Hi Friends, I'm reporting from the closet. At this very moment Candy Grubbers are at my door. My own father is handing them treats for ringing my doorbell and scaring me.

I just barely got my dinner down when the first pack of sugar marauders arrived. At this point I have missed my mid-evening snack and my evening snuggles.

You know what that means... looks like Mom is going to get a middle of the night wake up call... or two. I was practicing my leap from the nightstand onto the hip last night, and I'm ready for business. I'll just need to limber up first, can't be too careful. I guess I should take a long nap so I'm not too tired.

I know some of you might be feeling a bit bad for Mom, but you shouldn't. You see Her Cheapness did go back to Petsmart to see if the cat-sized fairy wings were on the clearance rack. Luckily for me they were bought by some other poor cat's parents. ::Shudders::

Oh and by request... behold the mighty Cyclops Pumpkin!

Goodbye scary holiday, until next year.


Floofy Friday

  Well it's Halloween weekend! Yeah! I was very disturbed to learn that Mom almost purchased a set of purple fairy wings for my to try on. Yikes! Luckily Her Cheapness won out and I was spared the humiliation. I already have my killer fangs for a vampire kitty.

We are all pretty excited around here for the weekend. Dad loves himself some Halloween and although the whole house isn't decked there are always pockets for boo-time. Dad will carve his legendary Cyclops Pumpkin (one eyed and the talk of the hood). Mom makes Worms in Blood Sauce (spaghetti).

Dad will wear his traditional costume of "Middle-Aged Dude Who's Way Too Excited to be Carving a Squash and Opening the Door for Candy Grubbers." Mom will wear her traditional costume "Middle-Aged Lady With No Makeup in Her Nightie Who Lurks in the Dark Living Room." I will wear my costume "Darling Cat Who Hides Under the Bed Till the night is over."

Yep good times. Hopefully I will be porched and sun puddled too! What are you all up to this weekend? Lots of fun I hope!

P.S. to all my pals who are under the weather, my purrs and Mom's e-hugs are all coming your way.


In the Garden

That's the secret password for by great pal Jonesie's Garden Society. 
I think there's a secret paw gesture, but I won't show you that.
I wanted to show you my lovely garden before it all dies. Seems I won't be able to enjoy it much, what with all my good times being ruined. Mittens is more the garden cat this year. On to the show!

This is my silk tree. A popular hang out for all the Humming Bird family and then they dip over to the little bush next door for some nectar. Yum - the nectar, not the humming birds. They are darn sassy though.

My plum tree and a big bush I love to sniff.  And in case you doubted my fountain works... 
Look, two finches and a fountain.

Things are good in my kingdom... catdom


My Good Times - Ruined - Again

I felt so sure that finally this weekend my streak of limited porch time would be broken. The Storm Family had taken their leave and Mr Sun was on-duty, but not working too hard.

I waited by the door to make my way onto my beloved porch, and then Mom opened the door to happy times. Dad went outside with us. I was getting my first roll in the dirt when Mom decided the camera needed to come outside too. Naturally I wasn't thrilled with this news, but with sun on my floofy belly, I was going to let it slide. I have my adoring public to think of after all.

And that's when things went all wrong.

Mom was about a foot from the door when she started to scream like a banshee (Not you Banshee). I was scared to death. So was half the neighborhood, including the small children two backyards away who thought Mom was a Halloween sound effect come early. Mom managed to clamp one hand over her pie-hole and used the other hand to point at the wall beside the door.

What was the horror? A Praying Mantis (Mom could hardly type that now - and she's started scratching again - Good Cod). Dad came running over and said "Wow, Look at that! Get it Finny!" I was considering my approach when Mom grabbed me in her arms and ran to the end of the porch still squealing. "No! Not Finny! What if she misses and it gets INSIDE!!!" Rude.

Dad dispatched the giant bug alone as I was left to flail helplessly in Mom's arms. To make the whole incident the tragedy it became. Mom refused to stay outside and we were all ushered back indoors for the remainder of the weekend.


Floofy Friday

I think my apology worked. The Storms seems to have passed.

Uh, oh! What was that? Just a sassy Tweet.

I hope I can finally enjoy some porch time this weekend.

I hope you have lots of fun things planned and The Storms stay away from your place too. Have a great weekend friends and Happy Tocktober!


Dear Thunder

Dear Thunder,

Let me begin by saying that I apologize. I can see hear from your recent visit to Vegas that you've been offended. I believe it may have stemmed from a letter I sent to Mr Sun awhile back, where I may have referred to your son, Rain, as a "Drip." I may have even called you a "Loud Talker" in the same letter. Come to think of it I may also referred to your Cousin Wind as a "Blow Hard."

