Well friends as I reported last week, Dad's downtime resulted in my V.E.T. time. I have no idea why I have to be hauled off when I feel fine. I even zoomied in the hall the other night.

I was enjoying a nice nap when I was plucked and stuffed in my PTU (Prisoner Transport Unit) and carted off to see The Vet. Dad remembered to spray the carrier with my feline hormone spray which I like.

Once I was trapped it was clear I would not be escaping so I settled in for the trip. Dad said I was a perfect little passenger. I concur. When my prison door was opened, I came right out onto the scale (I admit I like the scale and I enjoy lying in it while we wait for The Vet). My weight was good, not much of a change since my last visit. Mom frets about me losing weight due to my Hyperthyroidism all the time. 

I didn't hiss much when he groped me. I didn't bite or growl much either. My Vet card says "Special Handling" and the last Vet's card it said "Aggressive" and I typically don't like to disappoint. Today I took a mellow approach, to throw them off.

They took me to the back and gave me a hit of the gas so they could take my blood, and lord knows what else, without incident. I'm happy to report that my thyroid was good and everything looked solid. My kidney numbers were a bit too high still and he mentioned about a special diet (there better be ample and tasty gravy!). He mentioned adding another pill to my current regime...

"What?" I meowed, and then laughed. I mewed to tell him that I had refused his "regime" and was still doing fine! I said no to his pills and instead my parents have added a tasty treat with a crunchy center. Fin Pockets by Greenies they are called. I laugh in the face of your pills!

I don't need to have any medicine when I have my Mom who lovingly adds Flavor Enhancing Shrimp Powder to my meal. Take that buddy!

::Mom Whispers:: Thank Cod for Pill Pockets! She gets her pills twice a day tucked inside. The Shrimp powder is a supplement for reducing her ... hm something bad for her kidney. I forget now what exactly, maybe phosphate. He wants her to start a kidney food, she had some tonight with a mixed review. He also wants her to take some other kidney supplement. Whew! It's not easy getting old.  Oh and she has to go back for a dental cleaning. I'm sure she'll love that.

Mom? Who are you talking to?

No one. I was just going to tell your friends you did a guest post at PawTalk is all.


The Hots

Finny here reporting fountain side. Whew, it's a little toasty.

Hey Mr Sun, I thought we decided you were going to cut back a bit. 
115 degrees is really just showing off.

My porch time has been cut right down to the nub friends. I was out for just a short while this weekend before Mr Sun had his morning coffee. As soon as he got down to business it was just to hot for man or beast outdoors. Despite my encouragement it seems Mr Sun is going to be putting in a long, full week. 

Dad is off and I should be living the high life on My Porch but instead we are just hanging in the house. Mom is off later this week and I suspect it will be more of the same. Sigh. Laying on the tiles and napping in the sink. Sigh.


Floofy Friday

No, I won't look.
Mom: Come on Finny Fin, look at me.

Happy now?

Hi friends! Are you happy it's Friday? I know we are, and Mom really is. It's super hot here so My Porch time is likely on hold this weekend. The nice thing about the heat is that my parents stay in a lot. Double the laps and double the petting hands, it's fine with me.

So Mom and I have been having some chats lately about things here at the H.C. and we've decided to make a few changes. Mom is feeling like she doesn't have enough time to get done all that she needs to (working on her book, cat petting, and losing some lap real estate). So she needs to cut back a bit. 

We are still going to post 3-5 times a week, so no worries there. We still want to visit our friends, but we are going to try to only comment on the big things so she can free up some time (unless she gets writer's block or wants to procrastinate exercising - so likely nothing will change). We hope you'll all still come by, and we know all you fellow bloggers understand.

Another change, next week we're going to go back to adding our comments, regarding your comments, in our comments. Did you get that? Feel free to comment on that.

Hope you all have an awesome weekend and we'll be seeing you!


