 

::Whispers:: I was afraid the cable repairman was going to scare you off! Sure am glad he left before you showed up. I think Thursday was a little scared, but Greyson took good care of him. Course Thursday tuckered Greyson out. 

You don't want to wake him? Gee that's so nice of you Friday! You're always so great buddy. Take it easy!


Thankful Thursday

Hey Thursday! Lil G here. I feel like you have been a little ignored here at the H.C. I mean Friday gets a lot of love but without you, where would Friday be?

So I wanted to give a little shout out for things I am grateful for:

  1. Quill. I LOVE my big brother. I love to hang with him all the time. 
  2. My parents. I'm crazy for them and I get very upset when either of them leaves - but I'm really happy when they come back. 
  3. Treats. I love em all!
  4. Food. I loves me some food. 
  5. Treats. Yep they deserve to be on the list twice. 
  6. Oh and I am really thankful for this little head rest....

Can you imagine that Mom wanted to take her hand back so she could get some "work" done? I couldn't either Thursday! See you next week!


Frisky Fall

Quill here. Guess what? Fall arrived Sunday morning! We went to bed and it was still Summer, and when we woke up it was Fall!

Greyson and I could sense something had changed during the night. We were insistent on getting our parents up. Dad was the first one out of bed and when he opened the front door at 5am he found Fall waiting. It was cool and there was a cold breeze.

Dad was so excited and we were too. We all went to get Mom out of bed. She was thrilled too! She opened all the doors and windows in the house.

Ah the feel of a cold stiff breeze in my floof! I was a kitten again. I chased Greyson around the house and then I even let him chase me. It was a Fall Frolic!

Then the very best part of the day was when Mom decided to take a nap. Dad and Greyson were watching a movie so Mom and I had the whole bed to ourselves. I stretched out with full belly exposure. I even made air biscuits while she petted me.

I love Fall!!

I hear Summer might be trying to cut back in for a few days but then my buddy Fall should be all in!


Floofy Friday

Yesterday was Meow Like a Pirate Day... 
and something doesn't add up Friday...

Were our timbers shivered? No Friday. Were yours?

Friday I would never ask you to walk the plank... maybe Monday.

Glad you made it buddy!


What Wednesday

Mom note: I love the look of surprise on Quill's face when Greyson decided he should join Quill on the chair for some bro-time. 

Anyone have a good caption?


Guess Who?

Guess which cat has four paws and can jump on the kitchen counter....

This Cat!

That's right - me Greyson! 

This morning Mom was doing something on the counter and I suspected it was a snack. She looked down at me and I was thinking "Can I jump up there?" and she was thinking "Can I help you?" but what she actually said was "Yes". 

It sounded like she was answering my question so I jumped. I made it right up there on the first try. I was able to practice quite a few times cause Mom kept putting me back on the floor. 

Mom kept saying "No!" but clearly the answer was "Yes!" - humans are so confusing. There are sooo many things to check out up there - I can't wait till she's asleep tonight.Those treat bags are coming down!!


Floofy Friday

Ho hum. Just waiting for Friday...

Do you see Friday Greyson?

Whoa Greyson - you're giving Friday the Stink Eye!

Sorry Friday! Some kittens get a little grouchy when the pawparazzi catches them off guard. We sure have missed you this week! Mom has a new project at work and it's got us all putting in some overtime. All those extra naps can really take it out of a cat.


Making it Happen

Greyson and I just love to play with pipe cleaners. The problem is that Greyson always wants to play with MY pipe cleaner. 

Even if Mom gives us both one - he wants whichever one I want.

See how he hogs the pipie? Very possessive with his paw.

Then I had a realization... I could just get my own.

Who needs Mom to give me one? 

Except I really like when she makes them into little shapes. I prefer the mini-circle you see above. It's perfect for carrying in your mouth. Greyson likes spider shape - or mine.



::Scritch, scritch::

::Dig, dig::

::Rustle, tear::

We're available for overtime - and Mom says she'll hire us out. 

Anyone need some help with some paperwork?


Floofy Friday


Uh? Whas up?

Oh hey Friday! You caught me napping. 
Greyson was supposed to be watching for you.

Hi Friday! Boy we are sure happy to see you!

Mom and Dad have been home all week! Mostly. Staycating they call it but I am a fan. Lots of naps and treats. I enjoy sleeping in too - not as much as Quillbert. Stormy Weather has been hanging around all week but it's not so scary when the whole family is together. 


Happy Birthday Dad

Greyson: Today is Dad's Birthday. I'm super excited! I can't wait for some catnip cake and presents...

Quill: You know the presents aren't for you right?

Greyson: What do you mean? Surely Dad will share with me.

Quill: You're not the best sharer you know. Plus what do you think Dad asked for?

Greyson: Laser mouse?  String toy?

Quill: I don't think so.

Greyson: But surely there's catnip cake?

Quill: Um... Do you ever smell catnip on Dad's breath?

Greyson: No... Seriously! What kinda party is this? What a bust.