Floofy Friday

Greyson: Friday? Is that you up there?

Greyson: Lemme fish around for you...

Greyson: Oh look! Rings! Gotta play!

Quill: Never send a youngster to do a mancat's work. I'll get you off there Friday!

Quill: We sure are happy to see you Friday! You can play Ring Grab too Friday - then we can all take a nap in the big bed. Mom won't mind, she really missed you this week too.



Mom: Oh Quill look at this big delicious paw. I could eat it up!

Quill: Mom, you can't eat my paws. But you can hold them, and you know what they say about big front paws ladies...

Quill: Really big back paws of course! Dad calls them kangaroo paws. Mom calls them scrumptious.


Pet Pyschic

Mom here. A while back we left a comment on a pal's blog about a reading from a pet psychic from Psychic Source. They contacted us and asked if we wanted a free reading - and of course I did. Even though I think I know my boys very well, I always want to know that they are happy, healthy and well.I would say I am a believer, who is also skeptical.

Our reading was with the very talented Nancy. I sent pictures below of the boys ahead of time and dialed in to meet her. She was a very nice lady and we had a pleasant talk. So let's dive in...

Me? Handsome?
She said that Quill thinks he's the boss, but that he lets Greyson be in charge - or at least think he's in charge. She said he's very aware of things and that little things excite him (the boy loves his pipe cleaners and tiny bugs). He is a sweet boy, laid-back and even-tempered (Yep, that's my boy). He likes to light up a room and he thinks he's very handsome (okay I tell him both things all the time). He's a Momma's Boy and feels protected by me and protective of me. When people come to the house he feels like he needs to remain vigilant to protect me. She said he's very aware of what I say and often understands me. He is sensitive and doesn't like it when he is in trouble with me.

I like an adventure - close to home please.

She said that Greyson lost a sibling, a brother, from his litter. A brother he was very close to and wanted to protect but couldn't (sniff, sniff). When he met Quill he felt like he found his brother again. She said Greyson and the lost brother slept together (I wonder if that's why he always seeks Quill out when they sleep?). He too is very sensitive. He thinks he's right in most situations and is willing to stand up for what he believes. Greyson wants little adventures. He likes to escape (true-he tries everyday), but he would never run away because he loves us (very true). He also brings Quill out of his shell with his adventurous spirit. She thought he needed frequent challenges like new toys (Greyson did you bribe her?). Greyson likes attention from all of us.

Both boys love each other and they both feel very trusting of me. She sees nothing concerning with their health and thought they would live to be old kitties (Cod willing).

I couldn't resist asking if my sweet Finny was around us still. She pulled a Star card (my girl was a star) and that she sensed she was very much with me. She said Fin and I were soul mates. She said Fin is healthy now and happy knowing that we'll be together again someday. She would have been upset if we had another girl kitty, but she isn't jealous of the boys (I knew she was thwarting our efforts to get a girl!).

Overall I thought Nancy was extremely accurate. I was a little surprised about Quill being the leader. Certainly Greyson thinks he is - but I also think Quill realizes he could be leader if he wanted to be.

Nancy also sees positive job changes and a move for we humans within the year. Luckily the boys will be fine if we move as long as we all have each other... Sounds perfect to me.


Cat-A-Lympics - Belly Up

Jim: Well these games are wrapping up today here at the H.C. We're sure going to be sorry to see them go.

Bob: There's been some talk of Meg S Hart adding a new book to the Housecat Confidential franchise and writing a Cat-A-Lympic book.

Jim: That sounds great Bob. ::Covers mic:: Do we get paid for that?

Bob: Oh seeing this event is payment enough Jim. Just in time to welcome Friday - it's the Belly Off!

Jim: I think we have to go to the highlight reel for the master, Fin.

Bob: Look at that full extension! A thing of beauty!

Jim: Quill is trying to step into sweet Finny's paws with this move...

Bob: ::Sniffs:: He looks so much like Finny! This is a solid showing for this floofy boy! Look at the added degree of difficulty with the ring hold!


Jim: You said it Friday! The close-up is totally squee-worthy!

Bob, Jim, and Friday: SQUEEEEEEE!

Bob: Greyson tries to pull it out but it's simply too close to call! Gold for both!

Jim: It's been a great games! We sure are going to miss everyone - we sure hope you'll follow our adventures.


Cat-A-Lympics - Ring Capture

Jim: We're back with an new sport here at the games the Ring Capture! These rings created by our friends at Pacific Cat Toy on Etsy have been the real winners at these games.

