High Jump

Quill! Quill! Look at how high I can jump!

Look I can dance too!

Outta the way kit. Let me show you how it's done. 

Wow! I wanna be just like you!


Floofy Friday

Hey Friday! 
Boy have you been missed around here!

Mom claims she was stressed this week. Stressed? 
Does she have to fight for a bite of food without a kitten head? 
Actually she does - that Greyson can really pack it in. 

Hope he doesn't find me here. ::Sniffs:: Smells clear.

I see you big brofur! Whatcha doing?

Well, I guess he found my hiding spot. 
Guess I'll have to distract him with... anything. 
Kit can play with a pipe cleaner for hours.

Happy holiday to you if you are celebrating!!


Takeover Tuesday

Do you see how the little twerp is trying to take over my whole world. Posting on Monday like it was his blog! He has already tried to take over the following of MY things:
  • My food dish! While I'm eating even!
  • My litter box!! While I was in it! Who does that?
  • My Mom's lap - Actually I don't mind this too much since I am not a big lapper - but really it's the principle of it all. She's MY Mom!
  • My kitten biscuits! Luckily Mom always makes sure I get first dibs from her hand - but heaven forbid I drop one and he's right on it. A mankitten could get indigestion.
  • My shelf in our office.
  • My window posts - both of them!
So far I have managed to keep the little twerp from my woobie blanket and my tub. A mankitten has to hold his ground somewhere.

Go ahead buddy, make my day...


Monster Monday

I'm busy settling in to life here at the H.C. But I have to tell you ::looks around and whispers:: there was a monster the other night. It was super scary but luckily I escaped.

Quill and I were playing under the kitchen table with this great paper sack. Mom was chilling in her chair and then it happened. The sack handle wrapped itself around my kitten neck. I ran to try to escape it's evil clutches... but it followed me! All over the kitchen and into the living room. I was freaked! Quill was freaked and so was Mom.

Apparently the sack had never turned rogue and attacked before. Quill and Mom were in hot pursuit of the sack but I was faster! 

At some point the coffee table clutched at the sack and I was able to free myself. I ran right under the sideboard. It took all my family and a line of 5 kitten biscuits to coax me out.


Mom threw the evil sack out or I would have bunny kicked and chewed it like this nip bird. Until we meet again sack!


Floofy Friday x2

Double the Floof! 
Now serving an extra portion of floof, 
but sadly not doubling the Friday.

Get your squee muscles revved up... 
Trish of the Katnip Lounge came over for a photoshoot!

A handsome mankitten on the prowl.
Oh, and the little squirt, hamming it up.  Shameless suck up.

Well the little squirt is making himself right at home... my home. He's in my dish, my water bowl, ::whispers:: even my litter box. He has his own of each, but no, he's gotta be in mine, and right when I want to be in them.

Even so I have to admit I'm starting to really like the kit.



::Tap, tap::

Is this thing on?

My name is Greyson, and I'm new here. 
I'm about four months old.

About three weeks ago I was feeling really sickly in a cage at the shelter and in walked this lady. Even with a stuffy nose I could tell she smelled like home. I just knew she was my mom. I was so sick with a cold the shelter staff decided I needed to go into kitten quarantine. Mom watched helplessly as I was whisked away to the back room. I was stuck there for two weeks! I was so afraid she would have decided she couldn't wait for me. 

I shouldn't have worried. She was waiting for me as soon as they sprung me. She brought my Dad along too. I was a little worried he would say no, cause he thought they needed a girl kitty. One look at me and a purry tuck under his chin and I knew I was IN. 

I just had one more kitty to win over. My new big brofur Quill. We played pipe cleaner under the door for half a day and then I wanted out. I waltzed right out, my purr motor on high, and rubbed up against the big guy. I flopped on the floor and tried to wrestle him. 

Quill didn't know what to make of me, but I am persis bossy fearless determined. I'm winning him over.


Mystery Monday

Well friends, something unusual happened. I was enjoying a quiet afternoon at Casa De Housecat when suddenly my parents scurried into the hallway bathroom after an errand run.