Thursday 13

  1. I am now sleeping on the new big bed. I found it comfy, firm and yet plush. 
  2. The big bed is loud. I guess it's the allergy cover. It makes it hard to sneak up on Mom... not that any cat here does that. 
  3. I am STILL waiting for Feather the Third to arrive!!
  4. Dad has been leaving food and water for Mittens outside on My Porch, but there has been no recent snuggling between them.
  5. Mittens is still scared of Mom and runs when he sees her. I think it was all the times she scared him away, afraid he would hurt me.
  6. My book is still available, and humans and kitties are enjoying it. I think it's a perfect Summer read, or a Fall read, or a Winter read, or a Spring read.
  7. I hear whispers my Crackpot Vet checkup is coming up.
  8. I am still shedding, and knotting. Really when am I knot.
  9. Dad is still an excellent petter. Mom is a quality chin scritcher.
  10. Mom has started to write her second book, which has nothing to do with cats (why bother, I say).
  11. I haven't yet found a way back on the kitchen counters, but I am working on it.
  12. I have found my way back on the Dining Table so all hope is not lost.
 I am only gonna put down 12 things on Thursday Thirteen, cause I'm a rule breaker. Oh I guess that is the 13th... Mom is still looking for the camera, so this is an old pic. Yep 14, I feel better now.


Water Wednesday

I think it's time we had a little talk about one of my favorite things. Water. I really love my water, always have. Because of my obsession delight with the wet stuff, I like to have it in many options around Casa De Housecat.

Option One: The bathroom sink (or my Sippy Sink). This is a delight. I like everything about it. I can hear it turn on from almost any corner of the house. I love to watch it at any speed, from a gush to a drip. I prefer to drink from a light stream as it gathers in the bowl. During actual drinking I get irritated if it's only a drip, and I voice my disapproval until it is adjusted.

Option Two: The water glass on the bathroom counter. Mom has put this one out as a decoy. She pretends to take a sip and leave it on the counter (casual-like) so I will not bug her to turn on the faucet. This is a good back up, but I know it's not really her water, I'm not a kitten!

Option Three: My water bowl below the tub. Always full and fresh, but it's an absolute last resort.

Option Four: My other water bowl in the kitchen. Never! It's too obvious.

Option Five: The other water cup Mom leaves out as a decoy. Yes, but only when she drops ice cubes in it.

Option Six: The icy water bucket Mom uses when Mom has a hive on her foot... Yum. She says it's gross, but really it's her foot, she always washes her foot before (although I don't require that), and third how would she know, it's not like she is taking a sip with me.

Option Seven: Mom's real water cup... the ultimate prize. Nothing is tastier.

How do you take your water friends?


Montage Monday

Prepare to E-Belly-Snorgle...

I'm called a belly-upper.

I guess this is why Mom thinks of me more of a white cat. 

 She sees this angle a lot. She squeals with delight a lot too.


Floofy Friday

 Let me just get everything in place here...

Yes, that's better. Ready for my close up.

I call this one...

Floofy Cat on Chair

Yes we're getting arty on a Friday. Let's call it Fin Art on Friday. I am dedicating this post to my Aunt Jenny who is a Fin Fine Artist and has recently started her own greeting card company. We are so proud of her. Oddly there was no card with a lovely floofy cat in the collection... maybe next time. 

Here is our favorite card, because it reminds us of all of you. 

Go here to Gilding Lilies to check out all the beautiful cards. You might enjoy her blog too (we think she's cool, arty and funny). 

So this weekend promises to be medium on the hot scale here in the desert. I hope to get in some early morning porch time and some long family naps. I have decided to take the plunge and dive onto the new bed. If you can't beat em, fur up their pillow I say. 

Oh I just remembered it's Father's Day on Sunday, I better get something ready for Dad. I wonder what he would like? Oh he already has the perfect gift, me. Have a great weekend friends.



Rumors of my napping on Lumpy's replacement are greatly exaggerated. I deny that was my fur on the sheet and the decorative pillow. It was black cat fur, and I'm not a black cat after all.

Yes, okay, I have black fur, but I have lots of other colors too.

Mittens also has black fur. No, he hasn't been allowed in My House, but perhaps when Dad was snuggling and petting him last night he carried some fur in? Yes, you read that right. Dad snuggled and fed Mittens right on My Porch. I had to watch it all through the back door!

So is it my fur? I say no. Did I jump on the bed and snuggle with Mom at 3am last night? I have no recollection of this, I think Mom dreamed it.


Farewell Lumpy

I have sad news to report friends. The other day I was enjoying some nap time in the den, when I thought I heard some activity in the hall. I noticed Dad was not present so I chalked it up to normal Dad activity.

Dad has been known to be quite industrious during extended cat naps.

I noticed a few minutes later that Mom had vacated the area, and I could hear them oohing and ahhing in the bedroom. I had to go investigate. Imagine my shock and horror when I realized MY BED had been carted away and an imposter was put in it's place!

