Nipped in the Bud

Doods, I'm feeling a little loopy from my latest nip feast.

Mom are there any leftovers from the Chick-Hen dinner? I'm feeling peckish!

I decided to take things into my own paws tonight. It had been DAYS since Mom had brought out the good stuff. When a grannycat needs her nip, by golly, she should have it. 

So I jumped on table and pushed the whole thing onto the living room floor. I liberated the sack from the wrapper, and I was going to rip it open when I started rolling all over the packaging... again. Boy that packaging is good stuff! 

By the time Mom found me laying on the wrapper, using the bag of nip as a pillow, it was all over. Time for a snack! I was too fast for another photo shoot. I like to remain private sometimes.

In an embarrassment of riches, my new friend the Coupon Queen from Living on Less has given a delightful review of my book here.

With all that is going well in my own life, I have plenty of purrs going out to my friends who are not doing as well right now. I'm purring that everyone in your world is okay and continues to be so! My Purrer is set to high, but with a few chin scritches from Mom I go into overdrive.


Floofy Friday

Mom was determined last night to get her IPod working again. She hasn't used it in years and got a wild hair at 8pm last night to make it happen. Here is what she "Made Happen":

  • Set up an extra ITunes account - Check
  • Delete all previously loaded music from IPod - Check - Technically, I helped with this one. See when it said something like - "Are you sure you want to synch cause it's going to wipe out all your tunes?" - She asked me what she should do. Since "OK" was an option, I said okay. Looking back, I see perhaps "Cancel" would have been another way to go.
  • Buy a new song and have it  eaten by the great beyond - Check, Check
It was about this time that the foul mouth started. I had to cover my ears (I do like a fowl mouth).You kiss your cat with that mouth Mom?

I'm sure the weekend will be spent with her trying to find her "Dim All the Lights" and Katy Perry. Yes, she is a dancing queen - well, in theory. I sure hope she doesn't think I'm going to be scooped up and made to boogie with her. I'm more of a slow dancer.

Have a great weekend friends! What do you have planned?


Thankful Thursday

Just when I think I've thought of all the ways to get Mom out of her bed to service my many needs - I surprise myself. I was actually trying to jump over her pillow to get to her face when I slipped and pounced right on the pillow with my front paws.

Wow! Was that an attention grabber!

There were some naughty words thrown about, but I hardly heard all that. She was up and down the hall to fill my dish in record time. Yep, I call it good.

I am also thankful that Dad had a little drop moment and lost his pizza slice to the tile floor. I am even more grateful that he was distracted trying to find towels to clean up the mess, because I can say without reservation that pepperoni is a delight!


Shelter Awareness

My great friend Brian always does a wonderful job of reminding his readers to adopt pets, cause we deserve it. He asked that on the 24th we remind everyone about shelters. Of course we are happy to do so. I came from a shelter as a kitten so I know how important it is to support them.

Our economy has had more than a rough patch over the last few years and often shelters are hit hard. Shelters here have been filled to capacity due to people who have lost their homes and were forced to give up beloved pets. At a time when shelters could use more money to handle the load, donations can also suffer.

Of course cash is always appreciated, but we've seen some great ideas of things you can do to help animals in need:

  • Donate old blankets, or practice your knitting and make some blankies
  • Donate or make toys for the kitties to play with
  • Donate food or paper goods
  • Foster animals or volunteer your time to help where you can
  • Adopt from a shelter rather than buying at a pet store
So is there anything you can think of that you can do to help? Mom and I are going to put our heads together to do more. Thanks Brian for the idea!

Mittens on Monday

Breaking News! Our book was reviewed by the delightful Caren from Cat Chat with Caren and Cody. Caren writes about her life with her cat Cody and really great book reviews. She loved our book and called it delightful! Yippee!

"Housecat CONFIDENTIAL" is witty, funny, touching, charming, thought provoking  and sure to strike a chord with anyone who owns or has been owned by a cat. Fin's insight and first-paw experience on being a housecat will resonate with you as it did with me."

Makes me want to zoom about the house! Mom too! Okay back to the regularly scheduled post starring me... What Mom? Mittens!

Yes friends Mittens is hogging MY blog and apparently MY porch. I was so excited to get some porch time this fine weekend. I sniffed about the porch only to discover it smelled just like... Mittens!

