Floofy Friday

Quillbert reporting for duty!

I'm going as a porch cat for Halloween!

Is that you Friday?

Maybe you'd like to see me roll on the porch and get some outside dirts in my furs? 

Sorry Friday I was too excited and Mom was too slow to catch that. I'm not supposed to tell Greyson I got to go outside, but I have real live outside dirts in my furs. 

Do you think he'll be upset Friday?

Nah I don't think so either. We'll be hiding under the bed as soon as those vile trick or treaters come to the door demanding treats, Only we should get to demand treats!

I better get going Friday, beds don't protect themselves from marauding crumb grabbers.


This Just In!

Oh My Cod Friends! Look at this!

I'm outside! Showing off my floofy tocks!

It all started this morning when Mom put Greyson in the bedroom and opened the back door. I didn't hesitate, I ran out onto the porch, and then on to these stepping stones. 

Then it was time to inspect Fin's Fountain. This got Mom misty eyed, guess she was missing her girl. So I brushed past her leg to cheer her up. 

It's okay Mom! Wait is that a humming bird? Gotta go!

Quillbert J Outdoorcat reporting.


Floofy Friday

Why hello Friday.

It's been another rough week here at Casa De Housecat. 
Mom has been stressing about work again. 
Lots of long hours spent... doing whatever she does.

Luckily Greyson and I are focused on distracting her at regular intervals.

What Friday?

Did I act up and gnaw some rawhide from my swing toy?

Um... I think it's best I not reveal the answer to that...



Let me tell you a little story about Mom....

Tonight she decided to wash our sheets - without receiving proper approvals.

Thank Cod she didn't try to wash our Wobby Blanket cause Quill would make her get that signed in triplicate...

Quill: No! No one washes the Wobbie. The Wobbie is perfectly furred as is.

Okay... whatever. Where was I? Oh yeah, so she washed them and then when she was making up the bed she buried me under the sheets!

Who does such a thing to their cat? Traps them under the sheet and then ::whispers:: pats their hiney, and ruffles their furs? Who does that?


Floofy Friday

Hey-O Friday!

It's me with Mr Pumpkin.

Me? Grumpy looking? 

Well actually Friday I am a little grumpy. 
Did you see Mom didn't post anything else this week? 

I noticed too. She is having a rough time at "work" with lots of boring old conference calls and late days. Of course I'm putting in the overtime to snoopervise her. Quill and I take turns distracting her and keeping her stress levels low by offering our pelts for petting. 

It's not easy being an office cat, but we endure Friday. We endure. I can't wait till things get back to normal here.


Floofy Friday

Yes Mom, that's a good start.

Mom: Better like this Greyson?

 Yes! That's the spot!

Good job Mom!

 Friday, you wanna get in on this action?

Yes there are black spots on my paw. 
Just trying out my dalmatian costume for Halloween.

Quill is still a bit off. Something about me hogging Mom's attention all week. It all started when Dad was called out of town for a family emergency (don't worry Friday everything is fine now and Dad's almost home, thank Cod). 

Anyway I like my Dad cuddles and while he's gone I get a little demanding. Like these pictures - I had Mom's arm clasped to my chest for awhile - even when she swore she needed to type. 

So this morning Quill and I had a tiff while Mom was on a conference call (and unable to break things up). So things are a bit off with us, but I'm sure Dad will fix it all. Like always.


Silent Treatment

Mom: Quill? Quillbert? Don't you wanna cuddle?


Mom: Quill?


Mom: Hm. Greyson why is Quill ignoring me and my cuddle requests?

Greyson: He's upset at you about something.

Mom: What? Why?

Greyson: You know....

Mom: No, I really don't....

Greyson: Actually neither do I. I was hoping you might know.

Mom: Quill - was it the heavy brushing? Was it the cuddling with Greyson?

Quill: ::Gives back of disrespect::

Mom: Okay, but I am sorry for whatever it was....


Floofy Friday

Hope those swoon muscles are still limber...

What Friday?

You didn't pull anything did you? 
Cause there is one more...

Whew! Thank Cod we got through those. 

Greyson: Hey what are you two doing?

We were just going through the pictures from my photo shoot.

Where's my photo shoot pictures?

What? This is the best she could do?

Well you weren't cooperating. You wouldn't go into the light... source... and wouldn't look at the camera. She tried her best. 

Sigh. Whatever. She's been really slacking on her blogging duties too. 

She's been busy....

But she's gonna make it all up to us because we're going to see Summer at the cat show!!

Um. I think she's going to the cat show...

You mean we're not going? I love cats and most people.

Well Mom thinks it would be too much for us her to ever go out in public. Since some cats can be a handful ::Cough:: you ::Cough::

Well there better be toys or treats brought home!