I don't need to tell you how many good memories I had with Lumpy. So many naps, hours spent plotting on how to wake Mom, and Sunday morning playtime with my parents. Great times!

It was so wrong. Lumpy, cut down his prime. The mom and dad shaped divots and the many cat-shaped pits that fit us all just so, made him perfect. Sure he was old, but so is the rest of the family.

Some of us are also lumpy, not to point any paws at any human, Mom.

I don't trust this new bed. It's all even and cat-hair free (who could trust that?). The only nice thing I can say about it is that it's shorter and easier to leap onto... if I should decide to leap onto it.

For now I keep my distance and mew from the nightstand.


Awards on Monday

Well it was a great weekend friends! It was like Spring again, but without whatever my Parents have become allergic to. Lots of porch time, and since Mom couldn't find the camera (wink) it was pawparrazzi free!

So I wanted to thank many of my friends for giving us awards, Mom has been so slow to post them I think everycat may already have them. So if you are award free, please take one and enjoy!

First up from Sparkle The Designer Cat and Eric and Flynn and Hannah and Lucy: (I told you she was tardy)

Those of us who have this award are supposed to list five things that make us happy. Easy enough.

1. My blogging friends
2. My Parents
3. My Porch
4. Gravy
5. Cold water, fresh from Mom's cup

What makes you happy friends?

I also received this little charmer from The Kitty Krew and The Katnip Lounge:

There are 3 rules that go along with this award:

Rule 1. Thank the person who gave it to you.

Thank you very much my friends! You are the bestest.

Rule 2. Share 9 things about yourself. 

1. I have never had a flea, we don't have them here in the desert.
2. I have never seen a real squirrel, we don't have them either. This makes Mom sad cause she LOVES them, go figure.
3.I can play a mean tune on a cabinet with my cat music. See versatile.
4. I like to look into the fridge each time Mom opens it. It's fascinating!
5. I love beef jerky, sadly Mom does too and rarely shares.
6. Mom gets hives on her feet often and has to soak them in ice water... yes I dive right into the bucket for a sip. Her feet just raise the water level. Yum.
7. Mom sometimes dreams of having a little blog of her own, but I have managed to lay down a firm paw and tell her no. I think it's clear who is in charge.
8. I hate being brushed, but I do like a chin scritch with my Zoom Groom.
9. I only ate dry kibble all my life, till Mom thought it would be a funny photo op for the blog to give me wet food... I've never gone back. Who's laughing now?

One more fact to show my versatility... I sing too!


Floofy Friday

I wanted to thank all my friends for your support on the counter issue. It's so nice to have friends who see things the same way you do. I've begun my Meow Campaign to wear them down on the "No Cats on the Counter" rule guideline.

I've been sitting on the floor and meowing loudly and plaintively at the counter. Surely Mom will cave soon.

In the meantime, my friends at The Katnip Lounge have graciously offered to have their Dad make me a ladder. I think this is an excellent interim solution. It needs to be about one cat wide, and three cats high.

Oh and if it could have wheels that would be so excellent. I've had my eyes on the top of the china cabinet for years. I also have been dying to add a back paw claw mark on the other side of the bedroom dresser. I want to even out the scratch on the other side of the dresser that I left awhile back. I like balance.

Maybe it should be four cats high... with a wide launch pad at the top. Yeah, that sounds good. Luckily they live in my town. How cool is that. If I get in trouble here, I think I could just head over and get in line for the buffet. There are so many of them, maybe no one would notice if I showed up on the catio.

Nah, I don't tend to blend. Now on to the floof!

 Is that my ladder? Already? Nope, it was a tweet.

I hope you all enjoy your weekends. It is supposed to cool down, so I am hoping for some Patio Time. See a nice letter or two and the universe is yours.


Well they caught me friends. My days on the counter promised land are done.

I was living high on the hog, and high on the kitchen counter, when suddenly I was cut down in my prime. How was I doing it they wondered. I'd managed to evade their silly barricades at the ends of the counter. They pulled the dining table way back and tucked in all the chairs - just in case. Still I persisted in jumping where "I'm not allowed."  I laughed in the face of their rules. 

I'll admit it, I'd grown a bit brazen in my defiance. I felt invincible, on a high from the longest run of counter jumping since I was in my kitten-hood. I snickered at their demands I "Get Down!" as if they had told an amusing joke.

It all began one night when Dad dusted behind the TV and left a cat-sized gap behind the TV on the stand. The stand sits right in front of the back side of the counter, so it was really a straight forward double hop and I was on the counter. 

