Fin's Book

If you're a fan of our blog, you're going to love our book.

Have you ever wondered what “Meow” really means? What would a cat say about her life, or about her observations of yours?

Maybe our lives aren’t so different.

Fin’s life was filled with many of the same struggles and joys we can all relate to. Her love of and frustration with her family, finding love despite the scandal (with her toy mouse), discovering her life’s purpose (humans don’t wake themselves), and protecting the ones she loved from danger (moths and the new family dog).

After reading this humorous and heartwarming tale, filled with advice on living life on the inside, you may never think of “Pet Peeves” in the same way again.

Buy it on in Paperback for $8.95 US dollars. Also available for Kindle for $2.99 US Dollars.

Thank you so much for your support!!


  1. Love your blog and your book. Bought the book on Kindle and downloaded it. I read it all at one setting and loved it. I am also a fan of psycho kitty as well. I love the blog gets me through my day. It is always a treat to see your blog come up on my kindle. Please keep up the good work and keep giving Fin more kitty catnip. Wish I had a cat but I feel like I own one everytime I read the blog. If I had a cat it would be just like Fin.


  2. Best of luck with your book. Did Finny dictate it to you?

  3. i am your work friends daughter and i really love your book. i am really exited to reed your blog!!!! i love cats and really want one because of this book