Floofy Friday

Greyson: Hey Quill, do you think Friday is coming soon?

Quill: Of course! Look I think I see Friday out there!

Greyson: Oh hey Friday! Boy we all missed you this week! 

Quill Sorry, it's already so hot and the sun is so bright! Make sure you wear your sunscreen Friday!


Happy Blogoversary

We can hardly believe it - but Mom has been blogging here at the H.C. for SIX YEARS!!

Six years ago today Mom figured out Blogger and put up our first post... and no one came. Mom put up a few more post and realized the first important question in blogging... If a blog posts in cyberspace, and no one reads it, does it really count?

The answer is yes, because eventually someone did come. They found a few friends and the new friends told a few other friends. Some of those friends told her about the Cat Blogospere and that brought us a lot more friends.

Back then she posted with the "One Who Came Before" the Amazing Grannycat Fin. Mom and Finny brought some laughs and some lovely pictures. They were full of ideas, but even then, if questioned, Mom would never have dreamed she'd be posting SIX YEARS LATER!

Mom's considered packing it in a few times, but it is the kindness and support of all of you that she keeps on going (and of course the darling antics of two handsome and fun mancats).

So many of you pulled her through the darkest days when Finny left this world. You shared in her joy as we joined the family. You've laughed, squealed, and chortled right along with us. For those of you with blogs of your own, we've shared in your lives too.

You may remember we ran a special promotion on our book earlier this month. We want to share the proceeds with kitties in need. If you have an awesome kitty charity you would like us to give a donation to, leave the name in the comments and we'll pick a winning name.

Because it feels so nice to give back, we have an idea! If you support a kitty charity, we'd love to find a way to help in the future. We can pick a period of time and any sales during that time go to the charity or we offer a few copies of the book to auction off. If we can help, let us know, and we'll see what we can figure out.

Who knows what the next year will bring? Whatever it is, it's nice to know you're out there sharing it with us. Thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts for your support and love!


Floofy Friday


::Nibble, bite, chew::

Greyson: Hey Friday!! What? Yes, this is our new scratcher! I was just taking it for a taste test.

Quill: No Friday, you're right, it is a lounger! Some cats NEVER mistreat the lounger. Some cats just relax on it peacefully. What Friday? What's that?

Yes it is a feather that's been recklessly pulled out! Wonder how that happened? Well anyway, we're so happy you're here. I'm a little tuckered out from my Gotcha Day. Mom spent MY gotcha day at ANOTHER conference - this one for "work." Two days I was left alone with Greyson. He's a real handful Friday. I'm looking forward to a long relaxing weekend.

Gotcha Day!

May 22nd is Quill's Second Gotchaversary!

Resting after his first full day at work.
Oh what to say about my precious baby boy. 

My heart was so broken when my Finny left us, that I worried I would never find another kitty I could love. I squealed as soon as I saw him, and when he was in my arms he squeaked and tucked under my chin. I knew he was my kitten. 

When we brought him home he was so different from Fin - she walked in like she owned the place. Quill on the other hand, ran under my lounge chair and I feared we might never see him again. Lucky we lured him out with a toy very quickly.

We took him to our vet about a week later (he had a little cold and eye gunk) and that's when we found out our little girl kitten was a boy. Hubby had been so adamant he wanted another girl, I had this moment of panic that he would not want to keep Quill - and that was NOT going to happen. He was my little love bug! Luckily we had both fallen for this gentle and sweet spirit. 

Gotta start em blogging early... And look at the paw size already!
I'm so grateful for my sweet Quillbert everyday, and to Kacie who rescued him from a life on the streets. We are all very lucky!!

Please enjoy some e-snacks (eat em fast or Greyson will get them) and thanks for coming along for the ride Friends!


What's Your Daily Fancy?

Do you have a special time of day or an activity that you look forward to each day? Our friends at Fancy Feast are calling these moments your Daily Fancies. Your Daily Fancies are something that makes you feel great, even on your worst days.

We wanted to share what each of our Daily Fancies are here at the H.C.

Greyson - My Daily Fancy includes treat time. Whenever I get peckish I start rooting around for a snack at Mom's desk. Even if there aren't any present - I find nothing gets Mom's attention like digging under her laptop. My efforts are always rewarded with a little treat.

My other favorite time of day is whenever I can snuggle with another member of the house. Quill and Dad are my favorite nap partners - Mom's too grabby to get really comfy. I like to sleep close to but not on her.

I love to play kibble-hockey! Although I'll play with anything really!

Quill - My Daily Fancy is whenever Mom cuddles with me. I lure her to the cuddle zone by rubbing up against her cankles till she gets the idea. She pets while I knead a big batch of biscuits. It's purrfection.

I also enjoy playing with Greyson. We chase each other around the house like wild cats - till Mom breaks us up. 

Mom - My Daily Fancy comes whenever I get to see my boys happy and content. Seeing them each curled up around my office chair while I work or tucked behind my lounger. I love knowing they feel safe and loved whenever they are with me.Seeing them tucked together sweetly - it makes my heart sing.

Want to share your DailyFancies? We'd love to hear about them. Leave us comments, use the #DailyFancies hash tag, and follow Fancy Feast's new Tumblr site www.dailyfancies.tumblr.com. You can read about the the #DailyFancies of fancy cats and passionate cat owners.

The site is very cool with lots of cat-related content and cool products. We especially loved the article on Cat-Inspired Interior Design. We need to add some fun vertical cat spots!

We were not paid for this shout out, but we're hoping to get a gift basket with TREATS! Mom really liked the idea of celebrating the cat-related moments of our days that make us all happy.