Bob: Yes, we hear they have been under foot for days! The humans tried placing the rings on top of the cat scratcher to get them out of the way and this new sport was born.

Jim: Looks like there might be some human taunting Bob! ::Confers with judges:: Yes that is allowed! Looks like Greyson is first to on the challenge.

Bob: I think you can see the high degree of difficulty here... He can't even see up there. He's going to have to go in blind...

Jim: Quill is going to enter the race, this is his favorite sport! Fully stretched he can see the rings at the top, but he rarely takes this advantage. He prefers a wild card approach.

Bob: And Greyson gets the first grab! Look at the concentration!

Jim: And he has it!
Bob: On the Paw!! The crowd goes wild!!!

Jim: Big Kitty climbs for gold! Look at that ALL FOUR PAWS on the apparatus!

Bob: Oh no Jim! The rings fell off in the climb! Looks like Greyson wins this round!


Cat-A-Lympics - Synchronized Staring

Bob: We're back after the long weekend, and just in time for the Synchronized Staring event.

Jim: This is a challenging event for these two very independent catletes. Let's get right to the action...

Bob: Quill begins with a bold "To Camera" stare.

Jim: Looks like the bright green pipe cleaner has distracted the stare of Greyson.

Bob: Quill moves seamlessly to the next position but it looks like young Greyson is still eyeing the pipe cleaner.Adding the pipe cleaner distractor adds a higher degree of difficulty to this event.

 Jim: Looks like Greyson has overcompensated on the head turn and has overshot his mark. Such a shame!

Bob: Now Quill has overshot his next mark and Greyson is still off... Is that a bug? No just a carpet tuft...

Jim: OH! Look at that Bob! 

Bob: A perfectly synchronized Love Blink to the pawparazzi!! It's an impressive showing! Looks like this competition has taken it out of young Greyson...

 Jim: Better luck in this event at the next games boys!


Cat-A-Lympics - Floofy Friday - Valentine's Day!

Bob: And we're back! Things are very exciting here at the H.C with today 's post!

Jim: That's right Bob today is Valentine's Day.

Bob: I understand today is also Floofy Friday here at the H.C.

Jim: Yes, our understanding is that Angel Fin was the first kitty at the H.C. to greet Friday each week and the boys have continued the tradition.

Bob: Will Friday come without this greeting Jim?

Jim: Heh, heh... I hope so Bob, but why chance it. It took some real thought to combine Floofy Friday, Valentine's Day and Cat-A-Lympics into one post. So for today's event we are going to warm your hearts and have a Kitten Cute Off!

Bob: Squeeeeeee!

Jim: ::Covers Mic:: Bob you're going to need to control yourself.

Bob: Let's get to the action - I understand Angel Fin is participating in this event.

Jim: Look at that! She manages to pull off cute and disdain for the pawparazzi. Looks like Quill is willing to rise to this challenge. 

Bob: Look at that tum and the "Please sir may I have some more" pose!

Jim: Greyson isn't going to take that lying down! Or is he...


 Bob: Looks like Quill is taking it to the S Curve!

Jim: Look at that smile! Looks like we're all pretty happy here at the H.C. We sure hope you are happy too. I think there are only winners in this event!


Cat-A-Lympics - Wrestling

Jim: Well friends we're back with today's exciting event, Cat Wrestling.

Bob: So exciting Jim. Let's get right to the action. This round is between Quill and Greyson. I understand right before this event they were snuggling, and will be right after too.

Jim: Looks like Greyson has taken to the mat to begin the match in the prone position. Quill is starting from the classic seated position.

Bob: And Greyson taunts Quill with a raspberry! Quill rears up - he's not going to take that kind of conduct from his brother!

Jim: Quill has him pinned - but it looks like Greyson is using the classic Bunny-Kick maneuver!

Bob: Greyson taunts using Quill's signature move - the Back Paw Hold Off! Using Quill's own move against him, now you gotta love that fearless little cat's cheek!

Jim: Quill moves in and Greyson gives a kick to the head! Looks like things are getting heated. 

Jim: Quill is repositioning, but Greyson looks ready to strike...

Bob: Boom! Quill brings down the hammer! Greyson! Greyson are you okay?

Greyson: Yes Bob I'm fine!

Jim: ::Covers Mic:: Bob you can't disturb the cathletes like that...
Bob: Right, right... Quill is going for the Back Paw Nibble! Is that legal?

Jim: Remember Bob there are No Rules in these games!

Jim: OHHH! Greyson gets in a Back Paw to the Chops!

