Floofy Friday

Weekend? Are you coming?

If I do my Otter-Cat impression, can the weekend start earlier?

Notice I barely fit in the frame? Mom didn't even crop it. 

Everyone keeps talking about how Super this weekend is gonna be. 
And there's something about a bowl? 
Hope it's a bowl of kitten biscuits.
I'm ready for it! Have a Super weekend!



Mom: Quill? Quill? What are you doing in the bed? It's still part of our workday. This is the time of day when you sleep on the office chair.

Quill: You were too loud. A kitten needs his rest.

Mom: Do you mean the conference call?

Quill: Yes and all the... other noise.

Mom: Do you mean the laughing?

Quill: If that's what you wanna call that donkey-like braying...

Mom: Sorry. If I try to keep it down will you come back and finish out the day?

Quill: Are you gonna give me a snack?

Mom: Okay.

Quill: (Runs towards office) Let's go Mom!


Mittens Monday

While sitting at my window post I see a lot of this character... 

It's a toy mouse - though Mittens is a birder.
I trill and chirp to him every time. He yowls at the door till one of my parents goes out to give him a snack. He really likes my kitten food. Mom says he is soft like butter now.

Despite all my friendly chatter - 10 out of 10 times he hisses at me.

I have never been anything but polite to him. Then today I decided to take matters into my own paws. When Mom opened the door to give Mittens his snack I scampered outside.

I did not approach him directly, but I did get to within 3 feet of him. He kept his eyes on me but no hiss! Maybe he's finally decided we can be pals. He used to be so polite to Finny so paws crossed.


Floofy Friday

How could I ever resent this coworker for sleeping on the job?

Notice how he doesn't even fit on the chair anymore?

Yet he can squeeze all that into a tub.

He is a little character, such a clown. 
He has us wrapped around his floofy paws.

He loves to brush up against my legs. 
It's his way of saying hello, and I love you.

When he nips he doesn't really bite -
 it's just a gentle nip to get my attention... and it works.

Sleep well my giant kitten. 
Weekend, you can go ahead and start now.


My Tub

Hi Friends! Sup?

You caught me in the tub. 

I love my little tub. I spend about 10 hours a day in here. 
Sure there's a little spill over, but I still fit just fine. 

Excuse me, I need to chase off the pawparazzi now.

Shoo Mom!



Hey-O! I've got my eyes on some tasty Mom feets. 
She has her furry slippers on.

Some of you may recall I loved nipping at Mom's tasty cankles. I have to tell you I've had to set my sights a little higher. Cankles are for babies. I almost have to stoop to get the calf.

Whadda you call the part that is where the knee meets the thigh? Thees? I'm not sure but it's the part I like now. 

Can't wait till I'm tall enough to nip at the Thips or Thass.


Floofy Friday

The photo cord mystery was solved. Turns out someone ::cough - Mom:: was using the wrong camera cord! Many of you suggested getting a card reader but Mom isn't really clear on how to get the pictures onto the card (is that the same as the memory chip?) and from that into her laptop. I know, wow right. Sad.

Anywho guess what you get to enjoy? Pictures of me!

Weekend - It's all systems go over here!

Don't hurt yourself smooching the screen friends!


Mousey and Me

Hi Friends!

What's that? No, I haven't grown another tail.

It's Mousey. Not Fin's Mousey, but kinda. 

See my parents knew how much Angel Fin loved her Mousey. So when they found the look alike they bought it for her as a spare. Of course Angel Fin knew it was not Mousey, and rejected it immediately. Mousey the Second went into the hall cabinet for years. 
Flash forward to an ample-sized kitten learning to open cabinet doors. Jackpot. I got a little Mousey of my own. Mousey is no Ratty but I do love to play with her. That's right my parents didn't even notice this Mousey was a girl!

How you doin?

Where's Mousey the First you may be asking. Mousey lives on the highest shelf in our office (oddly enough where even I can't reach). He watches over us while we work. Mom likes to look up at him and imagine  Angel Finny is close by.


Not Working Wednesday

Psst friends... It's me Quill. I need to keep it down cause Mom is irritated at the camera. She finally found the camera cord, but now it's not working to transfer pictures. Yes it was checked for teeth marks and I have been cleared of any wrongdoing.

There have been a few words from the naughty list used tonight. Combinations you might never have thought of yourself. She has a real way with colorful language. I have my ears covered since I am still a kitten.

Today is my nine month birthday. Mom says she can't believe I've been in their lives for this long.

I can't believe I've been here so long and Mom can still not get a great picture of me. She swears there may be a good one, but we'll have to wait on the proof of that for another day.


Finally Floofy Friday

Well they are phone pics, but they'll have to do. Seems someone misplaced the digital camera cord - of course I have no idea how that happened.

Behold the giant mutant ample-sized kitten.

Bath time - interrupted. Is nothing sacred? Well she did delete the pic where I was cleaning up my cataloons - so there's that. 

Careful ladies - belly snorgle at your own risk. 

Check out the toe floof! I am even having a difficult time getting traction on slippery surfaces.

Whew, looks like the weekend start again.


So Far

Well my resolutions for Mom are not going as well as I planned. Seems the only one she has really gotten behind is snack more. She seems to have forgotten the second part of that which was to give me some too.

Mom isn't feeling her best today - complaints of her head and tummy aching. I sure hope that means she'll tuck into bed early. She's so toasty. I could sleep in the bed with her 18 out of 24 hours.

Not a fan of the flailing though. Sure hope she doesn't get feverish... all that blanket on, then blanket off business makes for a restless night.

I go for a direct approach when applying the healing powers of cat spit. Lick her hand or sometimes I give her a little smooch, right on the mouth.

I'm a giver. 


Resolutions for Mom

My friend Sparkle had such a great idea - if your human isn't making resolutions you agree with, give them your own list. Boy am I excited about this!

1. Bring back Floofy Friday! What happened Mom? Sure I like to make picture taking a challenge for you, but that doesn't mean you can just give up trying. It's not Phone It In Friday.

2. Don't take pictures of me that will disturb my napping schedule. Actually do not interrupt my napping schedule for any reason.

3. Get in better shape - I like to chase and be chased - at this point you're hardly a challenge. Swing toys make for a nice upper body workout too.

4. Snack more frequently, and then give me some too.  

5. Reduce your stress - I hear petting ample-sized kittens does a great job at this.

6. Be brave and take chances. Not the kind of chances that include getting another kitten though , although I might like to chase one.


Dodged One

Well friends if you read Mom's last post, you know I almost had a baby brofur for the new year. Mom caught a case of kitten fever over the holidays. I am hoping that is one fever that breaks quickly.

My parents went to Petsmart to buy me something, and almost scooped up a five-month old kitten! ::Shudder:: If they had the carrier with them it might have been all over.

Luckily Mom and Dad were hungry and decided to grab some food and come back the next morning with the carrier. When they returned the kitten was already gone. Thank Cod for indecision and empty tummies I say.

I am on my best behavior and I have my eye on the closet door where MY carrier lives. If I see it crack open, I plan to expose my belly and roll out all the cute moves necessary to distract them.

Maybe I just need to offer them some of my kitten biscuits - since they are easily distracted by food rewards...