Tattle Tail Tuesday

Hi everyone,

As I reported on Saturday, tomorrow morning is Daddy's Gamma Knife Surgery. I'm still wishing we could have just used the microwave here at the house. I don't like being out of the loop. Some of my friends are already here keeping me company, and we can hear the purrs of everyone. The neighbors are looking in on me, even trying to lure me out for playtime, but it's not the same without the family here.

I promised Mommy I wouldn't have a house trashing party, but if you want to hang out with me too, and enjoy the extra Temptations she left for everyone, please do. The salami Daddy lost the other day should be a lot easier to find now.


The Days Ahead

I'm busy settling in for the days ahead. The house is filled with the sounds of all the purrs coming from cats all over the world. I know everything will be successful with all those positive vibrations in the air.

I've got all my nap spots just right and my fur is all licked into place. I've been hording all the Temptations that have been thrown down, so I have a big supply ready. At Whicky's suggestion I demanded a large sack of beef jerky, and I suspect the bag might fall on the floor at some point, once it's opened - you know gravity can do that. To my friends who offered to come over and wait with me, we'll have to hide you in the closet when the neighbor comes by.

I have a little secret stash too... Daddy lost his salami. He brought a new package back from the store the other day and he and Mommy have looked everywhere for it. Was it in the fridge? Nope - Freezer? No - Cabinets? Nope - Trash Can? No again! They've looked everywhere for the salami, but no luck. I'm happy to look for it too, but finders keepers right? Maybe they should check my cat breath for garlic when they return... I'm just saying.

I had this very nice item passed on to me recently by my daring friends at The Cat Realm. I wasn't clear on what I was supposed to do with it - other than admire it and think warmly of my friends who passed it on to me.

Mommy, Daddy and I love all our friends and are overwhelmed by the kindness of cats, and the people they own.


The Tail Out

I just can't wait! There's all this talk on the news here in America about a Congressional Tail Out.

First, let me say that I had no idea there were humans who had tails! Do you think they hide them in their pants?

Secondly, I really wonder what their tails might look like, floofy like mine or thin? Either way I'm glued to the set to see them all unfold.

Hmm, what Mommy? Oh a Bail Out, well that doesn't sound good at all. Never mind I'm going back to my nap.


Serious Saturday

Well my friends, I have very serious news to report. Mommy and I debated whether or not to share the news. I hate to be a kitty downer, but in the end what are friends for if not to give you snuggles and purrs when you really knead them. Daddy has lightening in his face! He hasn't even wanted a cat on his lap for awhile now (how I miss those rough pets).

[Boring Mommy Edit – Fin's father has a horrible illness called Trigeminal Neuralgia or Tic Douloureaux, which causes the nerves in the left side of his face to misfire. The pain signals are sent inappropriately causing sensations like electrical shocks in his face. Medicine is helping a bit, but he's still in a great deal of pain].

He was recently approved for an out of state surgery which he calls "getting microwaved." I don't think that can be right - I mean we have a microwave here, and if it was that simple, why hasn’t Mommy done it already (Heck, for My Daddy I would hit those keypads on the microwave myself).

[Boring Mommy Edit Again – No it’s not microwaving, it’s called Gamma Knife Surgery. It’s a non-invasive form of brain surgery. Gamma radiation is focused on the nerve which is causing the problem. Over time, the radiation causes the nerve to be less effective at transmitting pain signals. It works slowly, so it wont likely show any improvement for awhile. We wont know for awhile if it worked actually].

I was so happy when I heard Daddy was going to be fixed (no it’s not the same as the “Fixing” we kitties go through, I asked). I told Daddy that Mommy and I would anxiously await his return, then Mommy explained that they would both be going (I’m not sure why Mommy needs to go too, she already said she can’t microwave him - but I was supportive).

It was almost an hour before I inquired about who would be caring for me in their absence. “We'll only be gone a few days, but we'll ask the neighbor to check in on you” I was told. I inquired about who would be posting my blog and helping me keep up with my friends? “Um, I can schedule your posts in advance, but we may have to wait till I get back to visit your friends” I was told. I agreed, as I was still trying for sympathetic understanding. I even promised not to have a house trashing party.

I will let everyone know when he has his surgery and maybe everyone could send some purrs our way?


Floofy Friday

Mommy loves my "Tabby" cuffs that rest above my white boots. It's hard to tell here, but I have tabby stripes that run through my floofy middle too. Do you notice how I refuse to look at the pawparrazzi, even when they're in my face.


She's on to me

I'll admit that I'm on a mission to enjoy Mommy's water (I love a challenge). I'd recently found great success, catching her off guard, by jumping onto the couch so fast that she didn't have time to stop me, before my head was in the glass. She got wise though and started moving the glass faster.

