Flooflet Friday

Guess what? I discovered I am nocturnal!

All this time I have been turning in at night when my parents went to bed. A couple of nights ago I woke up in the middle of the night - full of energy! I brought my toys into bed and thrashed around on Mom. It was hard to settle back down.

Last night, I had attacked all the body parts in the open air. Did I mention I have a double row of fang teeth right now? Yeah! Cool huh? Where was I? Oh right...

I was still ready for business - I'd had a long nap in the afternoon. I did my patrol around the house and I noticed a plastic bag on the floor. I carried it into the bedroom, and played on for almost 10 minutes before Mom got up to take it away.

I realized all the stuff I get in trouble for doing while my parents are awake - I can do for much longer in the middle of the night! I whacked at the plastic wand for the mini-blinds for almost twenty minutes before Mom got up again. What fun!

Good Night? You bet!

That smile? Satisfaction!

Dad's started calling me Night Quill.

Have a great weekend Friends! I know I will!


Lets Make A Week!

Quill: Mom, I've been reading back issues of the blog, and I noticed Angel Fin did special weeks.

Mom: Yep. It was fun too, and we'd invite our friends to play too. Do you want to have your own week Tweedy, er Sweetie?

Quill: Can I?!

Mom: Sure! What kind of week do you want to do?

Quill: I think I should do something totally new! What about Toy Week, or better yet Treat Week!

Mom: Well those both sound great for later. I've got an even better idea though, what about Consequence Week?

Quill: Huh? I don't know what a consequence is.

Mom: Yeah, I know, that's why it will make for a fun week!

Quill: Um, okay.

Mom: I'll take care of everything. We'll do it the week of the 10th. I bet other cat parents would LOVE to play too!


Toy Tuesday

Whew, just made it in on Tuesday!

Meet Ratty!

Ratty is one of my favorite toys. Unlike Angel Fin, I carry my Ratty around proudly. It makes my parents smile.

When Mom first brought Ratty home he was bigger than I was. So carrying him around wasn't easy, but I managed. I tried to drag him by the tail, but then I'd have to try to straddle him while I walked. By the neck was better. I'd walk a bit, put him down, get a better grip on his neck, and carry on. I would even scale the cat scratcher, or Mom's office chair with him in my jaws. He is much easier to carry now.

I sometimes carry him into bed now. Ratty and I enjoy a good round of wrestle-mania in bed during the wee hours of the morning. I like to pin him against Mom's back.


Mocking Monday

Quill (Looking out the window screen): Ka, ka, ka, ka, kaaaaaaa!

Mom: What is it boy? Do you see a birdie?

Quill (Whispering): Yeah! He's big too! What kind is it Mom?

Mom: Oh my, it's a Mocking Bird! (Begins straightening mused furs)

Quill: Mom! (Flailing) What are you doing? I'm stalking!

Mom (Trying to clean sleepy eye gunk): Hold still Quill! Do you want Mr Mockington to see you not looking your fiercest? (Licking thumb and picking up Quill)

Quill: Mom No! I'm a fierce kitten hunter! I can't be seen by my prey, having my Mom groom me!

Mom (Placing Quill back on perch): You're right. I was just trying to build your confidence. It's just you never know with a mocking bird... I just didn't want him to mock you for not looking your fiercest.

Quill (Nervously): They do that?

Mom: Yep. They don't call em Mocking birds for nothing...

Quill: Does Mr Tail look okay?

Mom (Straightening tail furs): Perfect. Go get em... through the screen!


Flooflet Friday

This made me smile. My boy, belly-up like my girl Fin.

Looks like Quill was smiling too!

I just love this little big kitten. He is almost five months and weighs in at 7 lbs!


Filing System

You may recall I had spent some efforts to clear off the clutter from this little shelf above Mom's desk.

So much nicer like this.

The inbox that was here?

It's so much easier to find papers strewn on the floor, right Mom? Mom?

Actually I'm not sure I like the tray here either!

Yes this is irritating me! I will find another location for this next!

And Mom can you neaten up these papers?


Worrisome Wednesday

The cute planned post about my latest redecorating project has been preempted by this

Breaking Mews Bulletin


You heard that right Friends. A stranger came to the house to do "a little work", and my parents left me, a mere kitten, to guard the house. ALONE.

They just left. For an hour!Which is extra long in kitten years!!

Did I scurry behind Mom's chair? No. What good is the safety of Mom's chair when she isn't in it? So I bravely sat in front of Mom's chair and watched the stranger with great suspicion. Luckily she never came near my toys, or my treat jar.

I have teeth and I know how to use them lady!

When my Mom came home she commented at how brave I was to be all out in the open like that. I was very brave! Dad had left out the Evil Dyson "In case she needed it!!" Holy Cod! I shudder to think!

Oh my, I need to go make biscuits on my green blankie to calm down. At least I was told brave kittens get extra treats.


