Floofy Friday

Quill! Hey Quill!

Look over here.
Come on, it's Friday...

The pawparazzi is relentless.

Weekend you can now get started. 
I heard a rumor that we might be getting a new giant white ham safe. Apparently the bungee cord holding in the peas finally broke (literally we've been using a bungee cord). 
I hope it has an ample-sized kitten shelf. I like to check out the goods. Even if I don't like to eat most human food - I still enjoy visiting the fridge.


Belly Bomb

Mom: Are you flirting with me little man?

Mom: If I come over to rub your tum, are you gonna nibble me?

::Wriggles tummy fetchingly::

Mom: Okay. I'll do it!

::Nibble, nibble, chew, chew::

Quill: Seriously, they fall for it every time!


Tail, Tummy and Toes Tuesday

Prepare yourself...

You may squee yourself hoarse.

I can tell you Mom did. 

I really should have been covering my tender ears. She was on ANOTHER conference call and of course she was braying like a donkey repeatedly. Sometimes it's hard for a kitten to get his rest with all that noise. Luckily I am a pretty dedicated worker too, so I manage to get my nap time in. It can be hard with all the shelf redecorating and what not, but I am a very hard worker.  Take that Monday.


Floofy Friday

Weekend, we need to talk...

I'd like you to feel free to come around more often. Everyone likes having you around. Just don't bring that Monday with you... No one cares for her. 

As for Friday, make it Floofy!

We have nothing big planned here - just the way I like it. Hopefully lots of naps and snacks. Oh and some playtime too. Yep, sounds perfect.

Have a great weekend friends!

P.S. Mom and Angel Fin's Housecat Confidential book has been finding a lot of new fans over the last couple months. It makes me happy to think of people enjoying her story. Maybe some day I'll dictate my own book to Mom. I guess I need to get a little older before I write my memoir.


Sweet Charity

Mom: Hey Quill it looks like one of the local animal charities needs kitty blankets...

Quill: You should totally make some. In fact I'll help - I am really good with craft projects.

Mom: I don't know. I can't sew, or knit, or, anything... but I can cut. (Cuts up fleece) Ta Da! What do you think Quill?

Quill: (Stretches out on fleecy blankie):: Yeah this will totally work Mom! Get busy! I'll help you measure!

Mom: Quill move your tail! Hey Quill I made four of those little cat toys out of the salvage edge... Now I only find three...

Quill: It's a real mystery...


Pretty Boy

Why hello..

So nice to see you.

Perhaps you could swing my string toy?


Floofy Friday

Hey Friday, where you been?

You caught me in the tub again. My new tub. 

Dad was determined to find me a new tub. He said my old tub was to small for an ample-sized kitten. Mom thought a nice cushy dog bed would be the ticket. I flatly refused it. Dad found this new tub. I took one look and dove in. So roomy and comfy! I love my new tub! 

Mom loves it too... something about seeing duck's under water. Mom's are weird. Mom is finally getting better so I am hoping things will return to normal soon.

Weekend, lets get it going!



Wheezy Wednesday

Seriously! She's still at it friends! Kleenex can expect a serious sales spike. She's back at work but as soon as it ends for the day - she's back in the bed like she's got a second job.

I've been pretty understanding but really enough already. I love a solid nap better than most and even I am tired of it.

Where's the play time lady?

She's not even trying to "sell it" when she chases me - she just stamps her feet and when I look behind she hasn't even moved. Sigh.

Maybe tomorrow she'll feel well enough to read to me. My new pal - Socks McDuffy - has a Kindle book called Kittenhood: Orientation and it's free for download on the 13th. I'm almost a mancat now, but I bet I have lots to learn still.

She better help me write my Valentine post. It's my first one!


Sneezy Sunday

Mom's still sickly. She's been snoozing like it's her job since Friday. She's been so dedicated to it you'd think she was getting paid by the hour.

I know it's my job to nurse her back to health with lots of purrs. So I have been busy. We get up just to use the litter box (Course Mom uses her equivalent), stretch out the limbs, maybe grab a snack and then right back to it.

She's started coughing- barking is more like it. She sounds like some kind of terrier.    

When the snoring gets too loud I sneak out for a bit to sleep in my tub. Get in a little playtime with Dad and Ratty.

I mean they say you have to take of yourself first when you're a caregiver.


Floofy Friday

Hi Friends!

Huh? What was that?

A sneeze! Oh boy she's at it again! 
Turns out Mom has something she calls a cold. 
Yet I find her to be delightfully warm. 

I love the heat coming off of her. 
I hate all the sneezing and nose blowing (not to mention the whining)!  
I am hopeful it ends soon.
I hope you all enjoy a quiet and sneeze-free weekend.



Mom: Quill you're getting a ton of spam...

Quill: Really?

Mom: Yeah, a bunch.

Quill: Sounds good.

Mom: What?

Quill: Spam sounds yummy. A hammy treat in a can - I'll give it a try.

Mom: Sadly it's not that kind of Spam. It's people offering you loans and Cialis...

Quill: Maybe I can get a loan to buy some Spam?


Let Down

Well the bowl wasn't that super in my opinion. There wasn't even a real bowl.

Mom did try to make up for the misunderstanding with a stack of kitten biscuits.

I must say these special "events" are rarely what they are cracked up to be. A kitten could become jaded without kitten biscuits...

Wait a minute, you don't think I could be denied kitten biscuits once I become an official cat do you?

Whew, Mom confirmed cat biscuits are also available. Thank Cod.