Toes on Tuesday

I have to be very careful here...
I've a freshly exposed claw on my back paw that might cut steel.

Just let them try to groom me now... there's a new sheriff in town.


America's Birthday Changes

Friends it's almost time for America to celebrate it's birthday this week. Although I'm very proud to be an Americat, I don't much care for how we celebrated last year and I'm on a mission to change things up for pets everywhere. We should all have a great party, and not have to hide in closets and under beds until the party is over.

I'm re-posting my post from July 5th of last year so you can get a clear view of the issue and then join the mission.

"Yesterday was America’s Birthday and I must say that I’m not so fond of the way you celebrated America. You’re a little too rowdy for my taste.

First of all, where was the birthday cake America? We always have cake on our family's birthdays. I don’t eat the cake of course, but when my parents enjoy a slice with a glass of milk Mommy is always happy to share with me. Once she sees I’ve stuck my face in the glass and had a few licks, she lets me have the whole rest of the glass, all to myself (even if it’s not my birthday).

Well America, I guess the birth-day portion passed pleasantly enough. It was too hot for outdoor activities so my parents watched scary movies and held me close when they were frightened. I allowed the forced cuddling because I was a bit frightened too, and I was able to cover my eyes during the really scary parts. We even had a family nap in the middle of the day.

It wasn’t till the sun went down that all heck broke loose. My parents began roaming the house at dusk, looking out the windows, and waiting in anticipation for something. They were, almost, dare I say, giddy. All of a sudden there were lots of scary noises outside and unpleasant smells of sulfur and smoke in the air. I had to grab my love, my Mousey, and hide in the closet for hours, and no one even came to try to lure me out.

Here is what I suggest for your celebration America - On my own birthday I awake whenever I like, I’m given snuggles on demand, regardless of the time of night (most days this isn’t met with much enthusiasm), I’m left to nap in silence throughout the day, when I awake from my naps I’m offered treats like tuna and perhaps even a new catnip filled toy. This is a proper birthday America! So if you can’t offer all your guests tuna and catnip toys, at least try to keep it down."

Okay friends, who's with me on this?


Floofy Friday

Oh how I dislike the flash of the Pawparazzi, this isn't Hollywood.

Still holding tight to my floof friends... but this weekend with both my parents home... it could be hunting and trapping time. Sure it might be nice in this heat to de-floof a bit but I'm holding firm.

Have a nice flash, and trapping, free weekend friends.

P.S. Feel free to steal my non-post post idea anytime!


I Got This!

Let, me, just, get, this, in, place...

Whew. See Mom, I got all this floof handled on my own.


Hiding Out

Psst... over here friends. No, not under the bed, in the closet. Yes way back in the corner, behind the laundry basket.

Whew, you made it. I have to keep my voice down. Mom is still trying to find me to try to de-floof me. Let me say up front that this is not going to go down easy. I WILL CLAW AND FLAIL!

Uh-oh friends I hear her coming - SCATTER! SAVE YOURSELVES!


Shedding Breed?

"Hey look Fin, I bought us a Furminator!"

"Looks like a fur puller, and it doesn't look like a Furminator."

"Well, okay I got the generic, but I think it's pretty much the same thing..."


"What did you say?"

"Nothing. Do you know what you're doing with that thing? Did you read the directions, cause I'm not letting you touch me with that thing till you do."

"How hard can it be? Okay, okay, I'll read them... not on the head... not on legs... must be a shedding breed-"

"Wait, go back, how do you know I'm a shedding breed?"

"Are you kidding Fin, have you seen yourself? Of course you're a shedding breed!"

"I think you better look it up. I'll be hiding in the closet."


Floofy Friday - IBD

"Finny look I got this great box for an International Box Day photo."

No, I won't even look.

"Come on, just one cute pic? I even dropped your jingle bell in there."

Look Mom, I have grannycat street cred to live up to. I can't just go in the box on command. Later tonight, say around 3ish, I'll whap that jingle ball till I'm spent. For now though, I can't be... well... boxed in.