Dear Sparkle

Dear Sparkle,

I understand you are the famous Dear Abby of the feline world. I'm a big fan, and a first time writer.I am just a kitten, and I'm still trying to figure out how the world works. I know you can guide me.

I admit I am a bit of a nibbler. Although I am willing to chew on most things, the most tastiest of things is my human Mom. For reasons I can't understand, she does not enjoy this fun game. Sometimes, she even hisses at me when she says I am worked up!

I'm told I'm teething, but frankly I just enjoy a good chew now and again. I don't know what all the fuss is about. I don't draw bluds (often) and I never damage the treat hand. Except when I'm really hungry.

How do you tell a human you're hungry, if not by chewing on them?

Sparkle if I can't bite the hand that feeds me, is it okay to nibble on the tasty cankle?

Your pal,

Nibbles in Nevada


Flooflet Friday

Quill: Mom?

Mom: Yes Tweedy, er, Sweetie.

Quill: Tweedy?

Mom: It's just that your furs look just like a herringbone tweed from some angles. It makes me picture you in a tight tweed suit...

Mom: with a ruffly white collar! Squeeeee! Look, it looks like you can only button the top button! Like a tasty little tweed sausage!

Quill: Mom try to contain yourself!

Mom: Yes Tweedy! ::Giggles::

Quill: Moms! Have a great weekend friends! I have big redecorating plans in our office. I know you're gonna like it. Fancy flowers on a shelf - who needs em?


What Wednesday

Oh hey friends.

                                             What? I like a shoe, who doesn't? I like a bag too.


Photo Shoot

Whew, Cat-O-Lympics are done, all catletes competing in Fin-Land events won gold. Hooray! So now it's time to go back in time to my photo shoot with Trish of the Katnip Lounge.

First I was liberally plied with treats - Talent requires payment. Then I had Fur and Makeup...

Thanks Mom, that floof was a little unruly.
Yes, I approve of this lens. Nice to work with a professional Trish.
You have to smile from the tips of your paws to your eyes...
 And always throw in a little something different... you never know what's going to work.

Remember to go with some classic moves too...
Nice work team.


Cat-O-Lympics - Wrestling Part 4

Bob: That's great news Jim! Let's get back to the call! First up we have Eric and Flynn of Two Devon Cats. Wait, it's two ginger boys...

Jim: It's okay Bob, I'm told they have distinctive markings...

Bob: Well it looks like ginger with the stripey tail has the other ginger pinned!

Jim: And the stripey tail has the upper paw!

 Bob: Uh oh. I don't see the tails...

Jim: Dear Cod they both have stripey tails!

 Bob: Okay one has a stripey-er tail, and he appears to be on top, but the one on the bottom is fighting back!

Jim: Looks like they're dancing now... let's just call it a draw and move on to the next match.

Bob: Great idea Jim. Next up we have Nicki and Derry of Fuzzy Tails. ::Covers mic:: Jim! They're both tabbies!

Jim: Looks like the one on top has the one on the bottom in a three-paw hold!

Bob: Oh boy, now they're on their side...

Jim: Look! One of them has a darker stripey tail! I think the lighter stripes is going for gold!

Bob: Wait I think the darker stripey one is fighting back! Look at that back paw action!

Jim: Oh yeah! The dark stripes connects to the light stripe, but it looks like light stripe hits back!

Bob: I think the light stripe has this match paws down!! ::Rustles papers:: I believe that is Derry!

Jim: Well it's been a hard call Bob! Looks like this is the last event here at Fin-Land.

Bob: It sure has been great Jim! I hope we don't have to wait till the next Cat-O-Lympics to come back!

Breaking News Part 2

Please scroll down to see today's wrestling post...

Jim: I understand there is breaking news on the doping and snipping scandal rocking Fin-Land. Let's cut right to the press conference with Quill's Mom.

Mom: I just wanted to report that Quill did great after his surgery and is feeling good today. He's been playing at about 80% power. I think he can take a few questions...

Quill: I feel fine, just a little sleepy. Where are my snacks?

Bob: Were you surprised to be hauled off to the Vet's on World Cat Day?

Quill: I sure was. I saw my carrier and I got right in, thinking I could finally get Mr Tail cornered... and the next thing you know I was off to the vet. I like Dr Anderson, but I was shocked when my parents left me there. I had a long nap and then Dr Anderson and I snuggled on and off during the day.

Jim: Are you admitting reporting you snuggled with your vet? After he, uh, you know...

Quill: What? Wait, I just went to get a new turd, right? ::Uncomfortably, Jim and Bob make snipping gesture:: What? I mean things feel a little lighter, but...

Mom: Okay, let's focus on the "feeling better" Gentlemen.

Quill: And on Word Cat Day Mom...

Mom: Anywho... Quill is 6.5 lbs at 4 months. Dr Anderson said you're gonna be a big boy, part Maine Coon he suspects. Looks like somecat is gonna need a bigger carrier.

