Floofy Friday

Quill: Well friends and Friday the year is almost wrapped up. We're all hopeful that 2017 will be an awesome one!

Friday: Maybe if you show a cornucopia of cat belly, it will lure 2017 to be terrific?

Quill: I'm game!

 Greyson: Me too!

 Friday: Well you boys did your part! 

We hope everyone has a safe and happy new year celebration!!


Floofy Friday

Hello friends!! Did you wonder where we've been? We've been right here, but Mom has been "busy" and "uninspired." Luckily Friday is very forgiving and has come without any trouble.

I've been very generous in applying special big boy cuddles. 

Today I had to put my paw down and demand a photo shoot.... we may be a little out of practice....

Lucky I still can work the angles.

Happy Holidays to you friends!!

P.S. If there are any kindle users out there who want to read Mom's book Pain by Proxy, it's on sale starting the 23rd at midnight till the 30th. Please enjoy.


Floofy Friday

Well, we are still here friends!! Things are hopefully slowing down here at Casa De Housecat. My hurty paw is still improving.

Aunt Jenny is living in OUR office at the moment with our cousin cat Nessa. They will be traveling about the country in a tiny house soon.

Nessa is highly secretive (like a cat ninja) and resistant to all of the family charms.

She and Quill sniffed at each other from across the room, but she didn't seem interested in meeting me at all! And was a little short when I tried to sample her food. Mom was beside herself when today, after a week of "working" together she finally was allowed to pet Nessa!! She's hoping tomorrow she might get one of these...

Forget it ninja cat, our Mom is OURS!! And so is Friday!!!


The Super Moon

Everyone on the news and here at Casa De Housecat were all aflutter over the impending celestial body.

So last night, when Mom turned on her side and exposed the "super moon" (complete with craters), I placed my paws on her hiney and yodeled like a little coyote. 

Lil G


Floofy Friday - Greyson's Birthday

It's my Birthday!!! 

I'm the big four today!!

Here's me a Quill's first cuddle together.

Look at how cute I was! I was about four months old when I came to live with my family, so you'll just have to imagine how darling I was when I was even smaller!

Please enjoy some e-treats and e-cakes!

I still love me some nip bird!

Oh and my back paw is still hurt but it's getting better every day.


Floofy Friday

Greyson: Why hello Friday!

Friday: Hi Greyson! How's the paw doing buddy?

 Greyson: It's still pretty sore... and sometimes I still don't like putting weight on it. 

Friday: Do you think a little kiss to make it better would help?

Greyson: I'll take little paw cuddles!


Floofy Friday

Well friends it hasn't been a a fun week for me. Sometime Friday night I torked up my paw. I try to keep any injuries on the down low and not mention them to Mom as she is "excitable" about these kinds of things.

But my paw was really sore so I was not putting any weight on it as I scooted around the homestead on Saturday morning. Of course Mom freaked out and called the vet... and of course the vet wanted to see me (who wouldn't).

Next thing you know I was shoved into the Prisoner Transport Unit (PTU) and sang the song of my people all the way to the office. Once the vet came in, not a peep out of me. I was questioned, poked and prodded but I never told what was wrong.

I was sent home with medicines, but by Wednesday I was still playing tripod. Again I was hauled off, and this time they were able to tell it was my paw toe that was swollen. I ignored the whole humiliating episode by burrowing into Mom's arm pit while I was man handled. So more medications and we'll just see what happens for a couple more days.

Mom caught me playing with my kick toy using both paws this morning, so she's a little less worried. Meanwhile Quill is taking his opportunities to tell me he's boss cat. Sigh. It's not been an easy week Friday, but I think I'm on the mend.

 Of course I still look good!


Mom on Monday

Well our precious little man Greyson seems to have hurt himself sometime Friday night. Saturday morning we noticed he didn't want to put any weight on his back left paw.

Nothing was swollen or bloodied, he didn't seem to be in pain if you felt the leg. He does pull away his paw, but he's not a fan of back paw holding on a good day.

The vet didn't find anything either. So we came home with some pain meds and we're gonna give it a couple days. Poor little guy!

So if you could spare some healing purrs for our little man, we'd appreciate it.


Floofy Friday

Friday: Work it Quilly - give me "Blue Steel!"

Quill: Hey Does it seem like someone is trying to upstage me with a photo bomb?

 Friday: He is kinda...
Quill: Even cropped - I have a Foo Tail in my shot. It's just not professional.