Have a great weekend everyone.


Hockney Fin

Hey look how cool!

No idea how she did it, but my Aunt Jenny made this cool photo of me a la artist David Hockney. He makes Polaroid collages (among some other cool things). Anyway Aunt Jenny also did similar collages of her pets here.

My Aunt Jenny is a very talented artist and you might enjoy having a look around over there. Her blog is just like she is, beautiful, funny, insightful and inspiring. Yeah we love her a lot over here.


Economic Stimulus

"Mom, did you know that Friday is International Box Day? Well I've been investigating around the house, and I can't find a box suitable for my photo shoot."

"Oh, well, how about a shoe box Finny?"

"Mom, you know I don't fit in a shoe box anymore! Don't you have anything bigger?"

"I don't think I have any large boxes around..."

"Well can you go out and buy something then, something cat-sized? You can stimulate the economy and stimulate my inner kitten at the same time!"


Greenies Anyone?

Wow someone has bad breath!

Well I wasn't going to mention it Mom, but since you brought it up-

What? I meant you! Maybe we should get you a toothbrush?

Not going to happen-

I hear it's flavors cats like... What about trying Greenies?

You know I don't like to eat green things. Any ideas friends?


Pimped Up Avatar

Well it should come as no surprise to many of you that humans do odd things...

Exhibit A - At least I look pretty in my fairy crown.

Exhibit B - It's so wrong! Apparently she was channeling 80's punk.

At least there were no mohawk templates available here...


Floofy Friday

What Mom could resist this sweet face requesting a snack?

I'm happy to report it's not my Mom.

Have a great weekend friends!


Ready To Rumble

"Fin? Is that you purring over there on the floor?" Mom asked last night as she looked over the edge of our bed.

"PUUUURRRR!" I confirmed (Really who else did she think it would be?).

"Wow that's super loud!" I guess it was loud enough to wake her. She discovered my secret spot for rumbly purrs, because sometimes my friends need healing purrs, and it turns out the edge of the TV stand has perfect acoustics to send them far and wide.


"You feeling happy over there sweetie-pie?"

"PURRRRR!" I was thinking about all the things that make me happy (Mom, Daddy's feeling better, the publisher said my book is "on the right track," my parents are employed, I have my home and my friends). I even had my precious Mousey at my paw to bring on the big purrs.

"What a good kitty you are, how can I help you out? Maybe some chin scratches?" Mom asked as she came over and knelt down to help out.

Yeah that's the spot Mom, this is what I call teamwork.


Hey Tweety

So yesterday we were all kicking back with the back door open, when suddenly a sassy little finch flew up to the screen door and made like he wanted to come in. Of course he couldn't just fly in, so instead Mr. Finchy-Pants perched on MY screen door. Staring right at me and the family, as if it happened all the time. As if it was a regular hang out for him.

It got me thinking.... maybe it is going on all the time? What's happening out there in the hot summer sun? Are the tweets taking over MY porch? Have the Mockingtons taught all the neighborhood fowl to disrespect the kitty of the house?

I am on the case friends, and this will not be going down at casa de housecat! I'm taking names!! You're on the list!

You think you are the only ones who can tweet my fine feathered friends? Well, I am kitty, hear me tweet! Or here I tweet... Yep I, er, Mom did it. If you twitter then I guess this will make sense to you... http://twitter.com/finhc, or maybe it's @finhc ?


Mom's A Swinger

It's not what you might have been thinking, nobody can swing a toy like Mom.

Music implied

Something in the way she moves
Attracts me like no other, love her
Something in the way she mewves me
I don't want to pounce it now
I know you believe it... wow


You Don't Say

Sweet Theodor gave me this nice little award that celebrates the great friends that leave comments on your blog. Naturally I can't choose just a few comments to single out.

I love all my comments, and I love the lurkers who don't leave comments too. So if you don't have this little fella, and you love your comments, please pass it on.

