Floofy Friday

Quill: Look August Cat I'm getting ready to have my Friday photo shoot and I don't want you hogging the frame.

Oh hey Friday, this innocent look is all for you buddy. What? He's photo bombing me again isn't he? I can't wait for August to end!


Afternoon Delight?

Quill: It all started about two weeks ago...

Greyson: When Mom started to flail about every afternoon.

Quill: She calls it her "Afternoon Dance Party" to "take it up a notch" on her workout routine.

Greyson: And it was hard to watch. Lots of movement that did not seem to match to any musical beat whatsoever. And don't get me started on her music choices. ::Cough:: ::Pop and Disco:: ::Cough::

Quill: Of course, I would stay with her for support as long as I could, but even I had to abandon the area after awhile.

Greyson: Then the horror really started when this little number arrived...

Seen here modeled by Betsy

Greyson: She ties it around her hips and starts shaking things that probably aren't designed to shake. The sights!

Quill: The sounds!

Greyson: It's the Jingle Skirt of Terror!!


Floofy Friday

Greyson: Friday! Thank goodness you're here! Did you read Mom's post yesterday where she blamed ME for the debacle? Luckily my friends put the blame squarely where it belongs... with Mom. 

See here's how it really happened. I was inspecting the tide pools, cause you never know when you'll find in these little gems...

Mom's stuff Toys may be in here... and it never hurts to look for a treat that may have fallen in here. I haven't found one yet, but you can never be to sure. Anyway I realized I had inspected the shelf where Mom keeps her "Faith."

You can see that there is plenty of room for a handsome mancat - you know with a little redecorating. Anyway I went to make the jump when my "leap of faith" ended with Mom in ice tea. I can't swear to it, but I think she spilled it on herself to scare me away. Who would do such a thing I ask you Friday?

Yes Friday, I'm fine. Thanks for asking! I was back on the job today, but I kept one eye open... unless I was napping.


Dunk Tank

Mom here, I had to tell this story...

So yesterday morning I was sitting at my desk wrapping up a call with my Sis when Greyson decided he had to be involved.

He was into everything, and each time he found a new treasure to investigate I'd redirect him. He went up otter-style on his back legs to check out what was on the shelves above my desk. I thought I had a moment before I had to sweep the legs move him, but I was wrong.

He leaped for the shelf, missed, and crashed to the first shelf. Things happened pretty quick and either his back paw or the votive holder started the chain reaction that followed.

Suddenly I see the tsunami from the glass of ice tea on my desk headed straight for me. Almost a full glass shooting straight at my person in slow-mo. I was drenched from head to foot! Ice tea in my hair, my eyes (behind my glasses - you'd have thought they would shielded me), my shirt and pants, and even the wall behind me and floor in between.

Naturally I yelled out some curse words, who wouldn't, and Greyson ran from the room.

He proceeded to give me the stink eye for the rest of the day, as if I was the one who caused the trouble. Today he has been suspicious of my actions, and only when he was lonesome in the afternoon did he return to nap, under the desk.


Floofy Friday

Quill: Why hello Friday.

I look handsome? 
Thanks Friday! How about like this...

Over the shoulder...

Uh! And photo bomb!

Greyson: Hey did you see Friday?

Yes Greyson! Friday was helping me pose for the pawparrazzi. Come on Friday, let's get a snack.

Greyson: A snack! Great!


High Paw?


No August Cat, I don't want to give you a high paw back.

I need a break from snoopervising Mom.
You can see her work laptop was busy displaying "work"... Sure she had other "stuff" on the other monitor she stares at... Meh.

And that post-it note...
::Whispers:: She keeps that over the camera in case she hits the video button in error on a conference call. Trust me, no one wants to see all of that on a early morning call. 


The Summer Blahs

We has em.

Quill was super blah for days. I'd try to get him to frolic and he was in no mood.

All of a sudden this morning he got all perky and chased me around the house. Repeatedly.

I was happy to have Quill back to his sassy self, but I wasn't so crazy about the chasing. Cause he's a big guy. It's not that fun when he catches you.

So yes, I squeal a bit when he pins me. Yes, I know it'll get him in some trouble with Mom. And yes, I absolutely "Start Something" 10 seconds later so I can chase him.

Why would I not? It's the Summer Blahs, what else is there to do?

And Mom's Summer Blahs - don't get me started. Sure hope she doesn't start to chase me around too...


Floofy Friday

Quill: Hello Friday! We've been waiting to see you all week! What Friday? A little something in the furs on my head... Greyson!

Greyson: I'll get it!

Quill: Thanks Bro.

Friday: Looking good boys! Now what do you think you could do about your Mom's hair?


Porch Time!!!

Quill: Oh My Cod!! I got to go out on the porch tonight. Unfettered! I rolled on the ground and got my furs all dirted up. It. Was. Awesome! I still smell like porch! Right Greyson?

Greyson: Humph.

Quill: ::Whispering:: He's still a little crabby because Dad says he's too wild to get to roam free on the porch.

Greyson: I hear you, and I'm not wild! I've raced out on the porch before, and Mom hardly had to chase me! Mostly...

Quill: Did I tell you about the hummingbird that came right up to my face and sassed me?

Greyson: Yeah. Yeah. Hummingbird buzz by, I heard it.

Quill: I cackled right back at it too. I told it what's for. Don't worry, that hummer is not gonna mess with you when you go outside... you know someday.

Greyson: DAD!!!