Floofy Friday

Friday: Hey Quill! Look at that tummy floof!

Quill: Thanks Friday! I'm growing my winter coat, which requires lots of naps, and belly rubs. Floof growing is hard work. 

Friday: Did your mom get her book of for the editor?

Quill: She sure did Friday! Now I just need to convince her to write our book next... Do you think this sweet face gets it done Friday?

Friday: How can she resist that?


Floofy Friday

Greyson: Where oh where is Friday?

Mom: Greyson, Look over here! 

Greyson:: Half Airplane Ear:: Friday!! You're here at last!!

Friday: So handsome!

Greyson: Thanks Friday! We sure are happy to see you around again! Mom has been whining all week about how MUCH she missed you!

Mom's book is almost ready to go to the editor!! Yippee!!


Floofy Friday

Look Friday! 
Greyson's Back!

Well... his backside anyway. 

And his actual side.

And the squinty top side....

See what I mean Friday? 
He's not easy to take a picture of - I swear!
He's always playing with something, and as soon as he sees the camera he squints.
So cute and so impossible - gotta love our Lil G.


Floofy Friday

Quill: Hey Friday! We sure are glad to see you this week!
What? Yes. I have taken over the blog for a coupe weeks now. It's nice. Oh sure Greyson is still here... he's always here. 

This face? I give this expression whenever mom tries to pull her hand away during a bath. She complains that I lick the exact same on her hand till it's raw. 

She'll be all "Quillbert, that's enough in that spot. Maybe you could move a hair to the left?" 

Then I give the look above which is my "Really? You don't think that's clean yet do you? Do you?" 
It works too, because she usually turns it back over to me to finish. 

What about you Friday? I could get those whites to sparkle.