It's always so nice when someone passes on an award or meme to me and in recent weeks I've been graced with two.

My friend (who's a human!) Carrie Blogshaw at Sex and the Shtty gave me the Kreativ Blogger Award (blows kisses with paws). Carrie Blogshaw is very funny and writes about human relationships in a way that a cat can laugh at (just the title makes Mom laugh!).

Below are the steps that I must follow, now that I have earned the award:

1. Copy and paste the Kreativ Blogger picture onto your blog. Check
2. Thank the person who gave you the award and post a link to their blog. Check
3. Write 7 things about yourself we do not know. Check - See Below
4. Choose 7 other bloggers to award. Well here is where things start to break down... I hate to leave anyone out, so I will pick seven but all of you are very Kreativ and deserving (see below).
5. Link to those 7 other bloggers. Check
6. Notify your 7 bloggers. Check

Here are the seven things:
  1. I'm a soap licker - yep it's true. I enjoy licking soap. I prefer one with a sweet bouquet (lavender, almond-cherry, honey, glycerin). I'll lick the bar or the spout of the soap dispenser if given the chance. Over the years, I've licked the face off the fancy angel guest soap.
  2. I also like a soap chaser after I've nibbled on the toilet paper, while it's new on the roll - I'm not an animal. Roughage is hard to find on the inside.
  3. I don't like my parents to see me playing with my toys, so I usually wait till they leave the room... or do I?
  4. I'm trying to talk Mom into getting me a garden for the spring so I can be a true gardening cat.
  5. I miss Mom being crafty as I enjoyed getting my fur in each and every project.
  6. The big bed is too tall for a floor jump, so I have to jump onto the chair and then walk across Mom's nightstand to get to my spot. It's okay though, because I like to stop for a quick drink from her water cup and to knock her glasses onto the floor, along the way.
  7. I was adopted.
Well that was harder than I thought. I will save my other award for later. Now onto the lucky winners (you know I love you all).

  1. My Aunt Jenny - she's very cool and a very talented artist. Even if she wasn't my aunt I'd like her blog.
  2. Mr Dutch of Aunt Jenny's blog - Oh boy does this little cat have stories to tell!
  3. Katie of Glogirly - This cat always makes us laugh.
  4. Banshee at Sumac Stories - I sense some cool secrets here.
  5. Any cat(s) at Cat of Nine Tails who wants to play. I think should count for 6-7 too, there are nine of them. You didn't think I would follow all the rules did you? I have street cred to protect.


Floofy Friday

The day after Thanksgiving is a big tradition here in America. Crazy humans get up at the crack of dawn and go to malls where the push each other in the back to get the best deals. I prefer a leisurely nap or three, but to those that are brave enough...

Happy Back Friday!

What Mom? Oh, it's Black Friday, well that hardly makes sense.
You should just stay home on Floofy Friday.


Thankful Thursday

Today is Thanksgiving here in America, and there are so many things to be thankful for. It can be easy to focus on the things that are wrong in the world, but when you look around there are so many things to be grateful for. I thought I'd make a short list:

  • My family
  • My friends
  • Turkey
  • My house
  • My parents having jobs that keep us all in kibble and turkey
  • Gravy
  • My own work - houses don't run themselves
  • Mousey
  • Turkey - Oh did I already list that, sorry I'm a little distracted by the smell... where was I?
  • I'm feeling better and my parents holding their own
  • My toys
  • ::Sniffs:: Oh my Cod, is that sausage in the stuffing? It is! I have to go.
Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. We hope you have a very long list of things to be thankful for.


Ghost Story?

I reported yesterday that Mom hurt her hand on their trip, and I'm happy to report she's just fine now. I was a bit worried about her though (as it was her typing and petting hand), but other than some swelling and slight bruising she is all good. How it happened was odd so I thought I would put it out there for your review.

My parents went to San Diego to meet up with Dad's family for Pre-Thanksgiving. They all had a great time (apparently with no worries about their abandoned pets at home), and enjoyed dinner in Old Town. They decided to walk down the quaint street and do a little window shopping. Mom was quite taken by the gaslights on the old street. She was walking past this cool old house, when she noticed a candle glowing in the window, and felt herself drawn towards the house. She was wondering, as she was wandering, what the house was used for, because it looked preserved.

Suddenly she felt herself falling forward, and realized she was going to fall flat on her face. The next thing she knew, her hand and wrist landed against the brick planter wall in front of the house, and she managed to brace herself from a full fall.

She sat on the edge of the planter as Dad ran to get ice and his Mom went to get the car. As Mom was catching her breath, she realized she'd walked right off the sidewalk and into the small patch of dirt in front of the house. She's a klutz, but even for her it was odd to be so distracted.

