Happy New Year!

Greyson here. The year is almost over and it was a big year for me. I found my furever home! I can barely remember the life I had before.

So now it's time to make resolutions for the next year:
  1. Play more kibble hockey. Helps keep me trim.
  2. Take more naps.
  3. Get as big as Quill so I can win at wrestling.
  4. Eat more of Quill's food.
Quill here. I need to make resolutions too:
  1. Eat more of my own food and eat Greyson's food. 
  2. Cuddle more often. 
  3. Encourage Mom to write more. 
  4. Ask Tell Mom to have a special week of posts! That's right friends I noticed Angel Fin had special weeks of fun stuff all the time. We've never had a week! What do you think we should make a week of? Toys, treats, you fill in the blank...
Speaking of Angel Fin, we send our love and birthday wishes to her tomorrow. It's Mom's birthday too so we will be hoping for catnip cake. 


Floofy Friday


Snort... Zzzzzzzzzzzzz

Psst Friday! It's me Mom. The boys are a little tuckered out from the big days. The in-laws are visiting and the boys have been on alert. 

Quill has spent a lot of time inspecting the closet and under the bed (to make sure it was safe for guests). It is safe but luckily no guests have wanted to join him there.

Greyson has been the cat ambassador and entertainment. Greyson has also been the hair sniffer/taster for anyone who sits on the sofa. He just runs along the back and performs his inspections. So far everyone has passed. 

Hope you had a great holiday Friday! Even with the short work week, we sure were looking forward to you coming.


Merry Christmas!

As promised, a vintage H.C. post from my beloved Finny girl. Happy Holidays to all our friends from all of us!


Mom! Mom!

What Finny? We have guests.

I need to see you ::gestures with head down the hall and whispers:: in the litter room.

Coming. ::Following Fin down the hall:: What's going on?

I'm gonna need a lot more sand.

I just changed your box... ::Sees sand all over the floor of the laundry room:: What is going on, this is a mess.

I'm just getting ready for Christmas.

What does Christmas have to do with your litter being on the floor?

I'm making a Sandy Claws Lane. I need to make sure I'm back on the Nice List, although my friends assure me Sandy Claws is very understanding and liberal with his list. I wanna be sure though so I'm making things nice and sandy, I think the reindeer use the Sandy Claws Lane to get traction.

Sandy Claws Lane? What are you talking about?

Hello! You know. Come on, that song you sing - "Here comes Sandy Claws, Here Comes Sandy Claws, right down Sandy Claws Lane?" Now if you'll excuse me I need to nap before I hang by the fire and stalk you with great care.

Happy Holidays to all our friends, and may all your holiday wishes come true.


Toy Tuesday

Mom: Boys! What happened here? Was this your doing Quillbert J Naughtyman?

Quill: We're just doing inventory Mom. Just wanted Sandy Claws to see what we already had so he would bring new stuff. See we already have two of these swing toys... Lemme just fish it out...

Greyson: Let me get in there and pull out some other items...

Quill: See Mom totally not naughty - thoughtful really.

Mom: Good thinking boys, I was totally wrong about the naughty business. Hey what about if we re-post a classic Fin post tomorrow for Christmas Eve? Maybe the one about how Sandy Claws got his name...

Quill: Oh yes Mom!


Floofy Friday

Well Hello.

What's that Friday?
 This picture looks familiar to you.

You're right about that Friday. I blame Mom. Trust me, Quill and I have been darling all week as usual. Plenty of times Mom has even commented on it. "Oh how cute, I wish I had my camera!" She'd say. You know what she did then Friday? Nothing. She buried her head back in her Kindle and that was the end of it.

I'd make a bigger issue about it with her Friday, but you know Sandy Claws is coming to town next week and I better not get in too much trouble. I'm already a little in trouble for the following:

  • Sprinting out the door every time Mom returns from her walk. 
  • Eating Quill's food - really Friday I swear his tastes better and I don't think he really minds...
  • Jumping on the kitchen counter.
I have to look like I'm as un-naughty as Quill so he doesn't get all my toys. Though who are we kidding Friday - even if Quill gets all the toys he'll share with me. 

I mean look at him Friday, does he look bothered by anything? 
And yes this is also a used pic... Sigh.



Quill here. This may be one of the best weeks ever. Mom is off work and starting today so is Dad... And they have NOTHING planned! For the rest of the week!

Mom has been loafing about and doing lots of reading. Actual books! Yesterday there was a leisurely afternoon nap! Of course I joined her, I mean any good kitty would. If she's willing to put in the time, I'm willing to go all in with her.

Even Greyson is trying to horn in on our nap time. I guess there's no surprise there - he tries to horn in on all my good times.

This morning I gave Greyson a real race. I chased him over carpets and couches. It was so funny! Greyson was in the kitchen and was trying to run but he couldn't get traction on the tiles. His ears were plastered back, his eyes were huge, and those back legs just kept churning. When he finally caught some grout he shot outta the kitchen like he was on fire. Mom laughed so hard she snorted and howled.

Good times.


Floofy Friday

Oh hey Friday! It's me Greyson. We're just eating our meal.

What's that Friday? You're wondering why we're eating bi-level? And why the little mancat has to eat on the lower level at that? It's such a great question. Seems I am accused of being a little piggy. You see when Mom fed us on the same level I would try to stick my tail in Quill's food, wolf down my food, and then nose him out and finish his food. Nothing wrong with that... but of course Mom sides with Quill. 

