Are we done yet?

Dear Mr Sun,

I think we need to have another chat again.

It's supposed to be Fall. I know you're usually still hitting it pretty hard in September here in the desert, but really - a whole week over 100 degrees? It's almost October for Cod's sake.

I couldn't help but notice you're slaking off a bit on your hours too, but you're really going above and beyond while you're in the office.

How about you keep you're old hours but slack off a bit while you're there. Maybe take a few naps at your desk, or a long lunch and extended breaks. Maybe surf the Internet and read some blogs, like mine, instead of putting in all the hard work?

Let's get it together okay? Pretty soon it'll be Winter and you know you barely phone it in then. Spread yourself out Pal.


Finny Da Floof


Couch Conversations

Mom: Fin I'd like to have a conversation with you about your nighttime schedule. It's not really working for me. You wake me up at 4:30am to have your breakfast and then again at 5:30am so I can go to work. I'd like to propose you just combine the two.

Fin: Well it's no picnic for me either Mom. I would like to nap after my meal. It's challenging to stay awake for that hour so I can meow in your ear till you get up. I think this is a great idea actually. You can just feed me at 4:30am and then stay awake. I can get right to my first nap! Ya know this is a great idea Mom!

Mom: No! That's not what I had in mind.

Fin: No? Whatever could you have meant?


Floofy Friday

Well friends I was caught in the act.
I'm so embarrassed. I made a kitten's mistake.

This morning I decided I needed a little "Me" time with my beloved. My Mousey. I've never spoken of Mousey on the blog, but those of you who've read my book (available on Amazon and pawtographed here) know all about my precious, and how protective I am of our special relationship. I'm no longer ashamed of our love, and I hope you won't judge.

Mousey has been my special someone for so many years now, I hardly remember the dark times when we weren't together. He's the only one for me, with his faux fur, beaded black eyes and those pink felt ears. I like to keep our relationship private and away from the prying Pawparrazzi so I only spend time with Mousey when I'm sure we will not be seen. 
I thought Mom was busy doing something in the bedroom but she was actually in the den. I was carrying Mousey in my mouth, and I couldn't help singing out my song of love. I rounded the corner with such joy in my heart and then I saw her, Mom. 

She saw us. 

I immediately dropped Mousey and strolled away, praying Mom was oblivious. The one time she wasn't. In all our years together this is only second the time Mousey and I have ever been seen together. 

Sure they've heard my song of love. I can't hold that back. Although I only sing when I think they're asleep or the TV is on real loud. As soon as the sound goes down on the TV (to try to hear me) I stop. Now this.


Mom already sings this little song when she sees there's been "Mousey Movement"... "Somebody played with her Mouse, She moved it all around the house, She carried it in her little mouth" (She's no poet, Cod bless her)

I'll have to distract her and cut down on my Mouse time till she forgets what she saw. I have my work cut out for me this weekend. What are you all up to? I hope you have a great one friends.


It's No Picnic for Me Either

Well Mom's back is still bothering her and frankly it's starting to bother me too. Sure I love the fact she's spending a good deal of time lounging about with available lap time, I can't deny it.

All the healing purrs and the cat spit I have to deposit in her cups isn't a picnic for me you know. 

It's all the grumpy complaints about bending over to fill my dishes that are really getting to be a bore. My litter box is not getting scooped with the regularity I prefer either.

Yes I'll be glad when she is all better. Luckily she is a fast mender, so I should have my regular caretaker returned to me by tomorrow I hope.

Fortunately her petting arms are in fine form.


And The Winner Is...

Little Cat Feet has won the copy of Sparkle's book. Concats to you, we're sure you'll enjoy it.

I had a nice weekend with lots of porch time. It's still pretty hot but it's getting better all the time. We still have 100 degree days but not 115 anymore. I couldn't help but notice the hummingbird family has gotten rather sassy.Yes even the hummingbirds are getting a tude.

Someone appeared to have sprayed my pot... I suspect Mittens is marking his turf, err My Turf. We 'll see about that Mr Mittens.

Mom has hurt her back somehow this morning so our posting/visiting may be a little light for a day or so until she rallies. Humans can be so frail, so take good care of them.


Helping Dogs Meow Like Pirates...

Maybe that post title didn't come out quite right. Let me explain. Two big items are hitting the blogosphere in the same weekend. It's Meow like a Pirate Day and you can help feed dogs waiting to be adopted by posting some information. I had to help right? I really miss my dog (not that I want another one!) and sometimes I even think I might allow Mom and Dad to get another dog. So, can I help pooches and meow like a pirate in one post? Let's see Mateys!

