The Countdown

Here's the other story from Mommy that I'm allowing, the blog takeover will end tomorrow.

It may seem an odd stretch for a woman, who’s never played golf, to write a story about her memories of growing up across the street from a golf course, but I do have some fond memories of the place just the same. I grew up in a house in Studio City CA, across the street from the neighborhood golf course which made my house the easiest one in the neighborhood to find. My directions, to everyone who came to my house, went something like this:

“I live two blocks down from Ventura, on Whitsett, on the corner of – never mind, do you know where the golf course is? Okay, I live kitty corner from the club house.”

At which point they would ask what kitty corner meant, and I would say it means diagonally across (why I didn’t just say “diagonally across” to begin with is a mystery to me even now) and then they knew right where to find me.

My next memory revolves around a high school crush. I was outside watering the plants in my front yard one afternoon when I noticed my crush across the street puttering around (puttering around… that’s a golf term right?) on the putting green. As it turned out he was on the golf team (I know - I was just as shocked, who knew there were high school golf teams?) and they practiced right across the street. The next day in school I gathered my courage and spoke to him.

“Hi, I saw you playing over at the putting green yesterday. I live kitty corner from the golf course.”

“Oh yeah? The golf team practices over there - what’s Caddy Corner?”

“It's Kitty corner, it means diagonally across - We have a golf team?” (Strike one for me)

“Yes we do! It must be nice to live right across the street, do you play?”

“Um, er, ah… No, I’ve never been over there actually.” (Strike two)

“You live caddy corner and never walked across the street to play?”

“No, and it’s KITTY Corner.” (Strike three and the budding romance was over)

I did finally make it over there, to the putting green at least, and it’s my favorite memory. It was the year I turned eighteen, and the night before my birthday I threw a big party at my house. My house felt overheated and too loud for me (even then I was a Granny), so just before midnight I snuck outside to catch a breath of cold air. Midnight is special in this story because my party was held on December 31st.

In all the homes around me I could hear people celebrating and getting ready to usher in my birthday, and sure, the New Year too. Outside it was completely still and I felt like I was alone in the world. A full moon lit up the street with an ethereal glow, and although it was cold it felt completely invigorating after the heat of the party. In that moment it felt like the world was holding its breath, waiting with me for the next chapter to begin.

I was surprised to see that there wasn’t a single car in sight as I walked to the edge of the street in front of my house. I walked into the middle of the street, and I stood there for a few moments, drinking in the moment that I knew wouldn't last. I could hear the ever-building excitement in the homes all around me.

I looked over at the golf course and I decided I’d waited long enough to visit. I crossed the street diagonally and I hopped over the short fence. I took off my party shoes and I felt the manicured grass under my feet. I never knew grass could feel like that, like velvet but cool and damp. I ran into the center of the green, and I danced, knowing that no one was watching me. I could hear the New Year rapidly approaching as the party goers counted down the end of one chapter and the beginning of the next. I knew that they would all begin to spill out into the world in a moment, unable to keep the quiet any longer, and they did.

My friends came outside and followed me across the street to dance on the grass too. I shared my first kiss as an adult on that grass, but I remember most those last moments when I left my childhood behind and embraced my future - dancing on the grass when I felt like the world was all mine, that everything was before me and nothing was beyond my reach.

Meg S Hart

Happy New Year - Hope you find a nice patch of grass.


Tattle Tail Tuesday

No, I have no idea how my new scootey mouse got in your shoe.
Maybe he scooted in there all by himself? Yeah that's it.
P.S. Mommy will have her last human takeover post tomorrow and then it's our birthday! Be sure to drop by on the 1st for treats and nip.


New Year's Baby

As I previously reported, New Year's Day is my estimated birthday. My Gotcha Day was in Mid-February and when my parents counted back they realized I would have been born right about - now. One of the reasons Mommy decided to call it official on the 1st is because it's her birthday too (she is willing to share some things, just not her water glass).

We wanted to think of something fun for our birthday post, maybe even something our friends could do too (if you want, no pressure from me of course). We were really having a hard time thinking of anything, what says New Years Day we wondered? A tie-in with roses for the Rose Parade? Whenever Mommy tells people her birthday is New Year's Day they always exclaim "You're a New Year's Baby?" I have no idea why they say that, and when questioned, Mommy never seems to be able to fully explain it either, but it did get us thinking about the phrase and a tie in to a fun activity.

