Floofy Friday

Are you here yet Friday? Friday?

It's been a long week and we're ready for you buddy! 

Mom's on the final countdown for her current job, and she swears time is slowing down until she starts her new one on the 10th. Luckily she'll still work from home for the same company. I can't imagine what she'd do all day without Greyson and I to snoopervise her!
She'll probably still talk away on the phone and type stuff all day, so I don't know why she'd be nervous about it, she does all that now. I mean I wouldn't pay to listen to her all day - but different strokes for different folks. 
I'm sure she'll stress about this for awhile. As long as it doesn't disrupt the snack schedule, I'll be there for her. A solid pet settles her right down. It's not easy Friday to keep her in line, but I manage.


The Other Cat

Quill: Psst, friends I have to tell you something disturbing... I've noticed there's another cat in our house.

The other day I jumped on the bathroom counter and there he was! Looking right at, just as startled as I felt. He looked a lot like me too! I know Mom loves a tabby so I guess that's no surprise.

Anyway, I went right over to him, and he came right at me too! Mother Fluffer! There he was staring me down, and when I rose up to paw him he did too. I pawed at the glass he hid behind - coward!

Then last night I noticed him again behind the mirrored closet doors in the closet. I pawed furiously at the door for long minutes while Mom called out encouragement like "Quill!! Knock it off!!" Then oddly she kept asking if I knew what time it was... yes - 2am. Seriously, her timing was off - I had another cat to chase off.

I'm ready for him tonight. I slept in late so I can stay up all night if needed.


Floofy Friday

Greyson: Ahhhhhhhh! Look how big I can open my mouth Quill. I can prolly fit this whole grass flat in my jaws.

Quill: Greyson, get serious. Friday's gonna be here any minute and isn't gonna wanna eat grass you pre-licked.

Greyson: Oh is that Friday now?

Quill: No. You know it's just Dad.

Greyson: Heh, heh.


Floofy Friday

Friday: Hey Quill. 
Quill: I'm hiding from Monday.

 Friday: Well no worries yet - I'm here!

Quill: Whew! Thank goodness!


Floofy Friday

Quill: Look Friday! I'm back.

Friday:Look at those multi-layers of floof! ::Slow Clap:: Respect.

Quill: Thanks Friday! Here's my front too, since you haven't seen it in a while. 



Mom: Hey boys, it's 11:55am how about you go see what's up in the kitchen?

Two cats fly from the office as Mom quietly shuts the door and dials in for her job interview. Seconds later...

Greyson: Mom? Mom!

Mom: ::Mutes phone:: Not now son!

Greyson: Did you lock yourself in there? Don't worry Mom, we'll get you out! GRAB THE KNOB!

Mom: ::Mutes phone again:: Boys quiet!


Quill: ::Hacks:: Sorry about the hairball - I'm stressed. Mom?! ::Paws Door::

Mom: Yes I'd love the new job, future boss guy. I'll get to work from home still right, my co-workers would be pretty disappointed...


Quill: Squeak!

Mom: ::Opens door:: Boys I got the new job!

Greyson: Do they know you locked yourself in your office and couldn't get out without our help?



Quill: ::Yawn:: We'll we're pretty tired over here. Spent a lot of time guarding under the bed this weekend with all the loud boomers outside. America is a rowdy party-er. And the party just keeps on going!

Greyson: You said it! We're over it! We've been napping all day to get caught up on our sleep.

Quill: Yep. We'll have lots of energy stored up for tonight!

Mom: Huh? Tonight? Let's get up boys!!


Floofy Friday

Greyson: I know it looks like I'm sleeping Friday, but it simply isn't true. See Mom's been working so hard to "Finish Her First Draft" that she sometimes forgets the important things - like cat petting. 

So I like to take over the desk so she has to stop typing. 

This spot is where her silly old keyboard goes, and I think you can see I make a much better addition to the desk. 

Friday: Oh yes this is much better Lil'G! Who needs a keyboard? I think we'll all be glad when she's done!