Floofy Friday

Friday: Are you giving me the stink eye Greyson?

Greyson: No! This stink eye is reserved for Mom and Mom alone. She abandoned us for days!!

Mom: It was about 36 hours, and Aunt Jenny came to check on you boys twice. 

Friday: I hope I never get the stink eye!

Greyson: Never! This is what I think of you Friday...

Friday: Ah Greyson, you nibbled me a heart!


Floofy Friday

Friday: Psst, Quill? Quillbert?

Quill:Huh? Oh hey Friday! I was just snoozervising Mom. I like to get on my chair early before other cats try to sneak into my turf. Do you ever have that trouble Friday?

Friday: All the time! Thursday is always on my heels - crowding my style. Not gonna happen!


Floofy Friday

Greyson: Oh Friday where are you? We are so excite to see you around here!

At last! What? You wanna smooch my adorable face?
Okay, I don't mind a cuddle and kiss...


Floofy Friday

Friday: Whatcha doing Greyson?

 Greyson: Just kicking back on Mom's arm... This is a snoopervision position - I mean she doesn't get away with a THING!

Mom: That's cause I can't do a thing with a cat on my arm... I have to hunt and peck on the keyboard... And speaking of the keyboard...

Greyson: Even my back paws are in on the action - one wrong word and I'm gonna take it right out!

Friday: Wow! You do run a tight ship!