The Prize

Meg here, hope you enjoy this post from my Meg S Hart human blog. 

So this morning I was checking whatever one feels compelled to check on their laptop first thing in the morning, when I heard a loud crunching sound. It's a sound my cat-mom ears know well, crunching cellophane. Nothing pleases Fin more than to chomp on a hunk of the stuff. Of course I have to be the buzz-kill and stop her.

On a mission to make sure she doesn't swallow a huge swath, I begin my surveillance. I spot her quickly on the dining table (now I'll have to figure out how she got up there too) and she has her back to me.

"HEY! KNOCK THAT OFF!" I shout to the unresponsive Finny. Well perhaps not unresponsive because she turns towards me at that point, perhaps to show a more flagrant disregard for my order. I see an object in the darkness but still can't tell what she might be crunching away on.

"DON'T MAKE ME COME OVER THERE!" We both know that's probably a lie.Apparently she heard "jump off the table and take your prize with you" because that's what she did instead. I was finally able to see what she had claimed.

A fortune cookie still in it's little cellophane sack. It was resting comfortably in her jaws as she fled the scene of the crime. The site of it tickled me so much that I even let her crunch it for a time.

Her fortune? Don't stop dreaming, otherwise sleep will get boring. A great fortune for a sleepy kitty I say. 

Guess what? Me and my girl will be celebrating our birthdays on Sunday. She will be turning 15 and I will be celebrating 15 too, sure there will be another 31 on top of that, but who's counting. I think I need to plan a party.


And the Moon

Here's another favorite from the past, hope you enjoy it. By the way our floofster is still doing well. She needs the appetite enhancer but she is sassy and full with it.

As I reported yesterday the changing of the sunrise has thrown me off my efforts to wake Mom. Admittedly, I've been late a few times, and in an effort to over compensate, early a few times too. I've even been caught off guard and been awakened by the hated noisy box.

The other night I was sitting on the bathroom floor, waiting for the sun, when I noticed - the Moon. Sometime in the night, Mom had kicked off her covers, exposing a section of lily white tush that actually glowed in the moonlight. I was mesmerized.

Of course I've touched the butt before, but perhaps it was the coolness of the tiles, and my desire for a refill of my water, that lead me to my next thought - what if I touched the celestial body with my paw, my cold paw. No, better yet, my cold, damp paw.

I gripped the cool porcelain (I think a paw held in front of the AC vent would work well here too), and waited. When I was adequately chilled, I stuck my paw in the water bowl and headed off for - a Moon landing.

I made a stealthily approach, hoping she wouldn't turn or change the cover arrangement. I sat down, lifted my paw, and suddenly, I felt a bit guilty. I gave a warning meow, to give her an opportunity to awaken at my first request (okay, I whispered it, but I did do it). No response. I laid my cold damp paw upon the Moon. One small step for Fin, one giant leap for catkind.

Now kitties, here is where the danger comes - you need to leap back, you're going need to be at a safe distance. Prepare your most innocent face, you're going to need to deny any intentional wrong doing. You might want to cover your ears too, with the dry paw of course.


Merry Christmas

Here is another post from my new human blog that you can find here or on Kindle by searching for Hart Stories or by my pen name Meg S Hart.

I don't know why this time of year gets me so nostalgic, but it does. Growing up Christmas was always a special time of year for me, and not just because of the presents either (although my former nickname of "Present Pig" would lead you to think differently). As a child we had a long break from school which allowed us to fly back east to Illinois from sunny California and spend the holiday at my Grandmother's house. My Grandmother was the Martha Stewart of her day.

She'd work so hard to make the holidays as special as she could. Everything from velvet ribbons on the polished apples to thoughtfully selected and beautifully wrapped gifts. One year she even had the groundskeeper tie red velvet ribbons on the flock of white pigeons they owned. Hm, that sounds kind of exotic doesn't it? Someday I'll tell you about the peacocks and then the pigeons won't seem exotic at all.Seriously, she had peacocks.

When my Grandmother passed I spent years boycotting Christmas. It made me too sad to see the world wrapped up in its Christmas finery when my Grandmother wasn't in the world to enjoy it. It was silly really. Who was I punishing?

I found Christmas again a couple of years ago, but now I am all in (not velvet-tied apples in - but who is?). I started to gather the glitziest, most sparkly ornaments I could find. Although my husband hates glitter because it "gets" everywhere, I even have sneaked some of them in too. I love ornaments that remind me of the way snow twinkles and frost both illuminates and obscures a window pane.