In my defense I heard all of this from one of your own family members... I don't want to mention any names, but it was a certain Diva whose name starts with "Lady M" and ends with "oon." So I think you know where I'm getting my information from. Sure I may have inferred that the Cloud Family were slackers because they tend to spend their vacation dollars in the UK and the North rather than coming on over to the desert.

You're offended. I get it. And I'm sorry. Really. No need to hover over my house and yell for hours on end. I've been trapped in the closet with only quick trips to the potty and snacks (maybe a late night snuggle under the covers with Mom) for days.

No one likes a Show-Boater, take it from me.

Sincerely, Respectfully,

Finny De Floof


Wordless Wednesday

Look a those paw-toes on Mittens!

Pets of a traitor, Mom (who does not understand the concept of "Wordless Wednesday")


Boom Boom Room

Fin: Psst... Psst.. Mom! Over here. I'm hiding the the closet, in the back, behind the hamper.

Thunder: BOOM, BOOOM!

Fin: Mom!

Mom: Are you scared sweetie? It's just some rain and thunder, we're safe. You can come out.


Mom: Holy Cod that was loud, and really close! Did you see that lightening?!

Fin: There's room in here for you too Mom...


Mom: ::Scooting into closet:: Well okay, maybe just for a minute. Just to make you feel better Finny.

Fin: Thanks Mom! Purrrrr! Hey, you didn't remember to bring snacks did you?


Floofy Friday

Ah porch time!

Nothing like a good long stretch in the sun.

I'm hoping for some real quality porch time this weekend, since I was so rudely robbed of it last weekend. I will have my eyes open for the Chubby Tabby too.

Mom is feeling like she'd like to be arty and make something this weekend. I will be there if she does, of course. I can't tell you how helpful I can be in an art project, whether it's pawing at a paintbrush, gnawing on art paper, or adding a bit of floof to the finished product. Yes, I am invaluable. Maybe we will have some pics of me lending an artistic paw. 

How about you friends? Are you feeling arty? What do you have planned? We hope you have the very best time doing everything that catches your imagination.


Bullet - Dodged

Thank you Cod for keeping our house baby-dog free. I'm sure that your joining me yesterday in a moment of kitten and dog free silence did the trick friends. We dodged the darling puppy bullet.

As many of you suggested, I tried to delete the email but I'm forbidden (ha!) from getting on the desk - maybe it's because of the winning bid I placed on e-bay for my Hot Wheel when I ran across the mouse?

Anyway I didn't make it in time, Dad saw "That Doggy in the Window" and luckily he did not ask how much it was. He agreed the dog was cute but that was all he said. Mom didn't say anything more either.

My dog-free silence is still golden.

Now on the kitten front, I still have my concerns. Of course I have to hold my purrs every time Mom heads off to Petsmart lest she sees a darling cat. She often cheats on me and comes home with foreign cat hair, but I look the other way.Go ahead get a quick snuggle if you need to, just come home alone I say.

Mom walked out onto the porch this morning and came running back in to report that not only was Mittens out there, but that he appeared to be chumming it up with a "Chubby Tabby." Now he's inviting guests over!

Mom suddenly clapped her hands together and squealed out "Maybe the Tabby is chubby with kittens?!" This next part was squealed at a decibel only a dog could hear "Maybe Mittens is going to be a father and have the kittens in the yard!" Then she looked off wistfully and said "If the universe delivered kittens into my yard, surely I would be able to keep one... or two."

Time to bow our heads again friends...


Dawgy Danger

Maybe it's the season, but I was very disturbed when I saw this picture being passed between Mom and Dad's emails. Mom saw this picture on Khyra's blog (I know it's shocking but I do have dawg pals too).

Holy Cod, even I think this baby dawg is cute!

Luckily the baby dawg is in another state, surely they wouldn't dream of bringing it here? 

I have managed to stay an only pet for about three years now and I have ever intention of keeping it that way. I loved my husky dawg but I am fine without another. I still have bad memories of the foster dog that wanted to eat me. 

No I do not want a kitten to teach things to. I have a blog and a book for that.

My parents have gotten the new pet fever in the past but things have always cooled. Dad is usually on the new pooch trail and Mom on the new kitten trail. So Mom sending this email message to Dad is a blatant violation of the one pet policy.

I purr that this too shall pass. Please join me in a moment of (dawg and kitten free) silence that Dad stands firm... but really, look at that face. I wonder if I can delete that email before Dad sees it?


