Floofy Friday

Hello Friday!!

We understand you are THE day to shop this week. We're totally in for that Friday! We've prepared a list of things we'd like to pick up:
  • Pipe cleaners. You can never have enough Friday.
  • Cat nip. If you could keep that on the down low... Mom says no catnip for us because we get to rowdy with each other. 
  • Swing toy - with feathers please. Mom gets all nervous because somecat likes to nibble the strings. 
I think that'll do it for now. Now if only we could use a credit card... You take care Friday and don't let anyone trample you in the stores.


Happy Thanksgiving

We thought we'd share a few things we're each thankful for today.

  • My woobie blanket. It's the perfect blanket to make a batch of paw biscuits.
  • Mom. She's my person. 
  • Dad. He's my other person.
  • Greyson. He's always ready to play.
  • Quillbert. I love to chase him, and wrestle with him.
  • A fresh litter box. I hide until Mom gets done scooping and then I dive in. 
  • My parents. They're my people. 
  • Quill's toys. They're always funner when he's played with them. 
  • My single-cup coffee maker. Mocha coconut coffee with soy milk creamer. Yum!!
  • All my boys (that includes Hubby) hanging with me.
  • My morning walks with my big sis. We talk over the phone as we go. 
  • All of you. It means so much to us to have you here. 
Happy Thanksgiving to all our American friends!!


New Spot

Quill here. I'm always on the hunt for a new, quiet, brother-free zone in the house. As soon as I find a good spot, Greyson hunts me down and tries to steals it.

For example - My office chair...

He has also stolen my spots under the bed, on the sofa, and on the shelf. So I'm pretty excited when I find a new place. I started sleeping on Dad's office chair. I still have a view of Mom's comings and goings but no baby brother. 

Until yesterday. I was enjoying the chair when Dad came in and moved me to the guest bed comforter. The bed wasn't made up yet, so it was super toasty and I decided to stay. Next thing you know...

Greyson found me. Oh Dad thought it was so cute that he had to take our picture. Sigh. Another spot bites the dust.


Floofy Friday

I think I see you Friday!

Greyson, do you see Friday?

 Greyson are you sleeping at your post?

Huh? No I'm on it! Yep it's Friday!!

Good to see you buddy! We've been waiting for you all week! Sure hope you brought Saturday with you!


So Rude

Greyson here. You won't believe what happened here today! Quill and I were doing our daily desk inspection. I was inspecting Mom's keyboard with my paws - making sure the delete key was operating (it was).Quill was trying to do a taste test on Mom's computer cable. Just a nibble, he tried to squeak in explanation when Mom ushered him away into the kitchen for a snack. Score!

When I was done, I headed back to the office to finish my shift. Here is where things take a serious turn. The door was SHUT! We meowed to let her know that there was an error. We could hear her in there - she was leading a conference call with a lot of people.

I meowed even louder - I mean clearly she needed us in there. What's a conference call without two assistant cats crawling over your desk?

So I started to leap up at the doorknob to try to get it open. Suddenly Dad showed up. I thought he was going to help, but instead he said it was a Management Lock Out. He said Quill and I would have to take the afternoon off! Who does this Management think we are? We don't slack.

So we waited by the door. Finally Mom opened the door. I was beside myself. I explained how hard I'd tried to get in to help her on the call. She petted me until I was all meowed out. I purred as she filled me in on what had happened during the call. Quill got an extra snuggle in the big bed to calm him down. He hates to disappoint Mom and not be helpful during her workday.

I don't know who Management is, but they better not try to lock us out again.


Toasty Tuesday

Quill here. It was a roasty and toasty weekend. I had a great time keep close to Mom. She was feverish and extra warm to cuddle up to. I worked very hard to heal her:

  • I liberally applied healing cat spit by licking her hands at great length.
  • I purred healing purrs over her as she petted my furs.
  • I made sure she got up every now and then to get some exercise (food dishes don't fill themselves).
I'm happy to report that Mom is doing much better. She's back to scooping our litter boxes on a regular basis. Thank Cod. 

Did Greyson help? I guess, but not with my dedication to the task. He would cuddle but then as she as she'd grab for a tissue he'd run for the nightstand. He still has a lot to learn.