Just then a group of people walked by and a woman looked right at Mom with an odd look and asked "Are you doing the haunted house thing tonight?"

"Um, no. I'm just waiting for someone." Mom responded as the woman moved on down the street passing a historical sign which was pointing to the house. It was called the "The Whaley House" and it turns out Mom fell in front of the most haunted house in America (cue Twilight Zone music).

Did a ghost push her? Did a ghost guide her to fall into the planter so she didn't hurt herself too badly? Is she a massive klutz?

She's decided it's a cosmic push to not allow her own ghosts hold her back. I think it might have been the ghost of the Whaley dog, irritated because of my abandonment, but you decide for yourselves.



You might remember that on Friday I reported there would be visiting with family and that I'd be back on Tuesday. I was under the impression the visiting would be happening here (at the center of the universe). Imagine my horror when I saw the hated rolling boxes with zippers coming out of the closet (Suitcases my parents call them, oddly named, as neither pack suits).

It all became horribly clear that there was a misunderstanding. I was being abandoned, so my parents could Visit with family in another state. I was left alone in the house for three full days! Here is how my weekend went friends...

Hour One - Two - Meowing by the back door at the injustice of it all.

Hour Three - Six - Napping

Hour Seven - Eight - Purraying that they have someone coming to feed me.

Hour Nine - Ten - Inspecting under the bed as the neighbor puttered about the kitchen making my treat and meal. I know what some of you are thinking, but I was not scared, I just thought under the bed needed a serious look over.

Hour Eleven - Eating all of my food including licking the bowl. I was very hungry! I even nibbled my dry food.

Hour Eleven & 1/2 - Unmentionable

Hour Twelve - Grooming (my fur is extra soft now)

Hour Thirteen - Trying to turn on the laptop to report this travesty.

Hour Fourteen - Fifteen - Wishing I could turn on cable and watch Animal Planet.

Hour Sixteen - Twenty - Napping

Hour Twenty-one - Twenty-two - Bored

Hour Twenty-three - Mousey and me time

Hour Twenty-Four - Inspecting the closet while the neighbor made my breakfast. Wondering if he was given proper petting instructions?

Rinse and repeat x2. They're back now, and they had fun. Mom's right hand got a bit messed up (don't worry she'll be fine), I'll report on that tomorrow. For now it's alternating snuggles and the back of disrespect. They better not be planning any other outings anytime soon.


Floofy Friday

I look rather pensive here don't I?

Ah, this is more like it for a fine Floofy Friday...

We have some family visiting this weekend, so I'll be back with a post on Tuesday.
I hope you all have a great weekend!


Gardening Cat

My great friend Jonesie from Cory Cat is a Master Gardening Cat and has started the Society of Feline Gardeners for other gardening cats. I was so excited to join. Jonesie let me in of course, but I think she might have wondered what I would be gardening in my desert oasis.

We have some plant life here at the house of the pointy rocks. Here is a little fella at the back of the yard. It takes a lot of bravery on my part to cross over to inspect his growth, but a desert garden cat does what she needs to.

Smells right, good job.

I'm not completely pleased with this little plant as you can see here.

I'm not too worried though, I know it's doing it's best.


Fin Pockets

As promised, here is a photo of my new treats.

As you can see, they're called "Fin Pockets" by Greenies. What a coincidence, right? Mom says it's why she bought them for me from Petsmart. I like the Chick-Hen flavor.

My parents always seem so excited when I eat them too. I have no idea why. Humans can be so odd. Hope you enjoy your Fin Pockets friends.



Num-a, Num-a, Num, Num


It's what's for Dinner!

Here is another example of Mom's elusive humor. Something about this being the tag line for some meat commercial.

For me, I'm just excited that my Fancy Crack with Gravy is back on the menu. I was so tired of that senior kitizen food in chick-hen flavor. I'm still enjoying my special treats twice a day. I will get Mom to show them tomorrow. I feel better all the time, and without any silly pills I might add! What are you eating for dinner friends?


PurrFurmance Review

My clever friends at Zoolatry have suggested that all blogging cats give their human staff a Purrfurmance Review.Review Of: Mom
Reviewed By: Fin

Quantity of Output: I really can't complain here. Most weeks she manages to get in four to five posts, and everyone needs a little time off. Four Paws

Quality of Output: I would give her a good mark here too. Naturally the photos are good, she has quality to work with in her muse after all. Sometimes even I think she's funny, but then other times she giggles away while typing and I have no idea why she thinks something is funny. You'll see what I mean on the next few posts she's planned this week. Four Paws.

Participation: We do share an email and allow comments... all good there. She did get me a Twitter account and a Catster page but her update of said pages is spotty at best. Three to Two Paws

Participation II: Mom is pretty good about participating in fun activities on the web and even comes up with some fun ideas for our blog. I will give her Four Paws.

