Happy Mew Year!

Mom: Hey boys, time for your Mew Year photo shoot!

Oh Quill you moved! 

Greyson, be still!

What is wrong with you two, why can't you let me get some nice pics for the last post of 2015?

Greyson: Mom! Look at what's outside!

Mom: Is it Friday?

Quill: No! Look!

 Mom: Wow! Look at the size of that dove!

Quill: He's huge - like a ball with tail feathers!

Mom: Still I'm pretty excited about THIS Friday's visit. 

Quill: That's right it's a special day here at Casa De Housecat. It was Fin's Birthday and it's Mom's B-Day too!

Happy Mew Year to all of you!! Your friendship and continued support means so much to us!


Merry Floofy Friday

Mom: Boys.... Boys wake up. 

Greyson: Huh? Friday?

Mom: No it's me. I wanted to get your pictures for the blog.

Quill: Mom! We were napping! My fur is all mussed. My Cod what if Sandy Claws or Friday sees us with messy ruffs?

Mom: I have on authority that Friday and Sandy Claws both love kitties, even messy furred ones. 

Quill: Good. 

From all of us here at the H.C. we wish our friends a very happy holiday season. 

Purrs and Hugs

Meg and The Boys


Floofy Friday

Lil G: ZZZZzzzzzz
Quill: Greyson! Greyson wake up! Friday's coming!

Well I'm ready for it! Attentive and ready!

Uh Oh... what if Friday forgets to come?

Mom: ::Applies kisses of comfort to that sweet face:: Don't you worry Quilly-Bear Friday would never forget you boys!


Floofy Friday

Quill: ZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Friday: Hey Quill? Buddy?

Quill: What? Uh? Oh Friday it's you!! Greyson was so afraid you wouldn't keep coming cause of last week's-

Greyson: Debacle!

Friday: Don't worry boys I come every week! So what's been happening?

Quill: Look at our awesome new boxes!

Greyson: There's two of em - side by side!

Quill: ::Whispers:: Of course mine is the only one that say's "Rockstar" on the side...


Holy Cod! What a Slacker!

Lil G here hiding out under this impossibly girly blanket from sheer embarrassment...

Wait... Why am I embarrassed? It was Mom who forgot it was FRIDAY! And then was too lazy to even post an apology to Friday when she remembered later that night!

I think she thought she was in the clear even, until one of our loyal readers (Hi Pat!) wrote to ask about our well-being. Boy did I lay on the guilt! I demanded a retraction, or a, what's the opposite of a retraction? An action? Whatevs. A post. Thanks Pat for calling this oversight to my attention. I will ensure she gets back on the important cat business.