I love to sit in my quiet house and stare at my sparkly Christmas tree. If I can get my precious kitty on my lap and have a good book in my hand, well it's nothing short of perfection.

Life is like glitter, it's beautiful, it's messy and you never know where it's going to end up.

Happy Holidays to all our Friends!


Floofy Friday

Hi kitties and friends! Mom, er, Meg here. I wanted to give you a little update on my floofy girl, and the news is good! She is eating and drinking again, with a bit of encouragement, and there has been some occasional bouts of full throttle sass. Lots of napping and snuggles to be had too.

It makes me so happy to be awakened from a dead sleep to give her a snack, seriously it does. We are spoiling her with anything she likes, and we are all loving every minute of it. So put your paws in the air and let's get some vintage floof up in here!

Wonder if Sandy Claws is in here?
Happiest of Holidays to all of you friends!


The First Post

Here is the first post from my human blog. You can find it on Kindle by searching Hart Stories or by Meg S Hart.

Hello World!

It's me, Meg, ::whispers:: and I'm human. Maybe some of you saw that one coming. If you're new here you're likely to be confused by that revelation, so let me explain. 

I'm starting my own blog after blogging for three plus years using my cat's voice. Why blog as a cat? It started as a way to find an audience for a book called Housecat Confidential that I wrote in her voice. I guess I should back up even more - why write a book as a cat?

Speaking in my cat's voice all began by trying to mimic my cat's many variations on meow. She is a true kitty linguistic, and it did seem like you could really understand her wants and needs if you could just crack the code.

Eventually my hubby and I began to interpret those vocalization into English. Once we had her talking, it didn't take long for us to begin to insert our humor into those interpretations.Why ask "Honey, can you feed the cat?" when there are so many more fun ways to ask when you ask it like the cat would?

I have to admit my girl Fin didn't initially seem to be the brightest star in the sky, until the day I realized her "playing dumb" was an effective way to get what she wanted. Finny De Floof - Master Mind was born. 

Suddenly all the odd (but turns out perfectly normal) behavior of a cat took on new meaning to me. I began to try to see life through her eyes, and it was a life I liked looking at. It was filled with love (for us and a more forbidden variety with a toy mouse), hope (surely that can of tuna will be opened soon), work stresses (humans don't wake themselves) and many of the same frustrations we all face.

The world was a more interesting place from her point of view. I could learn to take life and myself less serious - why just have self-deprecating humor when you can have a cat do it for you. 

Her world was much smaller, but somehow much richer too. I started to realize that she had everything she needed to be happy within our home, and when I opened my heart I realized I did too. I started a journey to find the same joy and wonder in life and within myself, and I stopped looking for outside things to make me happy.

In the end I found that I wasn't alone, turns out there were a lot of other kind people who also like to look at the world through the eyes of a cat. So what does the world look like through my human eyes? I guess we'll all figure that out if you stick around, and I sure hope you do.


My First Taste

This post was when Fin first tasted gravy. I thought it would be so funny for the blog to get a photo op. The joke was on me though as she never went back to dry kibble again. My mornings of sleeping in late were OVER!  Please enjoy!

Fancy Feast is in the house, and apparently it can be purchased right at the regular grocery store, who knew? Dad bought the place out I think with multiple cans and varieties (note to Mom - this is one reason Dad’s my favorite).

After much excited dancing by my dish (on my part naturally), Mom cracked open a can of Trout. I felt a little sorry for her because she looked like she might have a hairball of her own.

“Oh the humanity! I’m going to hurl, are you happy now?” She called out.

“Mew!” I replied hardily, meaning “Yep!”

Mom put down my trout as she tried to hold back the hairball with two hands. I started giving it a hardy inspection, but I have to admit I wasn’t too sure about it. I was gingerly sniffing, when I noticed Mom at the ready with the camera (she thought it would be nice to show me enjoying my first feast). Well as you can imagine, I don’t like to be rushed – and she knows the pawparazzi war isn’t over yet. I decided I needed a moment to regroup, so I made the universal gesture of “I’m not done here, I’ll be back for it later” by pawing the ground all around the plate in an effort to bury the feast.

“Oh no you don’t little cat, you’re eating that – and don’t wake me up in the middle of night with that on your cat breath either.” Mom called out as she ran from the kitchen to the freshness of the outdoor air.

