Not Yet Floofy Friday

Quill: Psst Friday. Over here! We're hiding out under the bed.

Greyson: It's too dark for even the pawparazzi. But it's safe here.

Quill: Scary little humans are ringing our bell... and Dad keeps opening the door!!

Greyson: We'll post cute photos of us later, maybe tomorrow. It's been a wild week - there's been a Mom doppelganger here too. 


Last First

Dad:: Dig, dig, rummage. Pulls out pumpkins from the closet and dances about:: Yippee!

Greyson: What's he doing?

Quill: It's Boo Time - Halloween. He decorates the front yard before the terrifying little humans come.

Greyson: What are you talking about? Halloween? Little humans?

Quill: Oh my gosh - you don't know what Halloween is!

Greyson: No! I was born in November. My first holiday was one with turkey.

Quill: So Halloween is your last first holiday.

Greyson: I guess so. I'm going to be an official mancat soon. So tell me about Halloween and the little humans...

Quill: It's scary. They dress up and ring our doorbell and demand treats. 

Greyson: Sounds great I love to demand treats!


Floofy Friday

Hi Friday! It's me, Mom. The boys are kinda spent but they sure will be happy to see you when they wake up. I looked over the other morning and saw this....

I know Friday! Both of em napping together. I could barely stand the cuteness! I had to sneak another angle. 

Such a bummer on the flash though. You don't mind do you? I mean that's a lot of floof, flash or no. You just got here, and I'm already excited to see you next week!


Tummy Takeover

Quill here. I can't believe how rude Greyson can be. Did you see he posted a picture of his bloated tummy on my blog? Well I can show you some tummy friends...

Bad enough Greyson eats my kibble, but blog takeovers are just not allowed. Mom says I've trimmed down. Luckily there's still plenty of tummy to rub - plenty! Dad says I am over 36" long from stretched out front paws to back. I think that is like a mile of floofy white tum. Take that Greyson!


Meh Monday

Well Monday, you're back I see...

Maybe you'd like to take it a little easy... Maybe wait around for Tuesday? It's not that I don't enjoy spending time in the office with you and Mom, but you tend to make her a little stressed. The only good thing about her being a little stressed is that she likes to take kitty snuggle breaks. I like a kitty snuggle break. 

Of course the breaks are shorter when she is "working" which I don't prefer. I like an extended snuggle, where Greyson prefers to get in and out quick. To each his own - Lucky for us Mom is fluent in both snuggle styles. What about you, which snuggle do you prefer?


Floofy Friday

Hi Friday! Seems I'm in a little bit of trouble because of my desire to share meals with Quill. His meals, not so much mine. I've been told I'm a little hoglet. Me!

Me - after my meal (and Quills).
See Friday it all started when  I got here Mom decided Quill needed to drink more. She had this great idea to add water to his kibble. Quill loves it! He drinks all the broth first and then I swoop in and enjoy the water-logged kibble. Suddenly everyone starts yelling at me! 

The next time Mom prepared a little tray for me too. I totally ignored my tray and swooped in for the kill waited for Quill to lick the broth off - then I ate his kibble. I totally let Quill drink the broth in my dish! But then I pushed him out and ate my kibble too. 

I needed to sleep it off after that. As you can see I needed to let that tummy breath. I know I shouldn't eat Quill's share too, but it's really tasty. 

Don't worry Friday I won't eat your kibble - I'm still pretty full.


National Feral Cat Day

Mom here. Today is National Feral Cat Day in the United States. The day is particularly important to me since my sweet Quill came into my life.

If my boy hadn't been rescued by Kacie when he was just a baby, he might have lived a very different life. My big gentle boy might have been forced to fight on the streets to survive. He might have had to kill to eat, when he clearly is a pacifist. 

My timid boy might have lived in fear and run from humans - actually he does kinda does that now. He would have missed the touch of kind humans who love him dearly and would do anything for him. He never would have learned how happy a nice chin scritch can make you feel.

I can't imagine a life without my loving and sweet boy - and I'm glad I don't have to try to imagine it either. 