Floofy Friday

Well hello Friday.

Why yes that is my laser toy between my paws. I was hoping Mom would take the hint and play dot as a reward for my sitting for my portrait.

It's been a kinda rough week Friday. Quill has stopped treating me with kitten gloves. Then Mom had Jury Duty ALL DAY on Tuesday. Today she realized she brought home a little cold. I sure hope not - those big sneezes are scary.

Of course Quill doesn't mind... he loves it when Mom is tucked in bed all weekend. Just look at the smile as he dreams of a feverish mom in the bed.

So you can just guess how this weekend is gonna look like. See you soon buddy!



Quill here. I thought everything was going to change when Greyson was no longer a kitten. Not quite. 

Every time he would nose me out of something (my dish, my spot on the bed, etc) I would call him out for a wrestle. Naturally I would win in a landslide. I have MOVES.

But as soon as I'd get the upper paw, Greyson would squeal like a baby. Of course Mom would hear and she'd tell me to let him go... "Quillbert he's just a baby!"

So I'd let him up and he thought it was fine to nose in the next time. On his birthday I realized - he's not a baby anymore! I didn't need to be the bigger cat and let it go.

So when I jumped on the bed and caught him snuggled up on MY woobie blanket I gave him a little chomp on the hiney.

When we were wrestling I had him down for the count. When he squealed I KNEW Mom would be on my side. Do you know what she said?

"Quill! He's smaller than you..."

Seriously? He's always gonna be smaller - does that mean I have to let eat my meal? Surely not - right?


Mancat Monday!!

Greyson here! That's right Friends!
I'm a year old today (we think)!

I am still much smaller than Quill, 
but I make up for my small stature with my BIG personality! 

Mom says this picture is a better representation of my personality...

I think she's right. I'm a mover and a shaker! I play hard and I nap even harder! I like everyone to know when I've entered a room. I call out with little chirps when I can't find my people and throw myself against closed door. I don't like when my people leave the house for even a minute. I like an audience for all antics.

So pull up a chair or a piece of couch and I'm happy to bring on the floor show. After the performance I'll chase you all over the house, then we can snuggle.

Let's party!!

Quill: If you want to eat anything, you better not let Greyson see you or he'll swoop in for the food grab. 


Floofy Friday


Sorry Friday. 
Looks like Greyson is busy holding up the sofa and the wall. 

Next week my little bro turns a year old(ish).

I can barely remember how quiet life was before he arrived.
He's a good brother, even when he is a little irritating. 

I would like to be able to eat some food out of my own dish...


Tuesday Tiffs

Did someone say claw clippy time?

Maybe after you clip Greyson...

Mom says I've been feisty the last couple of days. Me! Mom has started calling me Quillbert J Naughtyman. I am only responding to the feisty little mancat named Greyson. He has gotten it into his head that now that he is almost a full mancat that he can officially be in charge here at the H.C.

I am pretty willing to let him take the lead in many things - but blanket in chargeness? No. If that means I have to sit on him now and again - then I am up to the task. Lucky for him I am a gentle giant...


Floofy Friday

H-h-hi Friday... It's me Quillbert.

It's been kinda scary here at the H.C. Last night there was a full out assault on the front door. Little humans yelling things from the door and demanding treats. I remembered the terror from last year and I ran for Under the Bed. I tried to get Greyson to run too, but he didn't believe me. 

It wasn't that scary Quill... The wildest thing all week started Tuesday night when Mom and Dad returned from "The Airport." Mom came in and right behind was a second Mom-Like person. She sounded like Mom and even looked like Mom. Quill and I ran to OUR Mom and sniffed her to make sure she was our Mom.

So who was the N.O.M. (Not Our Mom)? Turns out our Mom has a sister that Quill remembered as "Aunt Jenny" all of which seems very suspicious. I mean Aunt Jenny lives in the phone - Mom talks to her on it all the time Friday. After a couple of days, just when I was getting used to another lap, she went back into the phone.

We're all a little sad that she's gone. I mean another pair of hands for petting and treating are great. Hope you didn't get too scared this week Friday.