I was immediately suspicious because they were in there, together, with the door closed. That room is usually only used by one at a time.

After a bit they came out but the door stayed shut. Then I saw them...

White paws. Little ones. Flailing wildly.

Suddenly they pushed out a pipe cleaner and took it back. When they pushed the pipe cleaner out again - it went a little out of reach. So I did the only polite thing - I pushed it back.

And the little white paws took it back!


Floofy Friday

Huh? What?

Sorry friends I'm a little distracted this week. I've had to be very vigilant. Keeping things on the down low till next week though. I sure am glad the weekend is here. You couldn't have come at a better time Friday! 

Have a great weekend Friends! Come by next week for the big news.


The Eagle Has Landed

Is it a bird? A plane? An alien?

Nope. It's my hind end (and Mr. Tail photo-bombing my shot).  

Dad took this picture of me and Mom as I perch in my favorite spot. I like to sit next to Mom's head on the top of her lounger. It's get for watching bird TV. 

Sometimes Mr Tail gets excited and whips Mom repeatedly in the face. Mom tucks Mr Tail behind her head to avoid whiplash.

I've also noticed the startled look on her face as I bound to the spot at top speed. Something about 15 pounds of kitty hurtling at her head.

Dad thinks my legs look like a heart. I do love it up here.


Toys Tuesday

Mom:  Quill! ::Trying not to snicker:: What happened here? Looks like an explosion at the Petsmart.

Quill: What? Look, you put all my toys in that basket so you could unleash the Evil Dyson. I knocked over the box to get things back to normal. I think it's a big improvement. All my toys are right where I can play with them.


Floofy Flashback Friday

 Don't hurt yourself...


you may need your voice this weekend.

Never mind, do what you need to...

I am looking forward to a restful weekend. It's been a stressful week for an ample-sized kitten, what with the wobbie washing and the ham safe replacement. Sigh. 

Weekend - I've been missing you this week! Hope you all have a great one friends!


Woobie Wednesday

I have a shocking story to tell you friends. You might need to shield your ears/eyes if you have your own beloved woobie blanket.

Like many kitties I have a special woobie. I sleep on it every night. It's green and super soft like my cat mom's fur was. I'll admit that I also knead it for hours at a time. And yes, I may occasionally even give it a little lick. Mom pets me during our special snuggle time and it's very much the part of the day I look most forward too.  

Last week I was napping working in the office when I saw Mom scuttle past carrying my woobie. She was headed to the laundry room, so naturally I had to investigate.

By the time I made it in there, she had already shoved it in the washer and started it up! The horror as I watched my woobie turning in it's steel prison.

"What are you doing to my woobie!" I squeaked.

I'll admit I heard only snippets of her reply because of the horror. She said something about "cat spit by her head" and "special fragrance free laundry soap" but who can focus when you beloved is on tumble dry low?

She laid out my woobie when all was said and done and it wasn't the same! I refused to come to bed for the first night and nibbled her on the second night when she tried to pet me. By the third night we were all pretty upset, but by then my woobie started to smell lived in again. And I really wanted to make a huge batch of biscuits.

I gave it a little lick and all was right with the world again. I will be keeping a more careful eye on Mom from now on...


The Ham Safe

Well the new giant white ham safe arrived. Shocker - it's not even white and it's even more giant.

Despite Mom's assurances I was going to "love it" I have to report I am not a fan. Let me count the many reasons:

  •  Loud men entered my home to install it.
  • The same loud men also took away my beloved ham safe. 
  • There is no ample-sized kitten shelf - at least not one low enough to jump on to. 
  • The ice crusher is loud and sounds like it could eat kittens. Pure evil. 
  • The ice it makes is not up to ice hockey regulation standards. I have not really been able to play a good game yet. 
  • I am discouraged from placing my paws on the stainless steel because I may stain it with paw prints? Then how is it stainless?
  • It has a scary alarm that goes off when someone leaves the door open too long when kitten inspections are in process.

  Sure hope the snacks that come from it are tasty. 

Courtesy of the Trish from the Katnip Lounge collection.