In honor of the New Year, we thought that anyone who wants too, can show off something baby-like about themselves. I'm not big on rules, so the interpretation can be what you like, but here are some examples we thought of:
  • An early photo of yourself (it doesn't have to be when you were a baby, if you came to your family as an adult, you were still a new baby to them)
  • Examples of baby-talk your humans use on you or you use on them (we can all pull out an adorable kitten-like meow when we need it)
  • Examples of how you're treated like a baby
  • A tribute to your honey-baby
  • Your idea here
You're a Beautiful Baby Challenge in the New Year

Thanks to Zoolatry for helping us with this great photo, and this one too!

P.S. These cute stunt kittens were found by the clever Zoolatry Human, because Mommy couldn't figure out the scanner in time... paws crossed she figures it out before the 1st. How embarrasing it would be for Mommy if she can't figure out a post for us!

P.P.S. It's my friend Kaze's Birthday too!


After X-Mas

Sandy Claws arrived and it seems I wasn't forgotten (or that naughty either). I received a giant box, big enough for a sizable cat to stand fully upright (sweet), a large ribbon, a fresh bag of nip so I can have all my mice re-nipped, and a new mouse too (when you pull his tail, he scoots across the floor).

Oh and the very best present - I got a copy of my friend PsychoKitty/Max's book "The Rules - A Guide for People Owned by Cats." Here I am waiting for my family to curl up on the couch and read it with me (there are even cool drawings so humans will be able to understand the rules).

Wow my couch looks like a crazy test pattern in this photo.

Psst - Okay kitties I'm still trying to be well behaved because next week is my birthday (sorta), and I'm hoping for more loot, but I have to say that I'm a little suspicious about the box present. I'm pretty sure it's the box Mommy's present came in - I'm just saying.

So it's sorta my birthday on New Year's Day. I say "sorta" because my exact birthday is unknown. My Gotcha Day was mid-February and when Mommy counted back she figured it was about January 1st, so we went with that. On Monday I'm going announce a little something special I have planned for my birthday celebration. A little game my friends can play along with too, if they want, until then I will be encouraging my parents to hit the after X-Mas Sale at Petsmart.


A Christmas Story

As I mentioned I decided to let Mommy have a little blog time of her own, don't worry just once this week and once next week on New Year's Eve. Hope you enjoy this human Christmas story.

I remember laying snuggled in bed at my Grandmother’s house, clutched in my hand was my beloved Lamby-Pie, a stuffed animal of a black faced lamb. Lamby-Pie was made of soft white lamb's wool, at least Lamby had been white, when I was originally given him but he had turned into a shade of well-loved beige over the years. I unconsciously rubbed his paw gently against my cheek as I waited, waited for the sound I knew would soon come.

It was Christmas morning and I was still very sleepy from staying up too late to open my “Non-Santa” presents on Christmas Eve. I loved Christmas Eve with all our family, and the presents of course, but I always loved Christmas morning more, because it's when my favorite present would come.

I was beginning to drift off to sleep again when it came, the sound of coffee beans being ground in the kitchen. It was the sound of my Grandmother starting her day. I couldn't wait any longer. I pulled back the covers and slipped into my new slippers and robe, because it was cold upstairs, not like my house far away in sunny California. I walked down the stairs quietly, careful not to step on any of the creaky spots, because I didn’t want to wake anyone else.

The windows were frosted over at the edges and outside there was a new snowfall, something I rarely saw. It was so beautiful that I had to stop and look. The snow twinkled in the early morning light like diamonds on a white blanket, but I didn’t want to spend too much time looking - not with my present waiting for me.

“Hello sweetheart, Merry Christmas! Come and give me a big hug.” My Grandmother called to me as I entered the kitchen.

I was held by my grandmother’s warm embrace. I could smell coffee and the special almond soap my grandmother used. I breathed it in… a smell I loved with all my heart, and still do. I held tightly to my beloved grandmother and before I fully let her go I squeezed her hard one more time.