In my next forays, I started faking snuggle requests in order to get close, but Daddy called it and told her I was just out for water. Mommy defended my honor and said I wasn't just in it for the water. Oh, she is so naive - I love her for her optimistic outlook on life.

I have to say that after changing sides mutliple times (in order to follow the hand holding the water) she's on to me. It would be so much easier if she would share.


Cats Against Cameras

I noticed recently on Sweet Praline's blog she was trying to gain entry to a new organization started by Maggy and Zoey at Zoolarty. I'm hoping I too can join the movement. The rules of entry, according to Maggy, is that you must show your disdain for the pawparrazzi by turning your back to the camera. Do you think this will get me in the club?

Zoey seems like the real stickler here, and had these requirements : Simply fill out our 100-page application form, available by mail, and have each page notarized. Be sure to include 10,000 bags of Tuna Temptations and 1,000 extremely humongous packages of Shrimp as your membership fee. Please note: there is no guarantee of acceptance into this elite group.

Well if I can't officially join, I certainly support the efforts of this fine organization.


Fridge MeMe

Look how fun, I was tagged by my friends at The Crew's Views with this assignment called a MeMe. Here are the rules:

Take pictures of the items which your humans have put on the fridge.

Tell us the story behind these items.

If there should be no items on your fridge, just take pictures of the items in the fridge and explain who eats them and why.
Then pass on the meme to as many furry friends as you have items photographed.

So here is my fridge. It's pretty clear of clutter, as you can see. Mommy would have it completely free, while Daddy would have it all cluttered up with things, if she let him. You'll notice there are no cat related items?

The bunny Halloween card was given to Daddy by Mommy. He loves Halloween very much, we call it Boo Time.

Daddy loves the other photo of a bunny nibbling on a huge carrot, and it really fits his personality. He always believes there's something awesome just below the surface, even if you have to dig a bit to get at it.

The last card is from the Albian River Inn in Mendocino which is where my parents stayed when they last visited my Aunt Jenny. They had a great time. The Inn even has a cat you can request visit your room - in case you miss your cat too much when you abandon them.

So I guess I need to tag three kitties. I hate to follow all the rules - I do wonder about the Cats P and Lux's fridge (bet they have some pretty cat pictures) and does Artsy Catsy have arty stuff on their fridge. I hate to leave out anyone who would like to show off their fridge, so if any of my other kitz want to be tagged - you're it too!


Sleepy Sunday

Maybe it was all the meowing like a pirate, and saving the environment, but I'm spent today.
I plan a full day of napping in my sink and snuggling.
Hope everyone does the same.


Dare Accepted

I was dared by the Cat Realm. Mr Chen had the winning dare which was to show how I help save the environment. I like to think my carbon pawprint is rather small, but here is what we do to help the world.

This is my backyard. It has what my parents like to call "Desert Landscaping" and it's what I like call "A lot of sharp, paw-hurting, pointy rocks." They installed it to use less water in the desert we live in. The next photo is what Mommy calls her "Recycling" it's what Daddy calls her "Her Crap Pile" (this is nothing, it's usually a lot higher).

Hey Mommy, I was supposed to be in the pictures too... Well Fin, you would have been if you had cooperated!


Floofy Friday

Look, I have to try to hide from the Pawparazzi in my own floofy fur.

Seconds later I attacked the camera, and the arm that held it.

I was napping. She deserved it.

We even thought I broke it, but no...

Late Entry for Pirate Day: My Pirate name is Captain Moocharella on the Sea of Temptations


Thankful Thursday

Look at this nice award given to me by Goldie & Shade. They even referred to me as "The Witty Fin" when they passed it along. Isn't that nice. Mommy calls me witty too, but usually she puts the word "Nit" in front of it. Parker gave all her friends the award and since I'm definitely her friend, I received it from her too.

There are some the rules that came with it, but you know I rarely follow any rules (unless they come from Daddy, of course) so let's see how many I break:

1. The winner can put the logo on her blog - Followed

2. Link the person you received your award from - Happily Followed

3. Nominate at least 7 other blogs - Not totally followed - See Below

4. Put links of those blogs on yours - Mostly Followed

5. Leave a message on the blogs that you've nominated - Not precisely followed

So many of my kitty friends have already received the award, I'm not sure who has it and who doesn't. I hate to be a copycat, so if you are on the side of my screen you are one of my "Kitz" and I love you all. So please consider yourself nominated. You can post the award with pride over at your place and pass it on as you would like.

