Full Tummy Tuesday

Fin: Dad, where's Mom? She's late and it's time for my dinner, this is critical.

Dad: She's running late, so I guess I'll feed you. (Wanders aimlessly towards kitchen) Oh hey, looks like a light bulb out, I think I'll change it...

Fin: Dad! Focus! (Herding towards kitchen) You were gonna feed me remember?

Dad: Oh yeah. (Looking at tin) Uh oh. I bought the wrong kind. You don't like this one... it's ocean fish.

Fin: I love ocean fish! Crack it open.

Dad: Really? Okay. (Cracking open tin) Wow, this stuff stinks!

Fin: I know! Let it flow Dad!

Dad: You know who doesn't like this? Your Mom. She's gonna be grossed out.

Fin: Look Dad, Mom's a total drama queen when it comes to a little stinky food. Besides she's not even home. Let's filler up! (Dives into full dish)


Mom on Monday

Mom is on her way back to work after a week-long vacation during which she did a lot of... nothing. I love a nothing vacation, so much time for napping and petting. Except for the Thanksgiving day abandonment it couldn't have been nicer. I have to admit I was really happy to have them back. Friday night I purred so loud when we went to bed it made Mom giggle.

Sunday was my parents twenty-fourth dating anniversary, and they celebrated the same way they had all week, doing a whole lot of nothing. It was great. 

I had what Mom calls a Hollow Leg or a Case of the Hungries. I don't really question it much. Mom likes it since she gets so stressed when I don't feel like eating much. Some days you just get extra hungry... and no I don't think it had anything to do with my excessive play time with the nip nanna.

Mom started to not feel too hot on Saturday - we think she may have a little sinus infection, so she was feverish which makes her even more pleasant to nap on. Don't worry about her though, I have been very aggressive about getting my head in her our water cup, and you know how healing cat spit is. Plus she's had this view most of the week... and doesn't it make you feel better?

Yeah, all better.


Finally Floofy Friday

Floofy Friday Mom? Just making it in under the wire as it's nearly Saturday...

Oh my, and an old pick at that. Tsk, tsk.

Wow! Reaching waaay back to the kitten archives. Shameless pandering.

This post has been brought to you by the slacker formerly known as Mom. Yes friends I have been abandoned. Left alone, all alone, with my Mousey. Sure they claimed it was only night, but as I've said before, one night in human years is seven in cat years. I have turned the back of disrespect to them both... after catching up on some neglected pets of course. 

I hope your weekends go well friends. I will be alternating snuggles and irritation with my family.



Well it's Thanksgiving here in the United States and we have so many things to be thankful for. Here are a few of my favorite things in no particular order:

  • My parents. Yep I love em in all their human imperfections, of which there are plenty.
  • Superglue which is capable of gluing together a broken wand toy (I know you're thinking I broke my toy but actually it was all Dad's doing).
  • Tuna and tuna water. So delish.
  • Mousey. How I love the sound of his little jingle bell.
  • A good chin scritch, one that wraps around to the cheek and ends with a hard ear rub. Puuuuuur!
  • A nice warm lap.
Oh sure there's other things too but my nap time is late and I have lots of napping to catch up on so I'm ready for the main event tomorrow. Turkey. The star of the Thanksgiving plate. Step aside stuffing, all hail the Turk.

We hope you all have lots of things to be thankful for in your world Friends. We are very thankful for you, of that you can be sure.



Well my parents are on their vacation and so far I have to say my approval of their activities (or lack thereof) is mixed:

Pros and cons
  • Mom spent multiple hours reading the new Stephen King book allowing for ample lap time on the con side she also spent multiple hours on that darn laptop cutting valuable lap time down.
  • Mom downloaded said novel on Kindle to allow for one-handed book-holding/page-turning thereby freeing up other hand for petting (the good hand too) - on the con side she over-stimulated me with rough pets during a tense scene which caused a little bit of a bitey from me.
  • Extra time for a bonus Petsmart trip - but on the con side they brought back nothing fun (Kitty litter).
  • They put out the Chrismouse decorations (white feather theme!) but got bent outta shape when I whapped a few of the ornaments... crazy.


Floofy Friday


It's Friday, do you think you can show off your floofy belly?

Do you think this works Mom?

Yes Fin my sweet girl, I think the weekend can start now! I had my crown done today after my root canal and I am hoping my sweet pusser-pie will favor me with lots of healing lap snuggles this weekend. Her winter floof is starting to come in and she feels just like mink to me.

I'm on vacation next week and I can't wait. I may post some old favorites with some new stuff too, but I'm playing it by ear. Have a great weekend everyone!

Mom and Finny De Floof



Long time readers will know that I have had a major war with the mockingbirds in my neighborhood. The Mockingtons are on the tipy top of my tweet hit list. I dream of the taste of mockingbird roasting on an open fire (I don't do "raw").

It's offensive how they feel they own My Yard. Swooping down at me with their fowl language. They are too much! I had thought the year we had the one mocker that made a dead on impression of a car alarm in the middle of the night was the worst we could expect. I was wrong.

Yesterday morning Mom was driving down the block when she reported that two mockers flew directly at her car. Like the laws of motion (and splat) did not apply to them.

Dad walked out into the garage that evening and reported that Lady Mockington was in the garage and was perched on a shelving unit! Right there, in my own house (well close enough), a mocker. She proceeded to scold Dad for being in her space. He said he was expecting her to reach over take something off the Xmas shelf she sat on and make her nest right there.

