Journal Of Suspicion

Greyson reporting here. There have been some odd happenings her at the H.C.

3:00PM Thursday - Mom and MY Dad leave the house together.

3:45PM Thursday - Mom returns to the house - WITHOUT MY Dad. Upon seeing my distress she claims he's "Gone Fishing" and that he'd be home "Before I knew it" - um too late, I noticed.

8:45PM Thursday - Mom goes to bed with Quill following right behind. Dad never returns.

5:30AM Friday - No sign of Dad but I see the door to his office is closed. I stake out in front of the door for the morning.

12:20PM Friday - Mom leaves "for a nice lunch out alone." The door to Dad's office remains closed.

2:30PM Friday - Mom returns alone. She notices me hovering by the door and opens it - Dad is NOT in there. She cuddles me on the daybed and allows me to inspect the desk. We take a nap together - which was nice but I kept one eye open.

9:45PM Friday - Mom "talks" to Dad on the phone. She mentions how much we all miss him. She and Quill sleep on the big bed while I sleep on Dad's nightstand in solidarity.

10:30AM Saturday - Mom goes out on an "errand."

12:45PM Saturday - Mom returns and I try to make a break for the garage - sure that Dad is being kept there against his will. Mom offers to cuddle again in his office, but I refuse.

4:30PM Saturday - In desperation I cuddle with Mom for the rest of the night - not because I need cuddles from her - but so I can keep my eyes on her.

8:55PM Saturday - Mom "talks to Dad" again before we all settle in on the big bed. I was pretty tired - don't judge.

10:30AM Sunday - Mom leaves the house "to pick up your Dad from the airport."

11:40AM Sunday - Dad arrives home!!

1:13PM Sunday - I cuddle in for a long nap with Dad in our chair. All is right with the world, but I remain vigilant - I've got one drowsy eye on you Mom.


Floofy Friday

Quill and Greyson: Zzzzzzzzz

Mom: Boys?

Quill: Huh?

Greyson: Snack time?

Mom: No. Boys are you just gonna nap before Friday?

Greyson: Yep.

Quill:Greyson! Stop using my hind as a pillow!



Quill: Squeak

Lots of clutter on this shelf Mom.... What's this?
"No Chew" spray?
Do you think that's why my tasty cords have been so bitter? Who would do such a thing to cats who are just trying to sample a nice cord?
Lucky for me no one's made "No Whap" spray! Sorry girly ribbon and brooch, you're gonna have to suffer.


The Incident

Greyson: It all started innocently enough this morning. See, I'd never tried to do it before...

Turns out I CAN jump from the counter to the tops of the kitchen cabinets! I just need to dig by back claws into the cabinet door on the way up for that extra boost.

No one up here but us chickens....
You can tell by my tail placement it was all pretty exciting! It was a little noisy with Mom yelling stuff like "Greyson! Get Down!" or "Be careful, and come here!"

Well Dad woke up from all the commotion and he wasn't pleased! Can you believe it? I thought sure he'd be super impressed. 

He dragged the chair across the tile with plans to try to grab me, and the sound freaked me out and I ran. This made Mom yell out in panic and next thing you know I was leaping from the cabinets, making a quick stop on the counter, and then down to the floor... I got down really fast but Mr. Rooster wanted to follow me down...

Mr Rooster is the big guy on the left...
Seems Mr. Rooster isn't as good a jumper as me, cause he crashed to the floor just seconds after I did, but he broke his beak and tail right off.

Seems Mr. Rooster was their favorite, but mostly they just seemed happy Mr. Rooster didn't get me on his way down. I've been told in no uncertain terms I am NOT to go up there again. Will I? It was fun but then it all got a little freaky - so I just am not sure yet. 

And Mr. Rooster? Mom feels she can repair him and I hope she's right. I want no part of him. Unless it's hunks of roasted chick-hen dropped by Mom, I want no part of raining fowl.


Floofy Friday

Quill: Dude, you're touching me... Again!

Greyson: Uh? Friday?

Quill: Not yet.. Dude! Still Touching!

Greyson: Come on! You know I like to keep a paw on you while I nap! Where are you going?

Quill: I'm waiting for Friday down here.


Wicked Wednesday

Quill: Um, let's see what's in here...

Is there a snack or toy in here?

These flowers are really whappable!

Mom: Quill!! Knock that off!

Quill: Sorry Mom.

Mom: Quill?!
How did my flowers get outside the closet?  
And on the floor? 

Quill: Um, Greyson?


Happy Father's Day

Greyson: Mom's a little late helping us write this post, but we didn't want to let the day go by without a few words about our Dad.

Quill: We may be impartial, but he's the best dad ever.

Greyson: We love him so much. He gives good hard pets and has a warm tummy to nap on.

Quill: And strong legs to rub against. He throws ice cubes for us to play hockey with whenever he drinks his tea.

Greyson: He fawns over how cute we both are all the time. He smiles whenever one of "His Boys" enters the room.

Quill: Hard to imagine he wasn't always a Cat Guy.

Greyson: Fin changed all that for him and we sealed the deal. We're so lucky that he's our and we're his. Happy Father's Day!!

Quill: And , um, sorry about the votive we broke this morning...


Floofy Friday

Greyson: Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Quill: Friday? Is that you? 
Greyson can you tell if it's Friday?

Greyson: Zzzzzzzzzzz

Quill: Greyson! Friday approaches!!


Cable Worthy

Quill ::Whispers:: Remember the new laptops Mom bought? After 10 days, 10 DAYS, she got it all setup... and then the touchscreen went out. The mouse started "Spazzing Out" and running amok.

Greyson ::Whispers lower:: She has to take it back and get a new one! And. Start. All. Over!

Quill: She has been letting loose with a string of cable worthy curse words for about an hour... Combinations of naughty words that kitties shouldn't hear friends.

Greyson: Normally we'd be all over it to help (literally) but it seems best to keep our distance.

Quill: I only give leg rubbins when the frustrated tears come. The only "good" thing is she was putting a lot of her files in the "cloud" but really that can't be safe - I mean have you seen how those things blow around?

Greyson: Sure hope she doesn't scare Friday off with all those words - she's like a sailor when provoked.


Window Wednesday

Greyson: Hey friends, just chillin with my big bro Quill.

Quill: Greyson, I see a pigeon! Ka, ka, ka, ka!

Greyson: Where? I don't see anything - 

Quill: Excuse me, pardon my paw...

Greyson: Uff! Dude, you're standing on me!

Quill: Sorry, sorry! Birds to patrol!!

Greyson: Sigh. A perfectly good cuddle - ruined. 

Quill: Need a little more room for my tail - could you scoot?


Floofy Friday



Mom: Can I help you with something Quill?

Quill: Just waiting for Friday...

Mom: Did you want to chat with Thursday while you wait?

Mom: Okay, I guess not. I'm sure Friday will be right along. Maybe a little snack while you wait?


The Party's Over

Well Mom was "Off" last week - her words but I completely agreed. She slept in late, never even sat in her office chair, and then, instead of sitting and staring at a computer and feeding us on request, she took opportunities to "go out."

She got a new laptop that still has her flummoxed, but the HBO words have slowed to a trickle now.  We had to cover our delicate ears.

We thought things would never return to normal, but this morning she was back in the office, staring and typing. She did the same thing while she was "Off" (again her word - honestly, I can't make it up).

I was exhausted snoopervising her return to "working" as you can see here...