Yep the old boy is making himself quite at home on MY porch while I am holed up on the inside. I said he could have full roam of the Front Yard, not My porch! 

I was ready to check out my side yard when Dad scooped me up and deposited me in the house so I wouldn't run into the intruder. Well I never!

Mittens, enjoying my food, my sun puddles, and my scritches from MY parents! I am a giver, but I've got my eyes on you bub. 

And that "Who Me?" innocent look isn't going to fly with me either. I invented that look!
Hey, is that MY FOOD too?!


Floofy Friday

Sing it with me friends...

It's the most girliest mouse in the world!

Wait Mom, this isn't right...

Yes, that's better.

Isn't she pretty? I call her Isabella Mousington. I haven't even whapped her under the couch yet. Mom has started calling me Lady Mousington which I like better than some of the other names she comes up with for me. Of course Isabella in no way takes Mousey's place. No one could ever take Mousey's place. 

So what does everyone have planned for the weekend? I'm hoping for porch time, but Mom mentioned something about taking a Day Trip with Dad. I wonder what that means? She's a trip everyday. We hope you have a great weekend doing whatever you have planned.


Why me?

Why does everyone here look at me when they say something has gray hair on it?

I'm not the only long hair, and I'm not the only one who's gray either.

Keep looking lady...



Mom: Look Finny! The Katnip Lounge Mom sent us a giffee!

Fin: You mean like you should have... Hey, this sack smells nice...

Is that nip in there?

Yes! Primo nip!!

YEAH!! I see a pink elephant!

Is this Dad's wallet I'm bunny-kicking? Who cares!

Good stuff! Thanks Katnippers!


Mom on Monday

Saturday Morning - 7:15am

Mom: Fin. Finny! You need to get off my lap. I have to go.

Fin: What? Where are you going?

Mom: I'm gonna go meet up with the Mom at the Katnip Lounge!! I don't want to be late.

Fin (following behind): I can't believe you're going to meet someone so cool. Oh my Cod, are you going to the Catio? 

Mom: No. Not this time, we are meeting for coffee. (Fin begins rubbing on Mom's black pants)

Mom: Knock that off, what are you doing?

Fin: Marking you with cat hair, so she recognizes you.

Mom: I'm covered now. Thanks.

Fin: What are you taking for my friends?

Mom: Huh?

Fin: You are bringing them a gift aren't you?

Mom: Yeah, I have a mouse for Tiny Johnson, since he was sick.

Fin: Mom! You are only bringing ONE LITTLE MOUSE!! There are 13 cats at the lounge, and you're only bring ONE MOUSE?! I'm so embarrassed. Never send a human to do a tabby's job... 


Fin: You're home! How did it go? Is she just as cool as we thought?

Mom: Yep! Cooler! I think I'm going to get to go to the Catio one day! 

Fin: You? What are you going to do at the Catio? Sharpen your claws? 

Mom: She wants to meet you too. Look she brought us a present. 

Fin: I knew you should have brought something for all my friends! Hey, maybe she'd like to interview for an opening on my staff... I see I may need to let someone go...


Floofy Friday

 What? A knot. In all of this? Never.
Go ahead Mom. Make my day.

My laser eyes are on stun, and I'm hungry...

I thought knot.

The knot wars continue. Being Floofy on Friday, or any other day, can have its challenges. My plan for the weekend is to lay low and sharpen things, just in case of an attack.

Mom is excited for the Golden Globes on Sunday. She calls it her Super Bowl. It comes complete with snacks and hours spent on the phone running down the fashion play-by-play with her bestest pals.

I am so hoping for some porch time. I have been deprived a roll on the cement for far too long. I long to feel the sun in my fur. Yes, in the winter, it's nice to live in a desert. What do you have planned for this weekend friends?



Did I bite the hand that feeds me?


Did it deserve to be bitten?


I was enjoying a delightful snuggle when I realized the formally gentle tugging at my floofy side had become a full on knot wrestle. Unacceptable.

Knot 1 - Mom 0

Gee, I hope I didn't damage her cat food can opening hand...


My Policy

I am a firm believer in an Open Door Policy. So I get extremely peeved when one of my doors is closed. The only door I want to see closed is the door to the lair of The Evil Dyson.

So tonight when not one, but two of the doors in my realm were closed I was understandably miffed. Two doors! Dad's My office was cut off from the hallway and from the living room. I know, it's shocking. What was going on in there I wanted to know.