After picking at it for a while, even I had to admit trout wasn’t for me and I abandoned the area, my head hung low in embarrassment. Mom (smugly) put it outside for Mittens to find. She also made Dad take out the trash like it held toxic waste, all over a little trout (What a drama queen!). We were all very upset.

We had found the stinky, but where was the goodness? The goodness my friends was finally found, two varieties (chicken and a mystery meat I still don’t recognize) and some cross words later, in a little can called Tuna and in one called Ocean Feast. I found them quite tasty and stinky, in a good way.

Although I hate to admit it - I think Mom might be right (another reason I prefer Dad) I am spoiled and I do prefer Dad’s flakey white tuna (it's even dolphin safe). I’m torn. If I eat the feast will I be denied the other? I can’t chance it - Eat up Mittens, I’m holding out for the good stuff.


Retirement Party

Welcome to my retirement party friends! Mom and I are happy to report that I am getting a little better every day. I can tell you now what Mom couldn't last week, I was suddenly REALLY sick. It was a total shock to my parents.

I don't want to dwell on any sadness, and there is no way to tell without a lot of invasive tests, but the doctors think I may have a form of lymphoma, and that's not so good friends. I am really feeling a lot better now and the hope is that I still have lots of great and happy times in front of me. My Sass-O-Meter is back to Medium and I woke Mom up for breakfast on time as usual. I'm looking forward to kicking back and soaking up all the love, sun puddles, and porch time I can.

So I'm letting Mom have her own voice from now on. Of course I may have guest posts on Mom's blog (and of course she'll probably talk about me), and naturally as her muse, I will have my paw in all things she writes (sometimes literally). Who knows, someday when there's a "One who'll come after me" Casa De Housecat may have a new kitty with blogging chops at the helm. Looking at the world through feline eyes is addictive.
I've found the kindest and most amazing friends to read what I have to say. It's been the best, and most unexpected, experience to be able to meet all of you! So please join us in a celebration of a few of our favorite things.

Over the next month we're going to post some of our very favorite posts (or yours - just let us know) and new posts from Mom's new blog here at the HC. The new blog is listed in our profile and we will include links on this site.

Special note to our Kindle subscribers, the new blog is available now on the Amazon site and it's called Hart Stories (but search by Meg S Hart and save yourself some scrolling). You're subscription to this feed will end as soon as your monthly subscription runs out.

Now on to the party!! Please help yourself to the niptinis, meowgaritas, wine, and milk for the kittens. We have some treats and a giant e-cake. Please kick back and enjoy the only shot ever to appear on this blog of my special one... Behold Mousey!

Isn't he the most handsome mouse in the world?
No Dad, I am not amused.
See you around the blogosphere friends, much love to you.

Finny De Floof


Floofy Flashback

Dang, I was darling as a kitten.

So friends, I'm still on the mend, and getting stronger. I have had lots of time to think and I've made a big decision. I think it's time for me to retire, kick up my paws and let Mom run the show from now on.

Mom has dreamed of having a little blog of her own for awhile now, someplace where she can shake off the fur and be human. Until recently I still had so much to say, and there's only so much time in a day, that I held my paw down and denied her request. Now I feel like the time is right to make the transition. Of course her life isn't nearly as exciting as mine, I'm a loved housecat - the best life a cat could want.

We hope you'll decide you like her voice too - oddly enough, it sounds a lot like mine. Go figure. We're going to try work it all out this weekend, and give you all the details very soon at my official retirement party. Hope you'll come and celebrate with us! Have a great weekend friends.



Hi everyone, we just wanted to give everyone a quick update on how I'm feeling. My Sass-O-Meter is definitely running lower than usual, but not so low that I can't take advantage of jumping up on the kitchen counter tops, or enjoying sun puddles on My Porch.

The Vet is pleased with my progress. My parents think she is the nicest Vet ever. Whatever. The medications are helping and I'm eating and drinking again which is all good. Your continued purrs are most welcome.

My parents are pretty busy catering to my every need, so Mom is on blog lock down for a bit longer. You never know when a grannycat will want to access a lap, and I don't like to share with a laptop. I'm a sprawller.

All this sleeping has me thinking big thoughts, and I think I have an idea that I'll share with you soon.

On a side note I wanted to thank all of you for sending me warm healing thoughts and love. They are really helping me and my parents feel better. Love to you all!


