The Super Moon

Everyone on the news and here at Casa De Housecat were all aflutter over the impending celestial body.

So last night, when Mom turned on her side and exposed the "super moon" (complete with craters), I placed my paws on her hiney and yodeled like a little coyote. 

Lil G


Floofy Friday - Greyson's Birthday

It's my Birthday!!! 

I'm the big four today!!

Here's me a Quill's first cuddle together.

Look at how cute I was! I was about four months old when I came to live with my family, so you'll just have to imagine how darling I was when I was even smaller!

Please enjoy some e-treats and e-cakes!

I still love me some nip bird!

Oh and my back paw is still hurt but it's getting better every day.


Floofy Friday

Greyson: Why hello Friday!

Friday: Hi Greyson! How's the paw doing buddy?

 Greyson: It's still pretty sore... and sometimes I still don't like putting weight on it. 

Friday: Do you think a little kiss to make it better would help?

Greyson: I'll take little paw cuddles!