“That was a big hug for a small girl!” My grandmother said as she pulled a small beautiful box, wrapped in shiny silver paper and white velvet ribbon, from her robe pocket. “Look, I found this under the tree. I think Santa left it for you. Why don’t you take it to the table while I make our special breakfast?”

I sat down and watched as my grandmother prepared our special breakfast of oatmeal with brown sugar. I forgot the beautiful package, still clutched in my hands, as we spoke, because it was this moment I'd waited all year for - it was the pink satin of my grandmother’s robe, not the red velvet of Santa’s which kept me up all morning. It was this special time, before the rest of the world woke up, when I had my grandmother all to myself that I looked forward to each year. It is these moments I will remember, for the rest of my life, as my favorite Christmas presents.

Meg S. Hart (Mommy's Possible Pen Name).


Couch Conversations - Christmas

Mommy: Fin I notice you're flinging a lot litter out of your box and onto the floor, is there something that's displeasing you?

Fin: Well, thanks for asking, but no I'm just getting ready for Christmas.

Mommy (perplexed): What does Christmas have to do with your litter being on the floor?

Fin: I'm making a Sandy Claws Lane. I need to make sure I'm back on the Nice List, although my friends assure me Sandy Claws is very understanding and liberal with his list. I wanna be sure though so I'm making things nice and sandy, I think the raindeers use the Sandy Claws Lane to get traction.

Mommy (confused): Sandy Claws Lane? What are you talking about?

Fin: Hello! You know. Come on, that song you sing - "Here comes Sandy Claws, Here Comes Sandy Claws, right down Sandy Claws Lane?" Now if you'll excuse me I need to nap before I hang by the fire and stalk with great care.

Happy Holidays to all my friends, and may all your wishes come true.


Naughty List

Oh boy I think I may be in trouble... as it turns out Sandy Claws might put you on the naughty list for demanding the Feast at midnight, then another snack at 2am, and breakfast at 4:30am. Who knew?
It turns out that biting (er nibbling) your Mom while snuggling may also be a problem. Okay I kinda thought it might be naughty, but she keeps trying to play with my back paws, so is it really my fault? She's trying to figure out which claw has been freshly exposed and is sharp enough to cut through steel (not to mention removing large chucks of wood from a tabletop when startled and sure tummy flesh too).

Gosh I hope my Meme from yesterday will be enough to pull things through. I have an idea to make things up to Sandy Claws - I'm going to get right on it.


Meme for Staff

It's no secret that sometimes our Staff can get a little overwhelmed with their own "busy" lives and get behind in their cat duties (like giving me snacks whenever I'm hungry). You'd think with the economy the way it is they would be trying to ensure they were on top of things, instead I hear something about Mommy's "Other Job" being important too ::Yawn::

Anyway I was flipping through the cattle prod catalogue, looking for the model my dearest Whicky recommends and I had a sudden change of heart. It is the holidays and I can be a bit demanding (plus Sandy Claws is watching). So I thought I might start a Meme of my own, something to show Mommy that I do love and appreciate her.

You know I hate to follow a rule, so here are the meme "guidelines." Say five (or more) nice things about your staff/family/beans/parents and then tag any cat you like in your blog or no cats, it's your choice, and the Staff can post it whenever they need a little break, no rush.

  1. I love the way Mommy will allow me in her lap while she is trying to type over or around me for a good long time before I get kicked off.
  2. I love the way Mommy always gives me a few pets no matter what time I come to bed.
  3. I love the way she's like a personal furnace in the winter time, she's hot!
  4. She makes Daddy bring us things when I am in her lap so I am not disturbed (yep I love Daddy too).
  5. She can translate in both cat and human, her imitations of me are dead on! I would give her Fancy Feast if I could when she requests it.

Also, cause I love her (and I don't want to talk about a blog of her own for awhile), I'm gonna throw her a bone and let her post two stories of her own, one on Christmas and one on New Year's Eve.


Floofy Friday

Look at all the snow this morning!

Yep that's snow on cactus.

Ya know what would have looked nice here? A Floofy Cat?