Casa De Housecat Update: The Mom here, we've had a rough couple of weeks here with ups and downs. We lost our cousin cat Klausy, we had two emergency surgeries on close relatives (both are doing great now), other drama, a great family visit and another planned surgery next month on a third person. It's been crazy over here - so apologies for being a little off-line focused.


Floofy Friday

We are sending our purrs to all our friends on the east coast in the path of danger!

And offer our white bellies to soothe the savage winds....

That outta do it! 

Quill and Greyson

P.S. Hey Mom and Friday, wanna get in on the action?


Floofy Friday

Greyson: Time for a nap, but I need to look good for Friday...

 Hmm, that leg looks a little scruffy...

 Really?! The Pawparrazi is ruthless!

Yes. That'll do. Time for my nap!


Floofy Friday

Mom: Quill? Look up!

Not quite... Up son! Up!

 Close enough. So cute! 
Friday is gonna be so happy to see you Quilly-Bear!


Floofy Friday

Greyson: All for you! A little beefcake for you Friday!

 Friday: Oh Greyson, you're such a flirt!

I may swoon!

Happy Friday Friends! Things are finally getting back to normal here in the house of the sneezes.



It all started on Labor Day when dad got sick... and Mom became nursemaid.

Our Mom caught the "cold/flu" Thursday and it took her down till today... Friday came and went with no greeting last week.

Of course Quill and I were excellent nurse cats! We braved the sudden and loud sneezes that threatened to blow a cat off the bed. Quill applied frequent cat spit to Mom's sweaty arms. I drafted heat by laying against her steamy back.

It wasn't pleasant, but we seem to have made it through the worst of it.


Floofy Friday

Quill: ZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Friday: I hate to wake him... look at the back paw curl!! Squee!!!!!

Mom: I know!!! Some days it's hard to get any work done with all this cute in the home office!

Friday: I wish I could work from home!


Floofy Friday

Friday: Are you giving me the stink eye Greyson?

Greyson: No! This stink eye is reserved for Mom and Mom alone. She abandoned us for days!!

Mom: It was about 36 hours, and Aunt Jenny came to check on you boys twice. 

Friday: I hope I never get the stink eye!

Greyson: Never! This is what I think of you Friday...

Friday: Ah Greyson, you nibbled me a heart!


Floofy Friday

Friday: Psst, Quill? Quillbert?

Quill:Huh? Oh hey Friday! I was just snoozervising Mom. I like to get on my chair early before other cats try to sneak into my turf. Do you ever have that trouble Friday?

Friday: All the time! Thursday is always on my heels - crowding my style. Not gonna happen!


Floofy Friday

Greyson: Oh Friday where are you? We are so excite to see you around here!

At last! What? You wanna smooch my adorable face?
Okay, I don't mind a cuddle and kiss...


Floofy Friday

Friday: Whatcha doing Greyson?

 Greyson: Just kicking back on Mom's arm... This is a snoopervision position - I mean she doesn't get away with a THING!

Mom: That's cause I can't do a thing with a cat on my arm... I have to hunt and peck on the keyboard... And speaking of the keyboard...

Greyson: Even my back paws are in on the action - one wrong word and I'm gonna take it right out!

Friday: Wow! You do run a tight ship!


Floofy Friday

Quill: Hey Friday, can you have a talk with Mr. Sun? This 115 degrees is really too much. How can a cat get a nice nap by the window?

Friday: I know buddy, he's getting more talk than me lately.

Quill: Hmmm... I wish Lady Moon would put in those kind of hours...


Floofy Friday

Quill: Friday? Is that you?

Friday: It's me buddy! What's with the sun patch... it's like a 1000 degrees outside. 

Quill: No one here understands it either, but each day I lay in this patch for as long as it's here. I like the sunshine on my furs and my white belly. It's a cat thing.


Floofy Friday

Quill: Hey do you have kibble breath?

Greyson: Come closer Quill, let me hug you...

Quill: Are those claws?

Greyson: Maybe... wanna wrestle?

::checks to see who's watching and chomps::

Friday: Are those teeth?

Quill: Um, just a love nibble....


Floofy Friday

Friday: Hello? I'm here and no one even greeted me yet?

Greyson: I know!! Mom FORGOT you were coming!

Friday: Really? I was mentally skipped? Thursday says that happens to her all the time! Even Wednesday, but it's rare that someone ignores me. 

Greyson: I'm telling you Friday - Mom is slipping. But luckily we are still here to keep her on track. Although, mostly it's me. Quill just looks up up at her with love eyes no matter what. 

Friday: It's okay - you know I'll come either way. I would like to see some floof though. You got any?

Greyson: We have some outtakes...

Greyson: Sigh....