Client Satisfaction: Well I hope all of you are pleased, but if you feel she is slacking in any way please comment.

Bonus Category: Commenting - She does a solid job reading my friends blogs. She has tried to keep up with commenting over at my friends places but I may need to have her cut back a bit. The holidays are going to be busy and I need to make sure my snuggle and chin scritch needs are met.

Overall I think I'll keep her. I can be a tough task master at times but it's for her own good.


Floofy Friday

Hi Friends. It's been a busy week here at casa de housecat. I think we're all looking forward to the weekend. I'm looking forward to some quality porch time. I plan on working on Mom's Purrformance Review.

I think she is a bit nervous because she called a little meeting to start planning some of the fun things we want to do in the next few months. I have to admit they do sound like fun (but I won't be giving her a free pass). What's first?

  • Hunt Week - A week highlighting all the ways a housecat can still hunt in the suburban wilds. I am a pacifist, so my prey is a bit different than what you might think. Mom is squeamish and also a pacifist, so there won't be any killing. If anyone has a preference for when Hunt Week might take place, please let us know.We are thinking early December?


My Car


And going...

Yesterday I mentioned that Dad has sold some Hot Wheels on EBay, but I didn't tell you that I bought one from another seller. Dad had been looking at a car on EBay and had the mouse hovering over the Bid button as he decided if he should make a bid. I really liked the little car, so I distracted him and then ran on top of the mouse, placing my winning bid. At the time Dad had no idea why I wanted the little car, but he sure does now. What car would a grannycat want for her own, you might ask?

A metallic brown Hot Wheel Torero. It's very sporty.


Hot Wheels!

So the other night I was chillin in the hallway when I heard Dad making noises in the living room. I decided I needed to investigate and look what it was friends.

Hot Wheels with a snappy orange track. Dad laughed and laughed when I ran from the hallway and started a whappin. We even made a little game of it. If I whapped the car off the track, I won the round. We kept playing well into the night. It was so fun.

Dad called this cheating...

I call it clever.

Dad has been selling some of his old Hot Wheels on EBay, but I'm glad the Titan of Tiny Cars kept this track and enough cars to keep a grannycat busy for hours of fun.


Monday Mystery

Can anyone guess what this is all about?

Here's another hint...

I will tell you I am having fun, see more tomorrow...


Floofy Friday

Because I think so much of you all,

here's another glamour shot

I hope you have an excellent weekend friends. I plan to lounge in my yard at every possible turn. A few minutes on the hot rocks and then a cool off on the shady ones. Oh, and the flock of Tweets that disturbed me the other day will not be welcome.


Dona Nobis Pacem

Today, all around the world, bloggers will post the title listed above and a globe shown below and write about piece. I'm not sure what we're all trying to get a piece of, but it's got to be something great right?

Alright I am kidding... I know it's not piece, or peas, it's Peace. Peace is something every living being should want a piece of. So on this day, and then on the one after this, and so on, please do what you can to bring peace to the world. We can't always change the rest world, but we can change ourselves.


Tummy Tuesday

Sass-O-Meter = High

Floof-O-Meter = Higher

The Queen of the Porch has retaken her throne.

Please enjoy.


Conspiracy Theory

Dear Pill Guys,

I’m on to you… and that Dr. VET too. Last week I was carted off to Dr VET for no apparent reason. Sure I wasn’t feeling my best, but there was no need for ALL of that. That crackpot VET took samples of things that no self-respecting human or cat should ever want... but I digress.

Dr VET suggested I needed to take a pill twice a day, for forever. I wonder who makes money when a poor kitty is forced to endure daily pill taking? I think we all know the answer is the Pill Guys who make said pills.

I did want to take this moment to thank you for making your pill so obvious that it couldn’t be missed, fluorescent pink was a master stroke. I avoided that pill in any food prep and sharpened my claws at the ready if my family made one false move towards me. I think my message was clear. Lucky for them they stopped trying to force that pill down my throat or hide it in my food. Instead “Her Cheapness” a.k.a Mom bought me delightful new treats to make it up to me.

Here is where my real issue comes in, even without taking your pills I am feeling much better. So in the future, when you try and dupe humans into giving poor innocent kitties a useless pill, perhaps you can make it easier on everyone by doing the following:

  • Make the pills brown or tan, I might not have even noticed it lurking in my Fancy Pate.
  • If you are going to coat the pill to make it more palatable (as if) I suggest tuna or chick-hen would be more acceptable than Bubble Gum (what is that anyway – gross)
  • Better yet, maybe you could make your pill come in a tasty and delicious treat? Hey… wait a minute… you don’t think… Nah!
I've got my eyes on you,

Finny Da Floof