Sometimes even a big kitty likes to have some time to enjoy some solitary snuggles with his person. Yet every time I am getting some petting and lovins from Mom a certain little pest has to come and ruin my cuddle time!

He gets right in the middle of things - he'll even lay on her petting arm! He's all... "Are you getting some kind of snack?" or "Hey can I get some petting too?" every time. He can be anywhere in the house and as soon as he thinks I'm getting some love he shows up uninvited.

So today I pretended to see a bug go under the fish tank stand - the only thing he likes better than stealing my alone time is stealing my bugs. So he camped out to wait for the bug to come out.

Then I strolled casual-like down the hall to Mom. I was so excited, I rubbed all over her calves while she put away the laundry. Finally she climbed into bed for an extended cuddle. We kept waiting for Greyson to show up, but he never did! It was awesome!

Quillbert the Cuddle Bug


Floofy Friday

Oh hey, hi Friday!
Friday: What are you looking at?

I'm looking up. Mom said she was ready for things to start looking up, so I thought I'd get things rolling.

What do you say Friends, you ready to starting looking up with me?

Mom Note: First it is impossible not to smooch this sweet face of my Quillbert - I'd dare you to try. Second he looked so much like Fin during this photo shoot it felt like she was right there with me. He also drank out of the bathroom sink (Fin's favorite thing) the same day. 

Sweet Angel Fin.


Floofy Friday

Quill: Who's that?

Just chilling here with the crop buddy. Want some grass Friday? What? Not that kinda day... I get it Mom never wants any either. It's delicious though, organic. We sure are glad to see you Friday! 
You probably read by another cat that I got in trouble and was instrumental in breaking the window screen. Of course that's wrong Friday. I saw a large scary bug at the top of the screen and I was worried for Mom's safety, so naturally I told the bug to go. When it wouldn't naturally I had to make my way up the screen to scare it off. I've climbed that screen plenty of time without incident. 
 Greyson: Did you tell him how you ran like a baby?

Quill: I ran like a gazelle to protect Mom, in case the bug came through the hole. And get outta my shot - this isn't Foto Bomb Friday!


Window Wednesday

Well Mr Perfect (Quill) finally got in some real trouble today! Quill never gets in real trouble - even when he's naughty he looks so "cute" that my parents are pushovers. Meanwhile it's a constant stream of "Greyson No! Greyson get down!" at all times over here.

So this morning Mom opened the living room window for some fresh air. Dad was up watching TV and Mom was "at work" in our office. All of a sudden Quill was all "Is that a bug on the screen?" and I was all "Huh?" and then he went for it. Twenty-three pounds of pussycat clawing up the window screen. It's impressive I have to say - he's like Spideycat!

Dad started yelling and Quill (never having been yelled at - like ever) was all startled and got his clawrs caught and couldn't jump down. So he freaked and thrashed through the screen, which ripped a big ole hole in it, before he ran to Mom to protect him.

Dad then freaked out, pushed on the screen till the whole thing popped off the track, and broke on the ground. So then Mom was all upset at Dad.

It was EPIC! And ALL QUILL'S FAULT! I was not in any trouble at all! It was AWESOME!!

And we're getting a new screen with cat-proof screen, which yes Quill can climb too. AWESOME!


Floofy Friday

Greyson: Friday?

Greyson: Oh hey Friday so good to see you! It hardly seems like it's been a week. Did you bring me a gotcha day treat by any chance?

 Friday: Um, I may have forgotten to bring a treat Greyson.
Greyson: Well I guess I can let it go. If you were Monday I don't know that I would have been able to, but you know how much I like you.



That's right friends! It's my Second Gotcha Day!!

My first appearance on the blog!

Me and my new big bro. I loved him at first sight.
Two years ago (and two weeks) I met my Mom. She'd dreamed of Quill and another cat who looked just like me cuddled on the bed. When she saw my picture (just the top of my head caused I kept moving) on PetFinder she knew I was The One. When Mom got to the shelter I was super sick with a cold. Mom was afraid to take me home because I was having a hard time breathing. So instead the shelter put me in quarantine for two long weeks! 

When Mom got the call that I was free she grabbed Dad and the carrier and raced to get me. Dad fell in love with me at the first cuddle and I already had Mom wrapped around my paw. We headed home with best intentions to keep me and Quill separated. I was trapped in the bathroom, but after a few rounds of Pass the Pipe Cleaners under the door we met.

They opened the door and I walked right up to the big guy and rubbed him before flopping on the floor for a nice wrestle. No one knew how to take me, but they all figured it out pretty quick.  I was so happy for my new family!

I still love them like crazy and they love me too! I can't imagine our family any other way than with me here and I know they can't either.


Floofy Friday

Greyson: Well hello Friday! I sure am glad to see you!

Friday: Well you too Greyson, but... ::Whispers:: Where's the floof?

Greyson: Well some slacker was sickly all week with another cold and didn't take a single new picture of us. Unbelievable. Of course Quill was all "Poor Mom. Let me purr you well." the total kiss-up. So Mom thinks she can just sneak in this "used" photo and you won't mind...

Friday: Well it's a nice photo, so I don't really mind...