I wanted to point out my favorite human bloggers over on the left. I love both of them for the same reason, they both bring out the best in Mommy, but they inspire her in different ways.

Lifeprints is a great blog by our friend Lisa (Mom of Harry and Domino). Lisa's blogging mission is to report the positive news which doesn't often receive the attention it deserves. Stories about people who are doing good work in the world, like herself.

The other human blog I enjoy is my Aunt Jenny's blog (Mom to Nessa and Mr. Dutch - She still denies her mommyhood to Mr. Dutch, but come on it's been forever - he's your cat). Aunt Jenny is a very talented artist (who just broke her finger). She often has very pretty photos (none of which are cats?) and beautiful words of artistic encouragement that get Mommy all fired up. Aunt Jenny even has a whole website with arty stuff to look at.
I wanted to also thank all the kitties who gave advice on Mommy's blogging addiction, the first step is admitting your Mother has a problem.


Tattle Tail Tuesday

In the spirit of Tattle Tail Tuesday - I feel I should mention Mommy is developing a bit of an addiction problem. When we first considered blogging, we had just finished my book when we learned cats were taking over the Internet. Since I don't get out much, I was really excited to meet all the cat bloggers.

Initially, we were excited if anyone left us a comment. If they didn't leave one, we had no idea if anyone was reading our work or not. Mommy would say things like "If a blog posts in cyberspace, and no one reads it, is it really worth posting?" I convinced her to continue. Slowly but surely we started to make great friends and learn about their lives.

I think it was adding the "Hit Counter" that pushed her over the edge. Soon she wanted a hit every day, before long it took more and more hits for her to get her fix. Now she slaves over my ideas to make them just right. I tell her "Look, just say that a cold, wet paw placed on an exposed butt will wake up anyone" the kitties will get it. No need for the extra wordy business.

Mommy is ignoring her other critical house duties; petting and caring for me, explaining what just happened on TV when Daddy misses something, heck even writing her next book (even if it isn't about me - can you imagine), plus that laptop takes up valuable lap real estate.

When she mentioned that she may want to start her own blog, I put my paw down. I'm making her take the day off from posting tomorrow, and I may make her take down the hit counter too.


And the Moon

Well my master plan worked beautifully. As I reported yesterday the changing of the sunrise has thrown me off my efforts to wake Mommy. Admittedly, I've been late a few times, and in an effort to over compensate, early a few times too. I've even been caught off guard and been awakened by the hated noisy box.

The other night I was sitting on the bathroom floor, waiting for the sun, when I noticed - the Moon. Sometime in the night, Mommy had kicked off her covers, exposing a section of lily white tush that actually glowed in the moonlight. I was mesmerized.

Of course I've touched the butt before, but perhaps it was the coolness of the tiles, and my desire for a refill of my water, that lead me to my next thought - what if I touched the celestial body with my paw, my cold paw. No, better yet, my cold, damp paw.

I gripped the cool porcelain (I think a paw held in front of the AC vent would work well here too), and waited. When I was adequately chilled, I stuck my paw in the water bowl and headed off for - a Moon landing.

I made a stealthily approach, hoping she wouldn't turn or change the cover arrangement. I sat down, lifted my paw, and suddenly, I felt a bit guilty. I gave a warning meow, to give her an opportunity to awaken at my first request (okay, I whispered it, but I did do it). No response. I laid my cold damp paw upon the Moon. One small step for Fin, one giant leap for catkind.

Now kitties, here is where the danger comes - you need to leap back, you're going need to be at a safe distance. Prepare your most innocent face, you're going to need to deny any intentional wrong doing. You might want to cover your ears too, with the dry paw of course.


The Sun

This is a challenging time of year for me, and for Mommy too. One of my many critical job duties, as the family housecat, is to wake Mommy each morning. Her waking is the official start of the day, so if I fail my mission (and she is awakened by the hated noisy box instead) the whole morning is ruined.

I typically go by the rising of the sun to judge my approach (or when I need a snack, water, or snuggles). At this time of year, the time of the sunrise changes almost daily, throwing me all off. It throws Mommy off too, as she questions me daily, saying things like "Are fluffing kidding me little cat? Do you know what time it is?" To which I reply "Mew" meaning "No. You know I can't tell time. I'm doing my best here."

After a couple of days of innocently missed cues on my part, she becomes less trusting and less willing to arise at my first request. As a result I'm forced to turn to more drastic measures. Simply knocking things off the nightstand isn't going to keep cutting it.

I have formed a plan that I hope to put in play in the very near future. I can't report the plan yet, as Mommy is my ghostwriter, and the element of surprise will be critical. Stay tuned... and sleep well Mommy.