Aye, ye can help furry pooches with 20 pound bags of chow given to a shelter simply for writing ye ole blog post. That's right Mateys! The scalawags at Pedigree has upped the ante big time and are providing Pedigree booty to shelters. Spread the word ye wenches and blokes: Any of ye can help, not just the furry blogs. Let's spread the word mateys, and see how far it goes? Here is the full non-piratey scoop:
  • Each year, more than 4 million dogs end up in shelters and breed rescue organizations. Pedigree created The PEDIGREE Adoption Drive to help shine a spotlight on the plight of these homeless dogs.
  • Special for BlogPaws West: For each blog that posts about the PEDIGREE® Adoption Drive through September 19th, PEDIGREE® will donate a bag of their new Healthy Longevity Food for Dogs to shelters nationwide. It’s simple: Write a post, help a dog.

  • Thursday, September 16 through Sunday, September 19,  the Pedigree BlogPaws bloggers will host a Blog Hop, to help raise awareness for the “Write a post, help a dog” effort.
It is so easy to make a big difference Mateys. Please set aside a few moments to write a post. Include the bullet points above. Add whatever you’d like in addition to help get the message out. Because this is not limited to pet bloggers, there is tremendous potential. Please share this post with them, write one of your own, and be here Thursday to leave a link to your post. Ahoy mateys go get spreading the word!!


Floofy Friday



It's been a long week! Does it feel that way to any of you? Some days feel like they last more than twenty-four hours and when you string a few of those together... well you have yourself a long week. Maybe it's the days getting shorter, as long as they feel, it just seems there are not enough of them to get everything in. Funny how the days seem so long and yet not long enough to get in all your naps.

I plan on lots of extra snoozes this weekend. I will give my cutest looks from the bed to try to encourage some extended family naps. I do love a nap with Mom or Dad. 

What do you have on tap friends? Whatever it is we hope you have the very best of times doing it. Have a great weekend. 

PS. Remember to let us know if you want to enter the drawing for Sparkles book by Monday noon PST.


Mittens Speaks!

Tap, Tap
Is this here thing on?

Ya'll, I may have to talk quick-like as the Lady of the House left this here contraption on the porch for a minute as she toodled in to the big house.

Woa! What's That?! ::Looks around cautiously:: Just a lil ole Finch. Silly me. 

The Lady Of The House tells me I'm an Easy Startler. I suppose that's true enough. For years I've been pals with the Man Of The House but my friendship with the LOTH has been a slow starter. It's cause for years she was protectin Lady Fin from lil ole me. She'd whoop and holler and chase me off, scaird I'd harm the lil lady. I'm a gentle mancat and I only fight when I need to, so she was worried for nothin.

Can ya see my massive paws? I got thumbs I tell ya!
My lasers look intense here, but I'm lettin LOTH pet me nowdays. Long as she's packin the chow anyway. Well I better scoot, she's coming back with that flashy thing again and I'm not a fan. I hope I can work up to meeting Lady Fin some day, right now she just hollers from behind the screen door. 

Talk to ya'll later!


PS. LOTH had the hardest time findin my voice. I'm a soft spoken, sweet but strong, cat so she decided on a fine southern gentleman. I think it suits me.


A Word From our Sponsor

This post, of pictures featuring a darling floofy cat, is brought to you by the makers of the cheap batteries Mom bought at the dollar store. Her Cheapness may have realized that some things you shouldn't scrimp on, but I doubt it. We will return to our regularly scheduled kitty pics as soon as Mom gets real batteries for her camera.

I sure hope she can find the cord that goes from the camera to the computer... I have no idea where it could be. ::Winks::


Give Away!

Hello friends! Guess what? I have something fun to give away. My great friend and fellow feline author Sparkle the Designer Cat has an awesome new book out (her second one) and she's given me a copy to give to a lucky winner. How cool right? She's like that, cool and all, like the feline Dear Abby.

Available on Amazon Here

It's filled with awesome advice we kitties need to know. For those kitties who'd like their humans to read to them, there are lots of color pictures of the lovely Sparkle so your human won't mind reading cat-related insights. I find humans can use all the insights they can get, so they can only be improved by reading this book. I think you'll totally enjoy it (and I bet you'll love her first book too!) as I know we've been enjoying it.

It'll look so nice on your bookshelf. You really can't have enough cat books in your library. Especially when they are written by bright and insightful lady cats. I'm just saying.

So here are the rules:

  • Let us know on this post (or you can email us too) that you'd like the opportunity to win a copy of the book (did I mention Sparkle pawed it too?) by Monday noon PST.
Yep that's it. Not too tough. Mom and I will pick a winner from everyone who enters. Good Luck!


Floofy Friday

Well I am plumb tuckered out this week. Mom and Dad have been playing with me... a lot. You don't think they're trying to wear me out do you?

To tuckered to make it in me little bed even.
The weather is finally cooling off so I hoping for some quality porch time this weekend. Cod only knows what's been going on out there without my snoopervision. The Mr & Mrs Mocking Bird might have taken up a nest on my porch, they always have their nerve. What do you have planned this weekend? Hope you have a great one!


Laying Low

I knew I was in trouble last night. Mom tucked in at 8pm, complaining of being tired from being kept up the night before. I strolled in, casual like, and took my place of honor on Dad's pillow. I looked as cute as possible and purred real loud when petted. I knew she was caving when I got some extra scritches.