Dad startled her off, but I suspect we have not heard (or seen) the last of these winged menaces. Apparently there's mockers over at my friends place (The Katnip Lounge) too. Take a look at this cheeky tweet.

I'll get you my pretty! ::Waves mighty paw in the air::



I love a good sack. I prefer paper (good for the environment and all) but there is nothing like a nice plastic sack with loud paper to drive one's parents nuts. I suggest a long pawing session first, really get their attention, a few pounces and then settle in.

What am I doing? Nothing...
Can't find your camera? That's too bad...

Figured out your fancy new phone has a camera? Drats!

Hope you had a great weekend friends! I hear rumors around Casa De Housecat that they may put up the Chrismouse tree early this year. Ornaments and dangling things here I come.


Floofy Friday

In another edition of Phoning it in on Friday, here are some old floof pictures for your floof viewing pleasure.

I'm really workin it for the Pawparrazzi here
What do you mean you had a rough week Mom?
Mom claims she has had a rough week at work. I guess I'll believe her. She has seemed stressed when she's arrived at home. Tonight she even failed to ask me how my cat day was and ask me who the pretty kitty is. Of course we both know the answer, but I still like to be asked.

I knew my job was clear. Demand snuggles and lay on her lap looking cute as possible till she gives that face (you know the one - the squealy face). I even exposed my belly at closer range and let her hold my front paw while we snuggled. Cause I'm a giver, and truth be told, I do love her. She's Mom, nuff said.

Hope you all have a snuggling and relaxing weekend friends. Snuggle your humans, I imagine they can all use it.



I think I'm getting a bad rap lately friends. You see the coffee table is almost never used by my family and naturally I decided to take it over. I mean it's a low table - nuff said.

Clearly the table is mine...
Anywho my parents have suddenly decided they want to use the table. They seem to be placing plates of food on it. I am fine with this use, in fact I encourage it. Where the trouble comes in two fold:

Fold One - They think I should suddenly abandon my spot just cause they are there with their plates. I am perfectly willing to share the space. The fact that my tail gets close to their food is not my fault.

Fold Two - How can they think it's fair to deny me sampling access to said plates? They say I'm bold, like who knows what that means in this context? Dad says I have no respect for Mom and her boundaries - well he may have a point there.


Mom on Monday

Hi Friends, Mom here. It's taken a chilly turn here in the desert Southwest. Our Fall lasts for about one afternoon. We wake up one day while it's still fairly Summery and for a few glorious hours we have Fall. During those few hours we all gather around the TV to watch the one tree in the city turn autumnal and drop all it's leaves, and then by the evening Winter arrives.

Okay it's a slight exaggeration... sometimes the very next day can be Summer or Spring. Our poor trees get so confused they finally drop all their leaves in exhaustion.

I have to admit to a guilty confession, I love it when the weather turns cold cause I get my girl back. During the long hot months here I barely get a snuggle from my sweet floofy girl. I can only administer loving chin scritches from a distance. If I get any lap time, it's quick and a bit cranky.

When the weather turns cold my lap goes from the least popular spot to the most desired. She loves it best when I have a blanket over my lap so she can really sprawl. I get to pet my sweet girl and hear her happy purrs which warm my heart as she warms my legs.

This weekend my girl has been so happy and kitteny. Playing with her toys and snuggling close. I love it. Now if you'll excuse me I have a cat waiting to take her spot back.


Floofy Friday

Just when I thought I'd be able spend a weekend on My Porch, I think there's gonna be rain. I guess it won't be too bad if it fills up my fountain.

it's looking a little dry down here Mom

I guess I'll be spending time snuggling instead. Mom had a root canal through her crown today and she is a bit tender in the gums. For all my friends who sent healing thoughts her way they really helped. She says it went much better than she feared. The doctor was very kind (and hunky) and made sure she was really numbed up. She has trouble getting numb and as a result she's a GIANT wussy and was really needing to go for a long time.

I think it's odd that if I show the slightest sign of discomfort in any way and they whisk me off to the Vet (I don't even have to show discomfort - just eat more or less than usual even). Yet my parents will complain and fuss about various ailments and yet they fight like a tabby to avoid going to the human vet. Just once I'd like to shove Mom in the PTU (Prisoner Transport Unit) and take her in.

Ah well a kitty can dream. In the meantime I shall sit on her and smoother her with healing purrs... and try to sneak some healing cat spit into her water glass when she isn't looking... cause I'm a giver.

What do you have planned this weekend friends? I hope you have a great weekend.


Laundry Day

Today was laundry day. I love laundry day. Nothing like rolling around on a pile of warm clothes, fresh from the drier.

I love the smell of Downy in the morning, or the afternoon.

I really don't understand why Dad gets so irritable. What's a little cat floof on your shirt? It was there before you washed it, and it'll be there as soon as you put it back on again. Sheesh.

I was expecting the usual "Get off those!" yell when Dad totally surprised me as I rolled on the pile. He started to laugh really hard, really hard. Seems my rooting around in the pile caused a pair of undies to wrap around my neck like a scarf. All that laughing startled me and I raced down the hall with my new outfit on. It seemed to make he laugh even harder.

I don't know what the big deal is... cause that happens to everyone. Right?