Shar-ing- To use or enjoy something jointly or in turns; To allow someone to use or enjoy something that one possesses
Mommy isn't into sharing, while I am all about beverage sharing. I am willing to share Mommy's water or milk, I will even politely wait my turn. If she wants to take a sip from my water bowl, I'll have no complaints.
If she didn't want to share with me, she shouldn't have bought glasses that fit a cat's head so nicely.


The Secret of Life

Dearest Readers,

I have discovered the secret of life, and I want to share it with all of you…

Wait, is that Daddy in the kitchen, by the can opener? It is, I gotta go!

Some time later...

Ah the disappointment, it was only a can of corn. Oh nibblets, how you mock me. Where was I? Oh no, now I’ve lost my train of thought.


How Nice

Why look at how nice this is! My friends at The Crew's Views have given me this cool award. I couldn't be more pleased. It comes with a few stipulations:

I have to give the award to 5 friends. Four of these friends must be dedicated followers of my blog. I choose the following friends I don't think have already received it (and that I hope are followers of my blog): Angus the Spiderman, the blogless but delighful Whicky Wuudler would definately be on my list, my new friend Spooky , and my sweet Victor & Nina

One should be a new blogger and live in a different part of the world. I choose Gaston from Belgium.

Each awardee must link back to whomever gave the award, if you would like too I'm not a real rule follower.

Now on to the next matter of business, do you think I can use this at Petsmart? I wonder what the credit limit is?


I Declare

Once the Olympics ended, I thought the days of my parents shouting at the TV would be over, turns out I was wrong. They've spent a good deal of time shouting the last couple of weeks, one week cheering, and one week jeering. Since all the noise was interrupting my naps, I decided to investigate, and of course, it was politics. My parents can become quite excitable when it comes to politics.

Earlier this year, when it was time to pick "the one" for "the party," they wondered aloud who I might vote for. They thought I might vote for Mit Romney, solely because they wanted to start a "Kittens for Mittens" campaign slogan - please don't encourage them by laughing now - they laughed over that for nearly a week. Do they think I'm such a tinkerfluff that I would have no opinion of my own; really do I seem to be without opinions?

Mommy recently asked me if I was a Democat or a Republicat, a Liberal or a Conservative. I told her I would think about it and let her know. After much consideration I realized I'm both, Liberal and Conservative. I'm quite liberal when it comes to my parents distributing my treats, but I would be very conservative about sharing my treats with others.

I hate faxes (I shred anything that comes from the fax machine's evil mouth), so I guess I'm for whoever will fax us less... "What's that Mommy? ...Oh Taxes! Oh, well, never mind then."

I believe in a feline’s right to choose – say between crunchy treats or Fancy Feast. "What's that Mommy? Oh, well, never mind that either then."

Wait, what am I thinking? I am a Cat! Of course I'm an Independent. I hear some of my fellow cats (Cheysuli & Derby) are throwing their paws into the ring, and I told Mommy I wanted to go the way of the kitties.


Thankful Thursday

I'm thankful for a little kitchen mix up last night that brought two great flavors together... Temptations and Milk.

It involved my posing for the next full monty contest in the middle of the kitchen floor, Mommy carrying milk, and by some small miracle - an open bag of Temptations. Can I get an amen friends?

Hmm, on a side note, here is my Thursday post and it's not even Thursday yet, at least not here? Happy Thankful Thursday in advance.


Pawpourri III

I had so many random thoughts today, that I decided to mix it up and go pawpourri style.
  • Today is Daddy's birthday, and yes, Mommy is singing off-key again. I'm a total Daddy's Girl, so of course I'm going to be all about showing Daddy how much I adore him, as I do every day. Tonight there will be cake, and my favorite, milk. I like to drink it right from the glass, Mommy's of course. She doesn't like to share for some reason, and usually gives me the rest of the milk, as soon as she sees I've stuck my face in her glass.
  • Yes - I'm a lady cat. Mommy was surprised to see that some people thought I was a mancat. Um, maybe it's because you named me a boy's name, Mommy. It's not a boy's name she explained. I was named after the French word "Fin" which means "end." Mommy thought it was appropriate because the kitten search ended when they found me. Um, that's sweet Mommy, but it still sounds like a boy's name.
  • Don't be too impressed with the last French comment, three years of high school French and Mommy only remembers about five French words (okay, maybe ten if you count the ones that involve food, but only three if you count spelling).
  • I finally saw my friend Whicky Wuudler as a guest star on The Pet Museum blog. He's one handsome mancat. Whicky is one of my very favorite commentors (is that a real word?), and it was so nice to see him getting the attention he so deserves.