Mancat Monday


I have to dictate this on the down low or Greyson will hear me. Have you noticed since the little twerp arrived he has kinda taken over my blog. I love him, but he always assumes EVERYTHING of mine should be his too. Sigh.

I decided to take over and talk all about me. So here are a few things about me that you might not know.

  1. I'm a little timid. These days if someone new comes to the house - you will find me under the bed. Bonus item - I like ladies much more than men. Dad is the only man I've liked so far.
  2. I still like to hang out under or behind Mom. Under her chair, behind her chair, or under her skirt - it all feels safe and homey to me.
  3. Mom says I am the smartest kitty she's ever had. I don't know about all that but I do like to observe things and figure them out. 
  4. I used to bring my toys to Mom when I felt like playing. Now I just toy with Greyson till he plays with me. He is really fun, but he is a toy hog. 
  5. I love to watch outside, but I like to be inside. 
  6. I'm so tall that I can drink right out of the toilet bowl standing up. I just stand on my back feets and lean in. 
  7. I hate the Evil Blue Ray Disc Player. I try to whap it's evil tray off every time it opens.
Greyson: Hey Quill whatcha you doing? Hey you're not blogging without me are you?

Quill: Um no, I was just telling Mom things I don't like...

Greyson: Great idea. Mom I don't like paper sacks or toilet flushes or...

Quill: Well at least I got in seven before somecat came along...


Floofy Friday

Well hello there Friday.

Please sir, may I have some more?

Yes Friday, I am hungry for more too!

Don't worry I don't nibble too hard.

The weather has been crazy all week so Cod only knows what's in store this weekend. Thunder boomers? Scorching heat? Who knows. We are all ready for Summer to say goodbye.


Wanted Wednesday

 Did you think I was The Naughty Nibbler?

I am innocent. Okay only of this!

The gray floof belonged to none other than...

Goody Four Paws  - Quillbert!


Naughty Nibbler

Well the Naughty Nibbler strikes again! Twice!

Exhibit A: The string tie tugged out of Dad's sweat pants - On the living room floor. Alone. Chewed.

Exhibit B:

Mom's black camisole strap. Pulled from the hamper. Chewed into two.

As you can see The Guilty Party left behind  a small tuft of gray floof. 

The last time the Naughty Nibbler struck you might remember the injured party was... Mom's Iphone cord.

So friends any guess as to who The Guilty Party is?


Floofy Friday

Oh hey Friday! You caught us at bath time. 

It's important to keep those hard to reach neck furs tidy.

We sure have missed you Friday! What are we doing this weekend?

A lot of this...

What? Yes, Quill's tail does make a nice pillow. 

Take it easy friends and keep it chilled. 



I don't know what everyone's hang up is here at the H.C.

First there is my parents obsession with whatever I am scratching at. Couch or post - why is there such excitement over the whole thing? Kitten has to sharpen his claws somewhere.

I enjoy a nice cuddle. What tops off a nice cuddle better than a nice nibble? Nothing! Well maybe a snack.

Why not combine the two? A nice Cubble.

No one here seems to appreciate it at all. Mom has started joining Dad in a strict no nibble policy. Quillbert can even get a little out of sorts when a bath turns into a nibble.

Sheesh. Bunch of babies.

Anyone out there wanna cubble?


Floofy Friday

Hey Friday...

We're plum tuckered out...

It rained today but it was just stupid ole water - no chick-hen. Bummer. 
Seems Ms Humidity has moved in and is making life miserable here.  Maybe she's got a little thing going with Mr Sun? I'd drop an email to find out but I'd rather just nap with Quillbert.

Hope you all have a great weekend and stay cool.


Make it Rain

As an ever-hungry kitten I make it a point to be in the kitchen whenever Mom is prepping food. You never know when she'll drop a little something on the floor. I move with lightening speed to capture my treat.

I love when she grates cheese in particular. Sometimes shreds fall on the floor like a little snowstorm. I purray to Cod for a blizzard.

I really didn't think it could get any better - until today.

Mom was making some chick-hen salad and I was at her feet - just in case. I heard her cry out a bad word and suddenly I was showered with mayo-covered chick-hen chunks! As she moved into action to grab a paper towel I did what I needed to - I shimmied them off and got to eating.

I even let Quill lick the mayo off my back.

I hope rain is in the forecast everyday...


Sweet and Sour



You can kinda see where I got the idea that Greyson was suspicious of me when hubby was fishing. Greyson is still a little goopy-eyed when he wakes up from a nap. He has had a couple of sneezes too - so I am thinking maybe allergies. 

Quill has been a little love-bug today. He has requested cuddles twice already and has been really playful. I think the heat has been getting both of my boys down. They were like slugs all weekend; so I am happy to see them peppy.


Flooflets Friday

Greyson: Psst Friday! Psst!!

Quill: We're here, under the bed. Hiding from the boomers, the hots and the pawparazzi.

Greyson: Sure hope the boomers don't scare you away buddy. If you get a little scared - there's room under here for you too.

Quill: We can't wait till your here!! You're not gonna bring any boomers with you right?

Greyson: We've picked our favorite kitten photos to give your floof fix. Mom thought you wouldn't mind. Better warm up your squee muscles.


A Journal of Suspicion - Part 2

Friday 1:58pm: That Lady cuts out of work 2 minutes early.

Friday 2:12pm: She called someone she pretends is "Your Dad" and talks like everything is normal. I eye her with distrust. She puts "Dad" on "Speaker" to show he is fine. I sniffed the speaker and it smells nothing like him! Quill is also unconvinced.

Friday 6:43pm: Quill and I get a little "Out of Control" during playtime. That Woman's threat of "Wait till your Dad gets home" rings false... so it's on.

Friday 11:58pm: That woman tries to lure us into her lair with offers of cuddles. We stand guard in the hallway instead.

Saturday 9:13am, 9:15am and 9:17am: Mr Goody-Four-Paws Quill acts out and chews repeatedly on That Lady's iPhone cord. Destroyed! Power to the Pusses!

Saturday 1:25pm: "Mom" tries to convince us that Dad is on a fishing trip with his "Friend" in Idaho. When questioned "Mom" seemed unclear on where "Idaho" is located. Claims she isn't "good" with geography. We turn our backs on her and sleep off the mattress.

Sunday 6:58am: Desperate for cuddles I crawl up onto Mom's lap. She whispers to me that Dad is coming home this afternoon and that she really misses him too. I purr loudly to drown out her treachery.

Sunday 2:00pm: Quillbert drinks the Koolaid and settles in for a cuddle nap with her and his woobie blanket.

Sunday 4:40pm: Mom leaves saying she is going to pick up our Dad. We'll see.

Sunday 5:30pm: Dad arrives home!! He smothers me with lovins. He missed me too!! I am willing to forgive Mom, but I have my eyes on her.

Mom note: To save the cost of carry-on luggage I suggested hubby mail some stuff to his friend in advance of the trip. In my mind that equaled a couple of tee shirts, toothbrush and unmentionables in a padded envelope. Hubby took that as "Why don't you mail all your fishing gear and your stuff up there first." So all in all I don't think we really "Saved" anything. He did have fun though and we are all glad he's back.