They never suspected a thing.

Until I was brazen, and I called attention to myself at the wrong moment. It was clearly showboating that made me paw aggressively on the back of the TV screen (I may even have meowed out loud as I did it). Mom looked up and saw immediately where they had made their mistake. I think she might have let it pass, because she saw how much fun I was having up there, but when Dad saw me, it was all over. 

I'm back to the drawing board now. Not to worry kitties, I won't be down for long. We Grannycats have ways. I won't be denied. As so many of you pointed out, it's My Counter too. 


Bring in the Clouds

Dear Cloud Family,

Let me begin by saying I'm a big fan of your work. I was having a little discussion with Mr. Sun about how hard he's working (he really needs to kick back a bit, 110 degrees plus is really too much!). After some discussion and investigation I think some of the issues might fall squarely in your camp.

It turns out your whole family could be helping Mr Sun out some. Your shade can cool things down considerably, and also warm things up if you spread yourselves out. Many of my friends mentioned that they are either overloaded or completely bare sky. I just think there is room for improvement here.

It seems you like to vacation quite a bit in Europe and in the North. I'm sure those places are lovely, but I think it's a bit unfair to not spread yourself around. I can personally vouch for the fact that Vegas is a great vacation spot. There's the Strip, the dining, and shopping. I think you should come right over. You could even take in a few shows while you're here.

Now please don't bring Blustery Winds with you (you know what a blow hard he can be), or your cousins the Storm Family (Rainy is such a drip). Oh and High Humidity is not welcome here either.

Do feel free to bring along Breezy Winds, I like her. Thanks in advance for your attention to this matter.


Finny De Floof


Working Overtime

Dear Mr. Sun,

When we spoke last September, you know I was a bit disappointed in your performance. You had been showing up late to work and cutting out early. As we discussed it was wrecking havoc with my Mom Wake-Up schedule.

You were right too, Diva Lady Moon was also messing up the whole schedule. As you warned me, she was less receptive to my requests. Drama Queen.

Anyway I am writing to you now because I'm going to have to give you a bot of a mixed review again. On the positive side your initiative is really above and beyond. You're getting into the office nice and early and putting in the long hours, and you've impressed me.

I've been enjoying your work on the sun puddle front too. Changing your position during the day so I have new puddles is a master stroke. Kudos.

My only complaint is that perhaps you're working a little too hard when you're in the office. I know it's summer, in the desert, but really 110 degrees in early June? Where do you go from here? I feel like you're trying to hard to impress.

We're impressed. No need to show off. Take some breaks, an extended lunch, maybe take a few personal calls during the day, and hey I can really recommend naps. Take it a bit easier, okay? Consistency is a good thing to strive for.


Your Fan Finny De Floof


Floofy Friday

I don't know how a short holiday week can be so tiring. 

Maybe it's trying to cram all those naps into a shorter week?

Luckily I have my nip pillow.

Summer is finally expected to arrive this weekend. 100+ degrees expected, darn dessert! My porch time is going to be cut down to the nub. I've been busy shedding and grooming to prepare. Naturally I've been busy exploring the counter. Yes it's been a full week friends. 

What do you have planned this weekend? Whatever it is, I hope you all have a great time and make sure you take good care of yourselves. See you back here next week!


Free Roaming

Finny here reporting from the kitchen counter. Day three of free roaming on the kitchen counter. I must say it's quite nice up here. The granite is cool and refreshing on a granny cat's floofy paws. My treat bag is here (haven't figured out how to get in yet, but it's only a matter of time friends). Best yet I've discovered The Source of water. It pools in the cups in the sink (yes, there are cups in the sink).

My parents continue the search to discover how I am getting up here, to no avail. The dinning table has been pushed back to prevent launching (a prior jumping spot). Barricades have been placed at both ends of the counter to prevent a full frontal assault. I laugh in the face of their barricades. Mew Ha Ha!

The food prep counter is a short jump away, but so far they haven't left anything out that I would take a leap for. I must say the top of the fridge is looking good too.

Happy jumping friends. May you never be limited in how high you can leap.


Boo-Ya Kitties

Here I am chillin on the kitchen counter, where I'm "Not Allowed." Ha, that's funny.

Huh? What Mom? Get Down? No thanks. 

I have plans - drinks from the sink, sniffing these peonies, checking on my treat stash.

How did I get up here? Well I'm not telling. ::Meows Wickedly::