Ready for a fake-out?

This would be my 200th post but it's really my 199th. A while back my great friend Whicky Wuudler did his very first blog post here at the H.C., before he had a blog of his own. So I can't really count that one so tomorrow I will have my 200th blog post!

Speaking of my dear Whicky, his apes are having major computer issues which is preventing him from making his rounds. I really miss him and some of my other friends too. We all need a break sometimes, but I do hope they'll all be back soon.

Mom, my table is dirty please get this neatened up!



Yesterday I mentioned I'm not a killer - well the one exception to that is a big juicy bug. I am the Mighty Bug Huntress! The other day, when Mommy left for work, the garage door must have been open just enough to allow in the bugs. ::Claps Paws::

I was paroling the hallway when I spotted the first one. I was so excited by the site of the large crawler, because I only get the rare opportunity to use my skills. I followed it for a while and then I brought down the hammer and killed him dead. I was preparing for a nap in the bedroom when I saw another one - naturally I hunted and killed it too.

I was just waking up from my nap and there was another one in the hallway. What the fluff? So I whapped it with the Paw of Doom.

I needed a snack by now so I headed out to the kitchen (Oh you didn't think I was gonna eat em did you? Um no - they give me indigestion). Anyway in the kitchen - there was another one! Whap - deaded.

When Mommy came home and saw all my hard work she freaked out, and then she thanked me, as she gathered the carcasses. I assured her I got them all - I think. I'm sure I'll get them all - eventually. Mommy? Stop shuddering. Oh no, don't call the bug guy - I'm pesticide free.


Mocking Menace Monday

I don't know if you know how much of a pacifist I am, but I have never killed anything more than a bug in my life. I have a no-kill policy - live and let live I say. I would break that policy in a minute though, if I could get my paws on the Mocking Menace.

How tweet it isn't!

This seemingly innocent looking bird has made all of our lives miserable as of late. We thought a whole flock of song birds had taken up residence in the yard. Day and night it's a constant stream of tweets - surely it's a flock we thought. Well friends it's all the work of the Mocking Menace and it's mate. Yes, there are two of them (let's hope they are not making more!). When I go outside they CAT-CALL ME! This is unacceptable.


Thankful Thursday

Guess what?! Daddy found my favorite toy tucked away in the garage.

I thought it was lost forever, but now it's like we've never been apart. I'm very busy and VERY thankful today!

::Mom Blog Takeover::

It was really the sweetest thing ever. Fin was napping on my lap when Daddy, er, my husband came in saying he had found her old toy in the garage. When she turned to look - it was like she turned back into a kitten right in front of our eyes. Her whole face lit up and she jumped off my lap and raced across the room to get at it.

I bought the toy when she first came to live with us because it matched the one that we played with at the shelter together. I wanted to give her something that would remind her of her feline family, and make her feel like this was her new home. She loved it and would leap in the air in grand arcs and flips.

I guess at some point it got put outside and forgotten - by us.

Now each time I swing it around, it's like I have baby Fin back. I'm careful not to get her too worked up - she's a senior kitizen now. She even naps on the stick - I guess she worries it will leave again which makes me a little sad. I'm so sorry Fin for losing your toy, and not realizing how much it meant to you. I promise to keep it safe and swing it for you often.

::Mom Release of Blog::

Did you say something Mommy? Swing it again!!


Couch Conversations

Fin (jumping up onto the coffee table): Hey, what's this? Mommy's milk glass! Jackpot!

Mommy: Oh for the love... Fin get your head out of my milk!

Daddy: You let her walk all over you. You have to be firm. FIN! Get off the table!

Fin: Slurp, Slurp, Yum!

Daddy:FIN! FIN!

Fin: Mm still cold. Slurp

Daddy: It's like she doesn't even hear me - you don't think she's going deaf in her old age do you?

Mommy: No. Nothing is wrong with her hearing. She hears you fine.

Daddy: But - she's not listening to me? It's like she's - ignoring me.

Mommy: Welcome to my world. Allow me to to introduce you to our cat.


Economic Stimulus

I'm a little worried about my chances in my Quarter-Final Round of Misha's Kitty Fight Club with Sanjee. She is a real cutie-pie. Maybe you can drop by and vote in the current rounds.