Well last night Daddy and I went out to investigate things. You'll have to just imagine this scene - The Floofy cat from the land of Norway (and of course Fin Land) relished the snow! I even had a few bites of the white stuff . Yep it would have been a darling shot for the pawparrazzi to capture (a cover shot even), but no - the one time you want the pawparrazzi snapping they're napping.

Well this is the best my staff could manage - still a bit of snow tonight and cold puddles to drink from. I like the snow! Have a great weekend my friends!


Holy Crap!

Have I mentioned before that I live in the DESERT? Near Las Vegas!!
Do you see how shaky the camera is? It's because Mommy was still trembling from her drive home from work. Daddy went to get her and a 20 minute drive took almost three hours of white-knuckled slipping and sliding over hill and dale. Thank Cod they made it home in time to feed me!

Here is a better photo of my yard... and one of Daddy shoveling snow.

We may get another 6 inches of snow tonight ~~~ that's Mommy trembling again.


Blame it on the Nip

Here I am snuggling (err, nibbling) with Little Nipper, something you would never see without the nip induced haze (though I still am shielding him from the pawparrazzi).

I wanted to give a shout out to my loves in honor of Vampy Victor's Love Meme. See I love my mice, but I don't like my parents to see me play with them. I play it very cool when they're looking (not even a little whap), but when I am alone - nothing separates this granny cat from her mice. I love em all but my true love is my Mousey.

I would not allow Mommy to reveal Mousey's photo, Mousey is very timid and shy and I can not allow the pawparrazzi to stalk Mousey. Mousey has been my true love for a very long time but my parents have rarely seen us together. They do hear us though, when I move Mousey (and Mousey goes everywhere that I go) I like to sing a little love song. My parents call it my strangled cry, but Mousey is plump and it's hard to enunciate, Mousey enjoys the song too and jingles right along - Don't judge.

On human note of love - Mommy was always rather shy and didn't like going out to look for love. Her grandmother always asked how she would ever find a man, if she didn't go out looking for one. Mommy told her that her Prince would be delivered to her door. Wanna guess how she met Daddy? He was delivered right to her door as a party guest of her roommate. They've been together ever since - twenty-one years later.


An Award

My great friend Huffle Mawson gave me this very nice award! This award is passed to bloggers for showing great attitude and/or gratitude (Huffle has both and I like to think I have both too). Here are the rules (let's see which I will follow, well there is the attitude):

1. Put the logo on your blog. Yes
2. Add a link to the person who awarded you. Absolutely!
3. Nominate 10 other blogs. Wow 10! Well I'm not sure you already has this and who doesn't... all my friends show great attitude and gratitude (it's why I love them all so much - see here is the gratitude) what if I tag any of my friends who don't have it yet? Now I really mean this, don't be shy... I mean you!
4. Add links to those blogs on yours. Okay you are all over there to the side, so it's sorta followed. 5. Leave a message for your nominees on their blogs. How about if you pick up the award I have given you, you leave a comment here saying you picked it up?

I think I may have broken a record for non-rule following! Guess what I'm making my own Meme this Monday, don't worry there wont be too many rules to follow.


Monday Madness

Can you figure out the Madness in my Mancat Monday post? Check out these photos and see if you can figure it out.
Here I am taking a nap - nothing unusual here, right?

and who's this cute little fella checking my tail out?

Did you figure it out yet? Okay, okay - I'll tell you.

First it's technically not Monday yet here, second I'm a ladycat not a mancat of course, and third these photos aren't even of me. Do you know who it is? It's my mancat doppelganger Shaggy over at Little Cat Feet! I'm floofier, thanks to my Norwegian roots, but we sure do look alike. I look good as a mancat.

Hey I wonder if I can get a little pig for myself? Gweek! (that's a little Guinea Pig shout out for Toby)


Floofy Friday

We'll call this a catch up blog cause someone has gotten way behind in their responsibilities and well, it's not me. Give you a hint starts with an "M" and ends with "Ommy." So where to start?

This has been a sad week for many of my friends as some of the wonderful cats (Skeeter and Cloud Chaser) in the blogosphere headed over to the Rainbow Bridge. One of them was my sweet friend Kelly, your mancat face will be missed. Purrs to all my friends, and please take good care of yourselves.