The Evil Dyson

Greyson and Quill: ZZZzzzzzzzz

Mom: Blah, blah, shedding enough four cats, blah, blah....

Greyson: Huh? What? Hey Quill did you hear the door to the Evil Dyson's Lair?

Quill: Huh? No. Plus all our toys are still out. You know before the Evil comes all our toys disappear first.

Greyson: Yeah. That's true...


Greyson: Save yourself Quill!! Get to the closet and I'll distract it!

We ran for the bedroom as as we rounded the corner we saw that it was attacking our MOM! Mom had it by the neck AND by the tail, but still it was almost getting away from her. We both ran into the closet and watched in horror as Mom wrestled it all around the house.

In the end Mom silenced it and then ripped out it's stomach (filled with our furs!). Dad was able to take the wounded Dyson and put it back in its lair. What a horror show friends.


Floofy Friday

Help!!! Save me Friday!!

Just kidding Friday! Careful now - squee alert!

I asked Quill to give me a bath. 
You can see how much I hate it. MOL.

Truth is I love it! 

 I give Quill an ear bath whenever he asks too. Cause I'm a giver. 

You wanna get in on this bath time Friday? 
You can get right in line.
 Just keep down the volume on those squeals!


Thoughtful Thursday

Greyson here. I am such a thoughtful kitten - always looking out for my family. I only wish they saw it that way.

Last night I saw Mom in the kitchen, naturally I went in to see what she was doing. She often needs me to stand under her feet while she prepares things. I'm often called upon to eat any scraps that might fall. Just part of the service I provide.

I noticed she was rummaging in a sack of some kind. Naturally I decided to jump on the counter to see if it was a treat sack for me - and Quill too (I was going to share - some). Well I saw she was filling a bowl with potato chips. Surely she shouldn't be eating those - she needed my help!

When I tried to talk Mom down from her chip frenzy - she just yammered on about how I wasn't supposed to be on the counter. I know! So rude! Of course I had to take action.

I saw my opportunity when she picked me up with one arm and her chip bowl with the other. I used my talented Monkey Tail to sweep my tail into the chip bowl and flick all the chips onto the floor. Crisis averted. Would a "Thank You Greyson!" be too much to ask? Or at least a treat? I don't eat chips - at least not BBQ flavor.


Wash Wednesday

Mom: Greyson? Greyson where are you?

Greyson: In here Mom!

Mom: Greyson! What are you doing in the laundry room sink?

Greyson: I just figured out I could jump up here.

Mom: Hey while you're in there, maybe we could wash your dirty paws little guy.

Greyson: This is my "I'm not amused by you Mom." face. Besides if my paws are dirty maybe it's more a reflection of your housekeeping skills rather than my bathing skills....


Floofy Friday

Why hello Friday.

I'm just sitting here in my catloaf position. 

Here's another one for you too - notice the paw dangle. 

That's just for you Friday! 
Where's Quill you ask... Snoozervising Mom. 

 Mom's had a ton of boring old conference calls this week. 
It's enough to put a kitty into nap mode.


Thankful Thursday

Oh hey friends, and welcome to you Thursday! Greyson said what he was grateful for last week and I didn't want you to think I wasn't thankful on Thursday.

I'm pretty thankful everyday. In no particular order here are things I am thankful for:

  • My rescuer - Kacie. I never forget that if fate hadn't taken a paw, I might be living as a wild kitty on the streets.
  • My Mom. I love Dad too, but Mom is my person.
  • My Woobie Blanket. Nothing makes me want to make a batch of biscuits like my Woobie. 
  • Mom cuddles on my Woobie Blanket - Pure Heaven!
  • Treats. I love all treats. I really like Greenies, Temptations... okay there may not be a treat I don't like. 
  • Window sitting. I love to sit at one of my window posts and watch the outside. 
  • Greyson. I hate to admit it, but I love Greyson. He does make things much more exciting. When he does leave me alone - I go and find him. 
  • Did I mention eating?