Jim: Greyson looks pinned for good this time! Quill is repositioning for the neck grab! Look at the agony of defeat!

Greyson: UNCLE!

Bob: Well that's it! Quill takes the match!

Jim: Just to be clear, no kitties were harmed in this match.


Cat-A-Lympics - Procrastination

Jim: Well Friends, today the human at the H.C. is getting into the action!

Bob: Really Jim, cause it looks like she is just... watching Reality TV. Is that The Bachelor?

Jim: Yes it is Bob! What you're seeing is the Human Procrastination event.

Bob: Boy they are serious about anything being an event! I hear this event is hotly contested among human staff! Let's get right to the, er, inaction Jim.

Jim: It looks like the human is working on... It looks like it could be this very post Bob! This effort may get her disqualified...

Bob: Oh no Jim! She's a veteran at this sport! Looks like she switched to reading her pals blogs!

Jim: That was close Bob! But it looks like she's reached the end of her blog list. ::Whispers:: Will she get back to writing this post?

Jim: NO! She makes a quick adjustment in the internet browser, and it's the classic Ebay distractor!Seems there is some shopping to do!

Bob: This cat mom is taking it to the mat! I see she's dismounted the lounger and she's on her feet. Looks like it's a kitty snuggle with the boys and - is that a snack?

Jim: Yes Bob!! For herself and one for the kitts! Wait, she's re-mounting the lounger, and she's placing the laptop on her lap. I think this round may be over!

Bob: No Jim!! She's fighting back! She's picked up the Kindle!!

Jim: Oh Bob it looks like this procrastinator has met her match, the battery on the Kindle is dead!

Bob: That was a real claw biter Jim! Looks like the first Cat-A-Lympic post is going out!! I doubt this is the last we've seen of this seasoned competitor in these games!


Opening Ceremonies - Cat-A-Lympics

Bob: Well Jim we're back from the imagination of Meg S Hart!

Jim: That's right Bob. It's sure great to be back in time for the opening ceremonies of Cat-A-Lympics.

Bob: Boy it's good to be back Jim! I feel like we need to explain the games to our new readers.

Jim: I agree Bob.  First the name Cat-A-Lympics is a bit of a misnomer, as any species can play.

Bob: What Jim? Any species? Humans? Dogs and Cats competing together? It's a world gone mad.

Jim: Yes Bob, it's a unique feature of these games, but you know cats are fierce competitors and they welcome all comers. Another difference in these games is that any participant takes away gold. Anyone is welcome to make up an event on the fly and post it at their blogs too.

Bob: Can you tell us the rules on that Jim?

Jim: No Bob, because there are no rules! That's right! No Rules! Cats would have it no other way Bob. If you take napping seriously enough to call it a sport - it can be an event. Play on equipment or play on words - it's all open.

Bob: You mean they can even use old posts and just slap a Cat-A-Lympic spin on the thing and that counts?

Jim: Yes Bob! Like I said no rules! Just a celebration of the Cathlete. In fact I understand we'll even be showing previous events with Angel Fin.

Bob: Angel Fin! Wow Jim! Let the games begin with the display of the circles...

Jim: Okay who took the other one?

Quill: This is unprofessional! And those are my toys!

Greyson: What? I have no idea where it went...

Jim: All right - let's get to the passing of the torch...

Bob: I understand the flame traveled all the way across the kitchen...

Jim: And now the lighting of the Cat-A-Lympic caldron.

Bob: Wow... it's really moving. I believe it's a three wick.

Jim: ::Sniffs:: Is that cinnamon?

Bob: "Baking Spice" Jim. I think that brings us to the end of tonight's ceremonies. Please join us for the next post in these exciting games.


Floofy Friday & Cat-A-Lympics Announcement

Ho hum - where are you Friday?

Quill, I see Friday by the door! 

Whew! Thank goodness you made buddy!

What's that Friday? The Olympics are starting today? TODAY!? Our Mom has not done a single thing to prepare for Cat-A-Lympics! Of course you're right Friday, we HAVE to have Cat-A-Lympics here at the H.C. 

We are going to get our Mom off her asterisk and get on with the show. We do all kinds of stuff Jim and Bob can narrate for Cod's sake. For those of you new to the H.C. Jim and Bob are the imaginary sportscasters Mom hears whenever she sees us doing anything vaguely athletic. 

Any cat (or other species) can play along with the Cat-A-Lympic fun. There are no rules in Cat-A-Lympics so anything goes - ANYTHING can be a sport! We plan on posting beginning Monday and run through the next week. Let the games begin!