Puss with Peony

Meg here. I am absolutely enamored with these amazing peonies I picked up for a song at Trader Joes!

Yesterday I tried to pick the tightest blossoms in hopes they would last awhile. I had no idea what they would look like under their pink frilly petticoats.

Imagine my delight! Within a couple of hours they sprung open into these amazing blooms. Of course when I took them down to take their picture it wasn't long before I had an assistant...

I can always count on Lil' G to lend a paw...

 You can get a sense of how HUGE they are, way bigger than Greyson!

Greyson would tell you they smell amazing! 
I nixed the taste test!


Floofy Friday

Greyson: Zzzzzzzzz

 Quill: Greyson! Friday's out there!

Greyson: Hi Friday! Boy we missed you this week! 

Quill: Come on in Friday! What? You were all a little worried about the dawg biscuits in my last post? Don't worry Friday, no little extra paws are showing up at Casa De Housecat - especially not doggie paws. Mom made the little swag bags for the conference and she didn't want to be without a dawg version... so now the neighbor's dawg is gonna score. I'm happy to share!


Official Spokescat - Fail

Quill here. I was so tired of listening to Greyson's constant meowing about trying to become a spokescat, and finding just the right product. 

I didn't think I'd want to be a spokescat of anything. Then Mom brought home this box that smelled so intoxicating. I had to knock it on the floor to investigate...

Beguiling! It's got something so unusual about it...

I think I look very handsome next to the red box. 
What Greyson?

::Whispers:: For Dawgs? 
No I didn't notice the dawg picture on the box...


Home at Last

Meg here... Whew! BlogPaws is over and I am spent! I'll post about all the goodies and swag later - I'll be breaking out the goods in small chunks so the boys don't go too wild.

I'm really glad I decided to go (thanks Trish) - it was so nice to meet everyone. I feel like I share so many of blogger friend's lives. Sharing their happy successes and milestones and feeling their sadness when life deals the hard breaks.

I realized on Wednesday night that it was two years ago that day my girl Fin left us. Even when we knew it was coming, and had shed a million tears with her still here to comfort me, it was so hard. Knowing she had touched so many lives was a comfort I could not have imagined.

It was daunting to think of meeting so many people when you are basically a shy person. After I meet someone new I have a moment of panic when I have no idea what to say next and flee, but my friends were easy to talk to and we had something obvious in common - a love for our pets. It wasn't long before I felt like I could just be me.

I think sitting at a table with a bunch of ladies delighted to be making cat ear headbands to wear proudly in public was the real tipping point for me. I embraced my inner cat lady - these were my people.

It's been a weird month, Writer and Blogger conferences back to back. So many different directions to consider - not sure where it all takes me. Feels like I am on the edge of the next big leap and it feels both scary and exciting.

I wanted to give a Happy Mother's Day shout out to all you Moms out there! Hope you have a lovely day with the ones you love - human or furry or scaly or etc.


Floofy Friday

Quill: Well hello Friday! What? Why yes this is my new Ess Curve lounger. A tight fit? No. I think it's just right. See..

::Squeezes all 22 lbs in Ess Curve:: 
Just a little tail spillover. Nothing too serious. The crossed paws makes Mom swoon too. Just for you Friday...

 Puss in Profile. With ear tufts and curled whisker!

I was so happy to see Mom when she came home from the cocktail party at BlogPaws last night that I bounded down the hall to greet her. Truth is I like having my best girl here at home! Mom's book is doing well on Amazon so spread the word - all the proceeds from this weekend's sales will go to kitties (and not me and Greyson).

Update: I guess it only has the price drop on Amazon US. Bummer! Sorry about the lack of discount elsewhere but more money will go to kitties at least.


So Excited

Greyson: What are those Mom?

Mom: They're heart-shaped pipe cleaner toys for our friends at BlogPaws. Remember, You tried to help...

Greyson: I've enjoyed helping you make them too! But I'm sure they'll pale in comparison when I show up!

Mom: Um, Greyson I'm going to BlogPaws, you're staying home at Casa De Housecat.

Greyson: What? How am I going to become an official spokescat for a toy or treat company?

Mom: Well you already are an official spokescat for us. I think that is enough don't you?

Greyson I guess.... Can I make the big announcement?

Mom: Absolutely!

Greyson: We all wanted to do something for our friends who won't be getting our pre-licked cat toys, so Mom finally figured out how to do a Kindle countdown deal for her book Housecat Confidential. So until Sunday night you can borrow for free with Amazon Prime and buy it on Kindle for $1.99! But wait there's more! All the proceeds from the sales of the book this weekend will be donated to a kitty charity!

Notice: Only lick-free toys will be distributed. 


Ess Curve R.I.P.

May 2012 - May 2014
Quill: Oh Ess Curve, you died way before your time little buddy. How many hours we spent together while I lounged on you... Now you're on your way to the Ess Curve Farm where you can live with all the other, er, well-loved scratchers. Where no cat will maul you and gnaw on your edges. I miss you already little buddy. Here we are in more carefree (and pristine) times....

Before this happened into our lives...

and this...

Rest well my friend.


Floofy Friday

May's Back!

Greyson: Ha ha Friday! Actually it's Quill's back! Look at those floofy cataloons! Do they look as fun to chase around the house to you as they do to me? Look at that tail! And literally that is only half of it. It's been a long week and I have been a huge help to Mom as you can see here...

I'm trying to taste test the cat toy favors Mom is making for our friends at BlogPaws next week. A little lick here a little nibble there - a cat's work is never done. Of course she appreciates none of it - after I licked and nibbled this one she said I could "Just keep it" - can you imagine? I'm sure you know how much value a little cat spit adds to a good toy Friday.