We were contacted by this organization called http://www.givebackamerica.org/ who has the great service where you go over to their site, then choose the charity you want to support and when you shop and buy stuff online (like Amazon which we LOVE) and the charity gets some of the amount you spend. They have all kinds of charities to choose from including animal shelters. Isn't that a great idea!

Sweet Gerry over at Everycat tagged me for the Sixth Folder Meme! Here were the rules:
Go to your Picture Folder on your computer or wherever you store your pictures.
Go to the 6th Folder (people organize these things?) and then pick the 6th Picture.
Post it on your bloggy and tell the story that goes with the picture.
Tag 5 other glorious peoples to do the same thing and leave a comment on their bloggy tellin' them 'bout it. So I tag Luxor , Ernie's Voice, Huffle Mawson, Zoolarty and Daisy Now I know you think I am following all the rules here and I can't have that... so I told my recipients they didn't have to Meme if they didn't want too.

Now beware, this floof shoot has been known to knock grown Tuxie mancats off their perches....

I'll be back on Monday, have a great weekend everyone and everycat.


What the Blog?

I'm having technical difficulties... I got about 5 blogs in and suddenly blogs are not loading.... this was not part of my lurk plan... finally I can get into my posts and it's 9:30pm... must nap...


Good Lurking

Psst, hey there. No, not behind you. I'm talking to you.

Are you - a lurker? Don't be embarrassed, it's nothing to be ashamed of, I lurk too. What? You're not sure if you're a lurker, okay let me explain.

Lurker is a term I've recently learned in a blog context. A blog lurker is someone who reads a blog (usually on a regular basis) but rarely leaves a comment. Maybe it's because you choose to visit more blogs by commenting less, maybe you feel your species-related comments don't fit with the blog demographics, maybe you feel your comments have already been voiced by another reader and lurk off (I agree this is a bummer), or maybe you really need spellcheck like Mommy. I lurk for all of those reasons.

I 've noticed that human blogs tend to have a lot more lurkers than cat blogs. I think it's because cats can join in with little fear of really ruffling anyone's fur. I like Fancy Feast, you like dry kibble - it's all good, no hard feelings. On the other hand, I sometimes feel my cat related point of view might not fit with the blog I'm lurking at.

I bring up lurking because I just wanted to take a minute to thank all my lurkers for coming by. I may not know you by name but I know you're there... If you want to be known, go ahead and leave a comment (I don't care what species you are, all are welcome here). I will continue to try to entertain you - even if I don't know who you are.

I also wanted to tell my friends that I might be lurking more. Mommy is getting very behind in her cat duties. We start strong each day at the top of our list with visits and comments, but by the time we get to poor delightful Zoolarty the comment quality is often lacking (just a Ha Ha sometimes, sorry Zoolarty). So we will be trying to find the right lurking/commenting balance. Please know that we will be there, lurking, whether we comment or not. If you want us to lurk over to your place, please let us know.


101 Posts

Okay whew, that hyperlinked 100th post really took it out of Mommy. I have the links on the side of my screen so I will just give a shout out to some of my other friends I missed okay.

Artsy Catsy, Ballicus Cats, Ernie's Voice, Friends Furever, Island Cats, Jenny Lorton, JB, Jimmy Joe, Kattonic Cats, KellyKat, Kimo & Sabi, Little Cat Feet, Meezer Tails, Mickey's posse, Pet Museum, Poppy Q, Samantha & Mr Tigger, Shrek (brand new), Skittles, Spooky, The Cat Realm (I still haven't done my dare... sorry), The Real Cats/Dana, Tybalt, and Vampy Victor.

Plus I have some friends in my follow list... Lucky Lady, Cory, DaisyMae, Munchie, Seriously Amused (Do you want me to add you to my list?)

Oh and some commentors I need to add... Karen Jo, Cafe Cats, Alasandra, KC and Misty Blue Eyes... Phoebe, Rupert, Whimpurrs Whim... (I know I should add hyperlinks, but Mommy is weary).

Who else am I missing? Am I missing you? Gosh I'm so sorry if I'm missing you. Tomorrow's post is going to be all about you, so come on back tomorrow okay?

P.S. - Mommy realized that one of my 100 posts actually belonged to, the then blogless, Whicky Wuudler so really this is kinda my 100th post. Mommy is finally adding my dear chum and guest blogger Whicky to my sidebar. There's something about a rough and tumble tuxie....