She says he is such a sweet boy he'd never eat but...

Quill: Psst! Greyson!

Well Friday I think you can see he's not as innocent as Mom thinks...


Taking Turns Tuesday

Fade In

Two kitties sit waiting impatiently for their Mom by the closed front door. Both kitties stand in anticipation as the hear the sounds of a lumbering human coming up the walkway.

Greyson: Psst! Quill if we work together we can both get outside like we did the other day. 

Quill: Huh?

Greyson: Look she only has two hands, and to catch us both she'd need four... Are you in?

They both turn to see the door handle jiggle. 

Quill: I'm in! You dart out first like you always do. As soon as she picks you up I'll dart under the chair on the porch. 

Greyson: Whatever she says about "going inside" just ignore her. As soon as she puts me down to pick you up I'll dart back outside. 

Quill: The door is opening - Run!

The door opens and Greyson darts for the walkway to the backyard. Mom foolishly trusts Quill not to run out and leaves the door open while she chases after Greyson. 

Quill darts under the chair on the porch and begins a slow inspection of every leaf. He ignores all Mom's pleading to "get in the house." As soon as Mom tosses Greyson in the house Quill moves further under the chair and Greyson sprints outside again. 

Rinse and Repeat at least four more times. Eventually a sweaty Mom manages to get all the pets back in the house... Until tomorrow...

Fade Out

Mom's Dad surgery update: Thanks for all your healing thoughts! They were able to place a plate on his arm bone and some pins and he is home for healing now! If you could spare a few more thoughts we would appreciate it.


Floofy Friday


Hello Friday! I didn't see you behind my mancatly paw. 

Greyson is still pretty tuckered out after the big adventure yesterday. Of course this morning he howled the entire time Mom was on her walk. Mom said there would be no outside adventures today and I have to say I didn't mind. It's cold out there Friday. I sure hope you have mittens! Mom says it may even snow here on Saturday - something we've never seen. Maybe you need a scarf too? Enjoy your weekend Friends!

Oh I almost forgot! Mom's Dad is having surgery to fix his broken arm Monday morning so if you could spare some purrs and healing thoughts we'd sure appreciate it. 


Our Big Adventure

Quill here. You won't believe what happened! This morning started like any other:
  • Litter box change - check
  • Kibble set out - check
  • Mom's walk with her sister - check
Greyson and I took up our posts waiting by the front door for Mom's return. Usually Greyson waits right next to the door and howls till she gets back. He tries to sprint out when Mom opens the door. I watch politely on the sofa - not a squeak from me.

Today a few minutes into Mom's walk Greyson jumped on the door - and it popped open!! We both stared in shock. Greyson yelled out "Thank Cod" and sprinted outside. Of course I had to keep my eyes on the baby - I was left in charge.

At first Greyson just played on the porch and then he started towards our back gate. I told him to come back inside (it was really cold!) but he insisted. About 10 minutes later I heard him yowling at the back door. I went inside the house and tried to squeak out instructions to come back to the front.

By now Greyson was FREAKED OUT and couldn't hear me. So I went back out to the porch and that is when Mom arrived home. She had seen a poster for a lost cat on her walk and thought I was the lost cat for a minute. When she saw it was me, and that the door was open she FREAKED OUT too.

She grabbed me and felt me up to be sure I was okay. I tried to tell her Greyson was on the back porch but she was too busy yelling "OH MY GOD, WHERE'S GREYSON!!" to hear me. She closed me in the house and went to the back gate yelling for Greyson. I guess she was plenty loud to hear cause Greyson ran all the way to the front door on his belly with his fur floofed in panic (something he later denied but we saw it).

Mom let him in and snuggled him too. Then we got a lecture about NEVER going outside without supervision. We also got a little pat for being smart enough not to leave the yard. Of course only one of us was smart enough to stay on the front porch.



Cold Weather... Is that you?

It is! Looks like you're gonna be hanging around all week. Of course I'm happy it's you and not Really Cold Weather. Forty degree highs is balmy for a lot of our friends. I guess I'll have to forgive Mom so I can cuddle. She is hot like an oven!


Traitor Tuesday

Greyson here. You will never guess what happened on "Thanksgiving" over here!

When the neighbor showed up the night before to "get to know me" I was so excited that I started an episode of the Bug-A-Boo show right then. I rolled on my back exposing my belly like a pro. 

I was pretty excited for my first Thanksgiving with my family, so I was really excited when my parents both got up early on the big day. I had a great time playing in the suitcases, till Quill told me they were a very bad sign.

When he told me he'd been abandoned last year - well I couldn't believe they would abandon two handsome mancats to go visit a dawg (and other humans). Well I was wrong friends - so wrong. Our kibble was doled out by a neighbor on the big day!

When my parents returned from the gallivanting I gave Mom the back of disrespect. She is still getting half of the kitty cold shoulder from me too. Of course Quill was so happy to see her that he caved in minutes. We both think she is the responsible party, although it was Dad's family they visited. Thanksgiving indeed!

Mom here: My Dad fell on some ice and badly broke his arm. If you could spare some purrs so he can have the surgery and start healing up we would appreciate it.