I meowed for more than an hour before Mom finally figured out what was wrong, and righted the universe.

Yes, she is slow.

On an up note she did feed me twice, add ice to my water, and clean my litter box in an effort to discover the cause of my distress.

Yes, I run a tight ship. I'm happy to report that nothing was going on in there either.


Mom Watch on Monday

Well the Mom Funk continued into this weekend. As part of her funk or perhaps to shake herself from it, she's decided to watch less TV, she says it's so she can hear herself think. So where she used to stare at the TV, now she just appears to stare.

I'm enjoying the bountiful lap time, but her intervals to get up are all out of whack. I used to rely on her being transfixed by TV activity and now she is going by some internal guidance system. At least I can still guilt her into not disturbing my rest most of the time.

She says she is trying to think Big Thoughts, but where are the small thoughts like "pet the cat," or "feed the cat"? She says she is getting an idea for her next cat book, so I guess I allow it, for now.

At least my sweet meow still activates the Human Automated Petting Response or HARP.


Floofy Friday

Well it's Friday, Thank Cod! I'm so excited that my heating pad Mom will be home all weekend. I've not been able to spend the porch time I prefer and I am hoping for a little outdoor time. My floof is pretty full now so I don't think I'll mind the chill.

The only thing that ruins my porch time is Mom's whining that she is cold. If only she could grow some fur... I like the cold weather because it tends to put Mom in a semi-nap state most of the time. A few purrs and she is off to dream land. If only her snoring didn't ruin my beauty sleep.

I think she's in a funk. Maybe it was the whole thing about turning ancient.

So what about you friends, what's on your weekend agenda?


Thankful Thursday

I am very thankful that Dad was not trying to play with my beloved Mousey yesterday. He did toss it in the air which set off my beloved's jingle bell, but he claimed he was "just moving it out of the way..." and something about how I shouldn't be leaving him in the hallway.

I haven't spoken much about my darling on the blog. Mousey & Me, A Tale of Forbidden Love was the very first story Mom and I ever wrote together and it's what spawned the idea for my book and later this very blog. Mousey is so precious to me and without him my life literally wouldn't be the same.

I know the nature of our love is scandalous, but one look into his beaded black eyes and I know I can't do anything else but love him. I hope you don't judge me.

What am I saying you're my friends, you'll understand.



What is that noise?

Is that Dad playing with Mousie in the other room?

I better check this out, no one plays with Mousie but me!

I'm coming Mousey!!


Best Part

The Best Part of a Birthday...

The wrapping paper!

Wait, this is blocking my face. Get down, whap, whap. 
Things I do for a photo shoot.

Yes, now this is more formal and yet still festive. Maybe tomorrow I'll show you the bag!

How is the new year coming along for you so far? So far it's going fine here. I think I'm getting a fountain for my birthday! I'm pretty excited about it. I hope I can splash the water out of it all night. Doesn't that sound fun? I know right!



Fin:: Nah, Nah, Nah, Nah, Nah, Nah, Nah Nah, They Say It's My Birthday!

Mom: Nah, Nah, Nah, Nah, Nah, Nah, Nah Nah, It's My Birthday Too!

That's right friends it's the Trifecta! New Year's Eve till 11:59 and then at 12:00 Mom and I are having another candle on our Birthday cakes. I'm turning 14 and Mom is turning something with a four in the first position.
The Littlest Flooflet
Can you stand it?
Squeal if you must...

Mom and Dad had been searching for months to find a kitten to complete their family. Dad had said "No Long Hairs" but one look at all of this kitten goodness and Mom couldn't help but break that rule. I knew immediately Mom was the one for me, I yelled "Dibs" to my kitten siblings and the rest was history.

We don't know my exact birthday but Mom's "Kitten Hunt" ended in February, and with some questionable math skills she counted backwards and figured I was born at the end of Decemberish. She asked if I wanted to share her birthday and I agreed immediately. I was pretty amiable back then. 

So Happy New Year to all our friends!! We like things pretty casual over here on the big night, so we hope you curl up and enjoy the Whisker Sours and the Niptinis, and the Champagne if you're human, and let's all toast together...

May your new year be filled with joy, health, and riches beyond your imagination!

Purrs and Hugs,

Fin and Mom