Are you really gonna kick all this out of your bed?

 At 2am Mom woke with a start, mumbling something about hearing me chewing on celephane.

Who me? There's no cellaphane Mom. Maybe you were dreaming it? Sure you can turn on the light and look around if you want. Hey while you're up, maybe you should pee? Do I want the sink on for a sip? Well sure that would be nice Mom. Are you hungry for a snack Mom, cause I could keep you company... make sure the kitchen is free from moths. Would I like a snack? Well since you're up... Nom, nom, nom... thanks Mom.

I managed to hold out till 5:40am till I did a hip nudge. Yes I am back in the warm embrace of the family. Gotta know when to work it and when to lay low. Peace out.


Lock Down

Well I'm in some trouble friends. It turns out that no one here appreciates my waking skills. They appreciate them at 5:40am when the alarm never went off, but beyond that... Go figure.

I was really enjoying boning up on my skills during Mom's recuperation period. I was practicing my hip leaps and various other moves with little repercussion... and I'll admit it, I was showboating. It's a problem I have sometimes. Just because you can, doesn't always mean you should kitties.

When you say to yourself at 3am, I bet I could wake her with two pounces and a paw to the face, you need to ask yourself - is this going to get me in trouble? If you can pull off the starving kitty face, you may get yourself out of the hot seat, but when you don't need anything and tell her that when she's standing at your full dishes, she won't like it much. Again, go figure.

I've been warned that any funny business tonight may get me in a lock down situation. I may be locked out of the family bedroom. I suspect I will be unable to resist pawing and meowing at the door at the indignity of it all. I'm practicing my most pitiful face in case it's needed, wish me luck.


Monday Mews

We're still in a three day weekend and it has been nice to have my parents around the house, but I will be happy for the quiet tomorrow too. A kitty needs her me time too.

It was nice to have my Grandparents here, and they brought a small human boy with them. I had heard stories of small humans pulling tails so I was a bit wary at first. He turned out to be a small gentleman who wanted nothing more than to admire me, play with me and pet me... you can't fault him for that.

Mom is recovering well from the loss of her wisdom tooth. She is taking some good meds that allow her to sleep through catus interruptus (I think that's Latin). No worries though, I still get my needs met. I find that a flying leap from the nightstand onto the hip will wake even the most drowsy humans. Be careful though, a sudden move by the human and you'll need to have a mid-leap course correction.

Enjoy your Labor Day to all my American friends.


Floofy Friday - Wisdom

Well Mom's tooth removal didn't go very well, but she is doing much better now. Out is much better than in! Here's a piece of wisdom she learned after the first dentist couldn't get her tooth out... just go to the oral surgeon and have a nice nap while they take out your tooth. Yep a nice nap is always the better choice.

I could have told her that if she'd asked.  Hopefully she'll get even wiser when she gets the last two wisdom teeth taken out in a month or two. Thanks so much for all your positive thoughts and purrs. Mom will recover quickly now, and of course Nurse Cat Finny is ready to help things along (I'm already planning how to add some extra-healing cat spit in her water).

Today is also Dad's Birthday! I anticipate lots of soft yummy food for his party and I'm all in! I hope there's whip cream. My grandparents are coming too and I like them a bunch. 

I have nice teeths, all the better to nibble you with!

Just a little wider Mom...

Hope you all have a happy weekend!!


She's Cracked Herself Up

So last night Mom was enjoying a cracker when she felt something odd, and way too hard to be a cracker... turns out she cracked her top wisdom tooth, on a cracker, which cracked her up. Shortly thereafter, when the ouchiness settled in, she realized this wasn't as ironic and funny as she initially thought. Tomorrow morning she has to have it pulled. She is a huge baby, so if you could think a good thought or two it would be nice.

On to a MUCH better topic, my book give-a-away... and the winner is my friend Sweet Praline! Concats! Please send Mom your address.

Guess what? I've discovered I have a couple of other things to give away too, more on those later. Hopefully we will be back with a post tomorrow, unless Mom is too sore. I will be at her side to make sure she has lots of healing purrs.


Paw to Your Mother

Well friends as many of you know it's a never ending battle to get Mom out of bed at appropriate times. She is so stubborn. Just when I think I have her bladder well trained to wake at 3am for her potty time and a snack for me, she stops drinking water earlier in the evening.

I'm constantly having to come up with new ways to get her attention. I've found some new things that have been working well, and naturally I need to share:

  • Pushing your paw into your humans exposed, fleshy leg parts. I recommend a three to five minute interval. Very effective. 
  • Sitting on the dresser (just out of reach, naturally) and meowing at one minute intervals. You don't have to go too loud on this one, the repetition is the real powerhouse of this move. 
  • The "Over the hip, over the pillow loop" is a real showstopper. You race over the hip/tummy area, around to the pillow and repeat. Humans tend to flail so you need to be cautious of shifting parts senior kitizens. 
No get out there and meow safely!