The Purr List Officially

So there I was innocently hanging out in the shower stall (I like to hang there when I am not feeling well) when suddenly I was whisked into the PTU (Prisoner Transport Unit) and carted off to the VET. Not my usual vet either, cause they are not open on Sundays, so a new lady vet. My and Dad just thought she was great, I was not so thrilled.

I was actually starting to like her a little bit, till she started to manhandle me. She suggested that I don't like to be told what to do... yeah, she does really seem to get me. My usual vet file is marked with "Aggressive" and I live up to that title. Blood work, x-rays, and meds - oh my. The reviews are mixed, and she's not really sure what's up.

I'm really dehydrated so she sent my parents home with a bag and instructions on administering sub-q fluids. Good luck with that, I thought, I hope you have long sweaters and gloves. It went so-so, and we're waiting to see how I feel.

My kidney level is a little high, but the vet thinks it's because of the dehydration. The rest of my blood work was just fine, yeah for me. My x-ray was clear, but I do have arthritis in the hips, pretty normal for an old girl.

They are sending off my x-ray to a radiologist, as the vet is a little concerned there could be a more generalized, bigger issue. Hopefully it's just a gastro bug and getting fluids and antibiotics that taste cod awful will do the trick and have me feeling better in no time.

If you could be so kind as to add me to your purrs, we hope it's going to help get me and my parents through all this.


Purrs are Helping

I'm still not eating a lot but I have snacked a bit, licked some gravy, and drank some cat milk. My parents say I am getting back a little sass too - if you consider trying to jump on the kitchen counters sass. So if you could keep a few spare purrs coming my way hopefully I will pull it out and be back to normal purfection.

Thanks for your support friends. It does mean the world to us here.

Spare Purrs Please

I know I said I was going to spend the weekend purring for my friends, but I think I may need a few purrs of my own. I woke Mom up this morning with some hairball expulsions and I have been unwilling to eat since. I'm still drinking and although I seem interested in food, I kinda sniff and then walk away. I am usually always willing to eat.

Of course I've done this plenty of times before and rallied to be perfect, but you know how parents worry. If you could spare a purr or two I'd like to avoid being hauled off to the evil vet.

Growing old... it's not for kittens.


Floofy Friday

Who could resist this face requesting an additional meal?

Dad. That's who.

Lucky for me, Mom is a pushover. 

Dad is definitely the rule maker and I am the rule breaker. As I've said before, how do you know where the line is if you don't try to cross it. Who is the pushover at your place friends? 

On a different note, Mom and I wanted to take a moment to send our best healing thoughts our to our friends who are unwell right now. Having a sick fur baby is so hard and Mom's heart goes out to all our friends in this position. We have seen amazing things happen with the power of purrs and I plan on spending the weekend with my purr motor on high. Stay well friends.


Lock Down

So yesterday I was minding my own business, napping in the closet, and you'll never guess what happened. Dad shut the door... and then he left the house... for an hour or more. When I was finely set free my meower was all hoarse and rough, but luckily I have other ways to make my needs known.

Of course I have spent countless hours in that closet, in a single sitting, happy as can be, but it's always by my choice. I'm free to come and go as I please. What is it about being locked in to make you want nothing more than to be out? And the reverse is true too, if I'm locked out, I want nothing more than to be let in.


Toy Tuesday

I thought I'd give a little shout out to a special toy.
Do you see it there in the background? 
I know it's hard to focus with the darling grannycat in the foreground.

This is an exact replica of the toy Mom and I first played with at the shelter when she first found me. She had been searching for such a long time to find me, and when she walked into the shelter she saw me (darling little fluff ball with sass) and was immediately in love. Dad had told her no long hairs and so she tried to resist me, but let's face it who can resist me?

Mom noticed the swing toy and was trying to lure out all the kittens with it. I knew Mom was meant to be mine (she smelled like home to me - and she too is a long hair) and I was not gonna let her go. I jumped and leaped with such grace and enthusiasm that Mom could no longer resist me. 

When I was settled into my home Mom found the same swing toy and bought it for me. It's still my favorite toy (Mousey is not a toy of course). One swing and I turn from mature grannycat to small kitten. It makes my parents so happy and it makes me happy too.

So friends, what brings out your inner kitten?


Floofy Friday

For your viewing pleasure...

 A bed of floofy goodness... 
Notice the paw placement for extra cuteness points?
Weekend, you may now commence.

So friends, what do you have planned for the weekend? It's getting cold here in the desert and there are rumors we have a slight chance for snow. Sounds like snuggle weather. Perfect.