Well the Zoom-Groom has been purchased and tried (it was on sale). Naturally - I hate it. The fact that I sit still and/or move to allow the hated object to get a better angle should not distract from my loud mewing protests. Rubbing my face against it isn't an indication I enjoy it - instead focus on the biting, er, nibbling that can happen when I get over-stimulated.

"Her Cheapness" didn't spring for the Furminator - yet. It wasn't on sale. Yes, Mommy's ability to pinch a penny is so legendary that her friends discuss it in the third person (Example: I know Your Cheapness won't let you buy that). I never thought I would appreciate Her Cheapness, but I do now.


Floofy Friday

What! A haircut!
Furminator or Zoom Groom? What do you prefer my floofy friends?
Have a great weekend everyone!


Thankful Thursday

Turns out I have a few things to be thankful for on this Thursday:
  • The other day we mentioned about the crazy window-opening thingy when we would visit an occasional blog - well some of our friends mentioned trying Foxfire and so far we're loving it. No more stupid pop-ups telling us we may be viewing secure or un-secure data. It seems to tell you when you have a spelling error when you're leaving comments (I know all of you will appreciate this feature on Mommy's behalf).
  • Did I mention how much I love my bed?
  • I was contacted to try out a cat toy! Yep they offered to send me a toy - just to give it a try. Can my dream job as cat-food taster be far behind? Celebrity spokescat for Petsmart? A grannycat can dream...
  • Finally I have to give a shout-out to Mommy. Every night during prime blog time I love to take a little nap on her. If she slumps down I can get a nice piece of real estate on the upper tummy or chest. Naturally this makes it near impossible to still use her laptop, but she still tries to persevere by typing over or around me. She hates to kick me off (as Daddy suggests) because she loves me that much! Back at you Mom!


On Point

Ouch - sharp - ouch - stupid pointy rocks...

In case you ever wondered why I don't try to make a break for it - it's the stupid desert landscaping that surrounds my place. I did make it all the way around to the front yard once and was locked outside. It was very scary!! I pawed and meowed my little heart out on the front door until Mommy heard and rescued me. I've kept close to the house ever since. I am a true Housecat and proud of it!


Updates on Monday

I thought I would take today to catch-up on everything going on at the H.C.
  1. Some of you have asked about how Daddy is doing with his Trigeminal Neuralgia. I'm happy to report he is doing okay. It's still there, and he still has pain, but with drugs and treatments he is managing it. Thanks so much for all the purrs I know they are helping.
  2. I won my round of Kitty Fight Club so I will move on to the next round. I can't believe I beat Alexi! She is so darling!
  3. Mommy has purchased PhotoShop Elements so it can't be long before photos of a certain feline are manipulated (well that's assuming she can figure it - so maybe not heh heh).
  4. My yard is almost back in shape so I will be all over that - literally.
  5. I'm missing some of my friends and I hope they get back to blogging business soon. We've met a bunch of new friends recently which has been great, but we miss all of our friends.
  6. Twice in the last couple of days, when we went to visit a friend's site, Internet Explorer opened up window after window and wouldn't stop even after we disconnected the Internet... anyone else getting this? Mommy is scared!
  7. The month of May will have two big milestones in it... our 200th post (at the beginning of the month) and our one year blogoversary (at the end of the month)! Mommy and I wanted to do something really exciting to celebrate and I think we know what IT is, but IT's gonna require a lot of Mommy's time to get IT ready. I've decided IT's worth it though because Mommy works well with a deadline. So after much negotiations, we compromised with keeping our regular post schedule and our visiting, but we need to comment less. It will be hard, but sometimes our comments are kinda lackluster anyway. We may not be able to resist a comment, but I may have to put my paw down. Any cat want to guess what "It" is?


Floofy Friday - I Will!

I love my bed!

It's a basket full of floof!

My parents go crazy for this paw dangling move.

Yep, in real estate it's all about Location, Location, Location. Here at the hearth I can help Mom blog and watch TV while I nap. I sometimes get overheated, so I have to hop out and lay belly-up for a cool down, and then right back in. Naturally I retire to my big bed when my parents are in it - I like to keep my eye on them at all times.


Will I?