100 Posts

Wow some milestones shouldn't be missed and 100 posts is one of them. Way back in May when we started we were only going to do one post a week (imagine that!). We went to two and then suddenly Mommy became addicted to the hit counter and all bets were off. So I thought we would be hitting this milestone in the spring, but here it is!

We started the blog without any idea other cats blogged (imagine that again!). Mommy met Lisa at Lifeprints at a writer's conference and she encouraged Mommy, she told her that even she could do it. She finally figured it out and we were up and running - but with no one to share it with.

Psychokitty Max was the first blog we found. He was so nice and he added us to his blog roll, what a great cat he is (and a author too!). We started down his list and found Angus pretty fast, Daisy must have been right after, the Furry Bambinos and then Gandolf and Grayson.

When the Crews Views pointed out that we needed to head over to the Blogosphere, we checked it out. Eventually we got brave enough to post something on the Cat Blogosphere and then cats we didn't even know started dropping by, and we started dropping by too. We picked up some great friends Goldie and Shade (they gave me my first award), Mr Hendrix, Luxie, The Cats P and Victor and Nina. I picked up another regular with my dearest Whicky Wuudler (who was bloggless back then) and well, I can't name everyone can I? Okay just a few more Huffle Mawson, Grrreta, Parker, Sweet Praline and maybe just one more shout out to MoMo, Siena and Miss Kitty my SIFs.

The rest of my friends came later but believe me you mean no less to me! Whew, I'm spent. I think I need to take a couple of days off, till then have a great weekend! I'll be working on Post 101 and copying hyperlinks of everyone else. Love you all. We could have done it without you but what fun would that have been? None!


Floofy Friday

Hi everyone thanks for stopping by.
I have my post over at Floof and Fur today.
You can read some interesting facts about my floof. Come on over.


What the Blog?

What is happening with Blogger tonight? We click on our friends links and......... wait....... and wait. Mommy is too "tired" to visit everyone as a result. She claims it has something to do with my politely requesting my morning Feast at 3:30am this morning.

Sure it was a smidge early, but I was concerned she might have listened to that quack/doctor, so I felt my cries needed to drowned out any of those thoughts in her head.

It's a big week for me too, I was named Princess of the Week for my Catster Group (came with this cool chair!), I'll be having my first post at Floof and Fur on Friday, and Mommy has been in such a posting frenzy we will be hitting 100 posts on Saturday.



  • A is for Angry as I was being Abducted
  • B is for Betrayed by my own father in this duplicity
  • C is for Cat Carrier which I was shoved into this afternoon
  • D is for Doctor of Veterinary who I was taken to see against my will. He claims I am just being Difficult when I refuse to eat anything but the Feast.
  • E is for Everything is fine according to him
  • F is for F-Words - one that I called the VET and one that he called me (Mother Fluffer and Fat)
  • G is for Good luck trying to get me to eat diet dry kibble again
  • H is for Heck No
  • I is for I will not be denied!

Okay I am calmed down now. I have forgiven my father and I apologize for my potty mouth. MoMo was right G is for Glad I am healthy.


Monday Meme

Well technically I've not really been tagged with the 8 random things meme, but it looked fun on my friends blogs. Since I usually break the rules anyway, why stop now.

  1. I rarely allow anyone to see me playing with my toys. I like to be taken seriously by my parents.
  2. When I was a kitten I loved to sleep right on Mommy's neck, for some reason I'm not allowed to do that anymore.
  3. Until recently I didn't want Daddy to know I snuggled on Mommy's lap so I'd never do it in his presence.
  4. My floof is very soft, like mink I'm told.
  5. I have never had a flea, we don't have them here in the desert.
  6. I don't like the wind, it sounds scary and it rustles my fur (we do have plenty of wind here in the desert).
  7. I like Nip, but only a little bit or I lose control (I even let the pawparrazzi take my photo).
  8. I like sleeping on hard cold things, kitchen and bathroom tiles, granite hearth, and my sink.

It seems like a bad week in the cat blogosphere for many of my friends, please know I am sending my best purrs and I hope everyone gets better very soon.