My Good Times - Ruined

I had an awesome weekend of porch time planned, and Mom was planning on curling up on the sofa with Dad and a pile of movies. It couldn't have sounded better to me. Mom was going to make-up for all the "hard work" she's been doing all week (her words - not mine) by spending some quality family time with us.

Friday she stayed at her work till 6pm. Saturday she went in at 8am and did not return till 11am. Sunday was the worst.

I had finally been allowed out on the porch, and I was sniffing and rolling. The Pawparrazzi was hot on my trail but it was lovely just the same. Suddenly she heard the ring of the bat phone, and I was shuttled inside.
The rest of the day she was "working from home".

It got me wondering what it is she does all day at this "Work" place? Mostly she talked on the phone and used her computer... and she does that here - for free. I guess she's pretty good at it, but I don't know that I would pay her for it. Not sure what I thought she did, as long as it didn't involve snuggling and playing with other cats all day. Do you ever wonder what your humans do for work?

She better have big plans to make all this up to me this week. I'm just saying.


Floofy Friday

Mom: Fin. Finny. Stop moving so much, I can't get a good pic.

Fin: I don't see how that's my problem.

Mom: Look this way... come on!

Mom: Purfect! er, Perfect!

The Pawparrazzi is relentless, even when chasing a moth. Mom finally has fresh batteries and has found the cord to the camera. Sigh. My weekend will be filled with flashy lights in the face I'm sure.

What do you have planed? The weather promises to be pleasant, so I'm hoping for lots of Porch Time. Have an awesome weekend whatever you're doing.


Schedule Change

This should come as no surprise to my faithful readers, I run a pretty tight ship around here. I have a schedule and I like it when it's kept. I work tirelessly (no actually I can get tired, but I buckle down) to ensure Mom is awake and out of the bed by 5:30am every day. No excuses. Weekends? Doesn't matter to me.

Since I have to get up even earlier (I need to limber up and do my vocal exercises) I like to hit the sheets pretty early. I can get a little crabby if Mom is not in the bed by 10:00pm at the latest. Imagine my irritation when she stayed up till almost midnight last night and didn't arrive home tonight till 8:45pm. Blah Blah, something about having to work late, and then being too wound up to sleep.

Um, that's what string toys were invented for Mom - just bat it around a few times and you'll wear yourself out. If that doesn't work surely there must be a human catnip you can roll around in. Get a grip, and more importantly get to bed.


We've Got a Secret

Sometimes, I think Mom enjoys my naughty disregard of the rules.

Before the days of her laptop, she would sit at Dad's desk and use the desktop computer. As soon as she settled in, I enjoyed joining her. My favorite spot was right between the keyboard and her chest, since I was a kitten. It was primo petting!

Dad was not a fan of my being on the desk, no one understands why - something about floofy fur on the desk and equipment? As soon as we would hear the garage door, Mom would tell me to get down before he saw us together. Occasionally he would catch us and we would both be scolded, but it didn't stop us.

Mom likes to break a rule too.

Tonight, she sat down at the desk again and I joined her. The petting was just as good as I remembered and she whispered that she loved spending this snuggle time with me too. I hope she starts using the desk again... and I hope Dad doesn't read this post.

Does your human like to break the rules?


Moth Monday

Thwap thwap thwap

::Whispering:: Did you hear that?

There it is...

It's a big juicy moth!!

I shall kill it! Now lift me up there Mom... Never mind I'll just leap onto the window shade! Oh he's making a break for the kitchen door!

Got em! Grannycat has mad skills. Sorry about the window treatments Mom. Can you clean up the carcass, you know I don't eat moths. They tend to repeat on me.


Floofy Friday - Live Strong

Do I look Yella to you?

Well good, I meant to. I'm not Yella in a scaredy-cat way, but in a feline warrior way. You see I'm going Yellow to support Live Strong Day on October 2. Many bloggers are posting yellow to show their support for those who live with (No, better yet, Survive) Cancer, and to show their support to ones who love them. 

Cancer touches so many of us unfortunately, furries and humans alike. Although great strides have been made in treating it over the years, we can only hope that there is a lot more left to do. We'd like to take a moment and remember all our friends and relatives that live with this disease and fight it like all the warriors they are. Mom and I would also like to purr for the ones who left us too soon. 

(Humans may purr metaphorically, cause that would be weird)
Mom sends comforting e-hugs and I'm sending e-nose taps that all of our friends are Living Strong and well. Have a yellow and strong weekend.