Also the vote is in and looks like we'll be Tweeting. Now Mom has to figure the whole thing out so we'll announce it when we get it all together.


Floofy Friday

Here's your fix... I know you need a floof fix.

I'm dictating this post from Sydney, Australia. I am at a party with MoMo and all her friends including the other Siblings In Floof.

MoMo and her beloved SS are celebrating the graduation of SS. I guess SS is now able to dig old things up officially. So I guess all the help MoMo gave to SS to study has qualified MoMo to dig old things up too!

Here's a little known Mom factoid - she wanted to be an archaeologist as a girl, till she realized she wouldn't get to keep the jewels she dreamed she would be digging up.


Thursday 13

In honor of Thursday 13 I thought I'd discuss 13 Rules of the House I don't generally follow:

  1. Don't get on the kitchen table. Only followed because the chairs are usually tucked in and I can't get on it.
  2. Don't wake Mom before 6am - this one makes me laugh!
  3. Don't leave Mousey in the parents pathways. Mousey likes to be part of the action too.
  4. Don't drink out of Mommy's glass - this one makes me laugh too!
  5. Don't eat cellophane - well then don't leave it out.
  6. Don't jump on the dining table - no one else is using it plus it's my cellophane hunting ground - new items are dropped there and they're often wrapped in plastic.
  7. Don't yak up hairballs on the carpet - I know you'd prefer the tile, but I need to be able to dig deep with my claws for maximum expulsion.
  8. Don't sleep in our sink - sure I have my own but I like variety.
  9. Don't drink out of the backyard fountain - I'm thirsty.
  10. Don't kick litter out of the litter box - I'm thorough when I bury.
  11. Don't lay on the keyboard - You need my help lady.
  12. Don't nibble the hand that feeds you - I only do it when we snuggle and you get me too worked up and overstimulated.
  13. Don't beg for scraps at the table - if you let me violate rule one I could just help myself.
Rules... I don't need your stinkin rules.


How Tweet it Is?

We've recently been negotiating here at the H.C. on whether or not to dive in and Twitter.

"What would we say and how often would we say it?" Mom wonders.

I see no lack of commentary on my part, between us we rarely lack for something to say. Interesting, that might be more of an issue.

"Will it take a lot more time?" She wonders.

Who cares, it's not like you have a job... what's that... oh you do have a job? Oh. Well that explains a lot of things around here.

"Can we be funny in a 140 characters?" She wonders.

Sometimes you're not funny with a lot more than 140 at your disposal Mom, I'm just saying.

So friends I've created a little poll to see what you think we should do.


Updates and an Award

A few of my friends played along and shared the humiliating exploits of their humans. If you look back through some of the comments on last Tuesday's post you'll see what I mean. Although it is nice to know that I'm not alone I was also sorry to hear that I was not in fact alone. A special nod goes out to the following for having enough to dedicate a post at their place to the Monkeys, House of The Mostly Black Cats, and Tristan and Crickey (if I missed any of you please let me know, it will only add to my embarrassment!) - I'm so sorry for you.

Special thanks to my friends at Zoolatry made me this fun new header, thought we'd change things up for a little while. Don't worry belly fans it will make a return.

An Award, how nice! I recently received an awards from our friends.

Sweet Siena and Chilli tagged me with this Awe-Summm!!! award. I'm supposed to list seven awesome things about myself.

1. I'm independent, except when it comes to lunch time.
2. I'm an excellent bug killer.
3. I've never had a flea, not one. We don't have them here in the desert.
4. I'm a huge help to Mom when she writes - I get write on the laptop to assist.
5. I am floofalicious.
6. I am very amusing to my family.
7. I wake Mom up for work everyday, even the days she doesn't have to go.

Anyone want to play? You know you're Awe-Summmm too!

::Addition:: My great friend the Curator at The Pet Museum had to help the lovely Sally Cat to the Rainbow Bridge over the weekend, and could use some support.