Meg S. Hart

Why hello. So nice of you to drop by here.

I am the human voice of Housecat Confidential. I even write as a human from time to time too. If you're interested in reading about my life (currently in progress), please read on.

After many years trying to find the artistic expression that suited me, I finally found it in writing. I found my voice as my cat Fin during my first writing class. For a writing assignment I wrote a story called "Mousey and Me - a Tale of Forbidden Love" about my grannycat Fin and the secret love affair she had with her toy mouse. It was the story all my classmates loved and talked about. The story eventually expanded into the book Housecat Confidential.

I decided to start a blog in Fin's voice and thought it would be so unique. Instead I found a whole community of talented, creative humans (and cats) who blogged about the daily events of kitties in homes all across the world.

I've learned that "Cat People" are very good people indeed. When Fin passed away in 2012, I was devastated. The kindness and support of the Cat Blogosphere helped ease my heartache.

When I found Quill, the new Kitten In Charge for the H.C., he took over muse duties. He seemed a little lonesome so we added Greyson a year later and our family was complete once more.

In my human voice I've written my first novel called Pain by Proxy. It taps into a much darker place within myself, but my goal to heal people's hearts with my stories remains the same.

Thanks for checking in and I hope to see you in the bookstores and on the big screen.

Follow the kitties at and follow me on Twitter @megstories. 


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