Did I ask for a "Cat Bed" from Petsmart? No. I did not, but do you see the puffy thing my back paw is touching in yesterday's post? Go ahead and scroll down, I'll wait for you - I know you were blinded by the floof.

Yep, that's my new cat bed. I've never had a cat bed before. Mommy has asked about getting me one, but when Daddy would say "She already has a bed, the one she lets us sleep in" I always agreed with him. Oh and of course there's my sink which I love!

When Mommy brought it in, I naturally choose to ignore the bed on principle. I shun anything new just to drive her crazy. When it was on the floor of our room I wouldn't even go near it. Daddy got the idea to move it onto my hearth by Mommy's chair. In the new location , I have to admit it does look tempting. Last night I patted it with my paw - just to see what it was like (while no one was looking of course).

So what do you think friends... will I or won't I partake of the bed?


Floofy Belly Alert

You may call me Lady Floofington
Mommy thinks I need a haircut...
She mumbled something about getting a Furminator?


Bending It My Way

Here is a favorite hang out of mine - right in the bend of the L-shaped hallway. I was awakened from a quality nap by the Pawparrazzi here, as you can plainly see my disgust.

It's the perfect spot to keep an eye on my parents. I can see them coming or going. Over the years I've learned that it's best to tuck myself against the wall, rather than sprawl in the pathway. I was called "Speed-Bump" for years. Apparently humans can't see you in the dark or over large boxes they are carrying -who knew?

::Motions with paw:: Guess what friends? Daddy didn't sell my pillow! He was just cleaning it (it was floofy, just like me). He forgot to tell Mommy, so she's still stopping off at the NEW PETSMART on the way home. Sweet Bast let me say thank you!


Garage Sale

Fin: Hey Mom, where's my little pillow?

Mommy: What pillow?

Fin: You know, the one on our bed that I like to rest my head on.

Mommy: Oh, I think your Dad sold it at the garage sale yesterday Honey.

Fin: Garage Sale? Why would we sell the garage, it's attached to the house - oh no, we aren't selling our home are we?!

Mommy: No! People come to the garage and buy stuff you don't want anymore. They pay pennies on the dollar, so you can buy new stuff that you'll want to sell off for cheap in a couple of years.

Fin: That seems silly - plus I loved my pillow!

Mommy: Sorry sweetie, Daddy just wandered through the house grabbing things to sell, and I didn't realize he took your pillow. Fin where are you going?

Fin: (Beginning a desperate search) Looking for all my Mice!!

Mommy: Don't worry, no one is going to want to buy cat-spit covered mice.

Fin: (Horrified) Mom! My mice are precious.

Mommy: Of course they are. How about we get you a present at Petsmart to make up for selling your pillow?

Fin: Okay!! I'll make you up a list!


Floofy Friday - Fight Club

Mommy: "Fin, Fin! Wake up sweetie I think you were having a bad dream."

Fin: "Oh Mommy I was having a very bad dream. I was in a ring, and the lights were very bright. I could hear a crowd of humans and cats cheering my name (that part was actually nice). They started calling out "Alexi, Alexi" and I saw a beautiful Russian Blue cat in the ring with me. I got all hissy and puffed and then she did too. We started circling each other and suddenly I wanted to lay the paw of death on her. You know I'm a pacifist, but suddenly I wanted to bite her like she was your arm after you pull my hair. It was scary."
Mommy: "Oh honey I think you were dreaming about your Kitty Fight Club match up tomorrow. Alexi is your match up, but it's just your kitten pictures that will be battling it out. You two will not actually be fighting."
Fin: "Thank goodness because she seemed like a really great cat and I didn't really want to fight her. I'm a granny you know. I hope my friends will head over tomorrow to Misha's and vote for me. I don't want to be shown up to bad. She's a beauty."


Still Dry

Hey Mom, I thought I requested that this fountain be filled?
::Taps with paw::
Still pretty dry Mom.
Hey, maybe I should get in here?

Cover me I'm going "All In"


Fowl Language

Oh Yeah!! Well your momma was a crow!!
Think you're the only one who can mock Mr. Mocking Bird?
What! What did you call me?!
Same to you Mother Fluffer, er, Mother Feather!!
Sorry you had to hear that little ones.