Quill: I hope for your sake it's an easy loader, cause next time I won't be so willing to get in...


Cat-O-Lympics - Wrestling Part 3

Bob: Well Jim it's another exciting day of Wrestling action! First up we have Iza and Ayla from Mark's Mews.

Bob: Funny they look kinda similar, it's Iza on the left pushing back Ayla!

Jim: Ayla hits back with a smacky-paw to the head. I think this looks like a draw to me!

Bob: Next up we have... oh look it's two white cats wrestling... Snowball putting the big bitey on Norm from Cats of the Wildcat Woods.

Jim: That sure is a big bitey Bob! Next up we have Shiloh and Shasta from BeagleBratz our only dogletes in the wrestling event! ::Rustles papers:: And it's ::Rustles papers again:: Shiloh, er, no, it's Shasta on top with a head-lock on Shiloh.

Bob: Is that a pumpkin assist? ::Covers mic:: Seriously, is it just me or do all the wrestlers look more and more alike Jim?

Jim: ::Covers mic:: No, it's funny. Who set up these matches?

Producer:: Gentlemen we still have one more match for today.

Jim: Right, right. Oh it looks like we have kitten catletes Alpheus and his brother Maron from The Kitty Party! Let's keep the squeeing down, right Bob?

Bob: Right Jim...Uh oh, er, it's two black kittens.

Jim: Oh my, um, Alpheus  is on the left and Maron on the right. Looks like Alpheus has his paw raised for an unsuspecting attack.

 Bob:  Oh and Alpheus goes all in!

Jim: Looks like Maron didn't see it coming!

 Bob: And... the little black kitten has the other little black kitten pinned!!

Jim: And the little black kitten wins!!! We'll be back for the final day of Wrestling tomorrow!


Cat-O-Lympics - Breaking News

Jim: We have breaking news today Bob! Seems Kitten Quill has been accused of using growth supplements!!

Bob: That's right Jim, in a shocking accusation, somecat has questioned how a four-month-old kitten could be almost six pounds after his Strong Cat weigh-in.

Jim: Six pounds! Now that's a big kitten Bob! Let's get a comment from his Strong Cat competitor Huffle.

Huffle: I had my suspicions, but I thought it was the Mr Tail assist. I just don't think it's possible...

Bob: Let's go to Quill for his comments on these shocking allegations.

Quill: I'm just big-boned. I only eat my kibble and a few treats... and yes I nibble on my humans, but they're calorie-free.

Mom (Quill's Trainer and Mom): Quill is just a big boy. There's no doping involved!

Bob: Looks like he's been cleared!

Jim: ::Whispering:: Is it true that Quill is going into the Vet tomorrow for his "Fixing"?

Quill: What? I'm not broken!

Mom: ::Whispers:: Yes it's true, please keep our sweet, big boy in your purrs tomorrow.


Cat-O-Lympics - Wrestling Part 2

Jim: It's another exciting day of action at the wrestling event. Let's get right to the action Bob! First up we have... wait it looks like all of today's entries are Furries of Whisppy.

Bob: It's a busy place over there! Let's get right to the action! First up we have Cosmo and Ling!

Jim: Looks like Ling discovered somecat lurks under that little blanket.

Bob: Oh Cosmo isn't taking that lying down! Whap with the Paw of Doom!

 Jim: Oh! It's a gut check to Ling! Looks like this round goes to Cosmo. Next up we have Meow-Me and Felix!

Bob: Holy Cod Jim!! Look at that action shot! I believe that is Meow-Me going in for the first attack!

Jim: Felix is fighting back, but I think Meow-Me is ready to wrestle him down!

Jim: Looks like Meow-Me has Felix down to the mat!

 Bob: Felix has managed a two-paw hold! I think Felix is the clear winner! ::Covers mic:: I think it's Meow-Me, they kinda look similar in these rounds, don't they Jim?

Jim: ::Covers mic:: Yeah they do looks like these next ones are a little easier.

Bob: Now we have Felix and Coco. After winning that last match looks like Felix is ready to take on a new competitor!

Jim: Felix has Coco pinned in a classic belly hold!

Bob: Coco fights back with a four-paw push back!

Jim: Coco gives Felix a back-paw kicker with a Paw Of  Doom to the head!

Bob: Looks like this round may be a draw, both competitors have the other in a head-lock with a two-paw bunnykick. The next round is between Felix and Boomer!

Jim: Boomer goes in hard! But look at the Jaws and Claws maneuver by Felix!!

Bob: Sounds like some classic smack-talk. Good thing there are no mics on the floor. Heh, heh.

Jim: Boomer has Felix down in a full body pin!! Looks like this round is going to go to Boo-

 Bob: No!! Felix is fighting back with a bunnykick and a double Paw Of Doom! I think Felix is the winner!! It's been a full day of action Jim! I understand there is breaking news tomorrow and then we'll be back the following day for more wrestling action!