Thursday 13

In honor of Thursday 13 I thought I'd discuss 13 Rules of the House I don't generally follow:

  1. Don't get on the kitchen table. Only followed because the chairs are usually tucked in and I can't get on it.
  2. Don't wake Mom before 6am - this one makes me laugh!
  3. Don't leave Mousey in the parents pathways. Mousey likes to be part of the action too.
  4. Don't drink out of Mommy's glass - this one makes me laugh too!
  5. Don't eat cellophane - well then don't leave it out.
  6. Don't jump on the dining table - no one else is using it plus it's my cellophane hunting ground - new items are dropped there and they're often wrapped in plastic.
  7. Don't yak up hairballs on the carpet - I know you'd prefer the tile, but I need to be able to dig deep with my claws for maximum expulsion.
  8. Don't sleep in our sink - sure I have my own but I like variety.
  9. Don't drink out of the backyard fountain - I'm thirsty.
  10. Don't kick litter out of the litter box - I'm thorough when I bury.
  11. Don't lay on the keyboard - You need my help lady.
  12. Don't nibble the hand that feeds you - I only do it when we snuggle and you get me too worked up and overstimulated.
  13. Don't beg for scraps at the table - if you let me violate rule one I could just help myself.
Rules... I don't need your stinkin rules.


  1. I like da way you follows dem rules.

  2. Ha ha! I break all those rules too!!!

  3. Cats do not follow rules, any rules, except their own.

  4. I know Elizabeth sure don't need your steenking rules.

    Dear Fin, thank you with all my heart for your kind thoughts and your outreach to others when we lost Sally last Friday. What a good blogfriend you are as well as a glorious floofcat.

    Sending you great pet love.

  5. Yep. I don't know why the beans have these rules for kitties. They know we don't follow them.

  6. Fin,

    This post got us in trubble - 'cos Mom and Dad (she called him to the poote to read it) said we break the same rules! Tee hee!

    It's hug a cat day!

  7. You're such a rebel, Fin!

    Mom cracked up at the 'maximum expulsion' line.

  8. We don't follow rules either but we thinks rule #5 Don't eat cellophane might be one you should consider following unless you want to go to the VET. ~S,S, C & F

  9. Fin, I'm with you -- who needs rules? Rules are meant to be broken, anyway. Furry amusing aren't they? Your mom is purrty funny!!!

    I hope you gets lots of hugs today -- appurrently it's Hug Your Cat Day -- now that's a rule that's good to follow!

  10. Hahaha! Those are some great rules not to follow!

  11. I don't follow any of those rules either! Except the one about drinking out of the fountain...I don't go outside.

  12. Fin, we just love how you break the rules! We love a rebel!
    We just love to yak up hairballs on the one and only rug in the house!

  13. The only rule here is that any rules made by apes must be thoroughly mocked, ridiculed then soundly ignored.

    Works for us!


  14. I hate rules too. And 6am?? that is sooooo late! We shoot for 4am!

  15. What is it about humans and rules? We have most of those rules here too, but why should we follow them? They don't follow the rules we've laid out for them.

    Keep up the good work, Fin!

  16. Rules. They were made to be broken.

  17. Those are some rules that definitely need to be broken! wtg!

  18. Rules are for fools! *What's that, Mama?* Whoops!

  19. If there weren't any rules. we'd have no fun breaking them.

  20. I couldn't agree with you more! These rules are like a to-do list.

  21. Humans can be so silly sometimes!

  22. 13 rules! That's way too many to follow anyway!
    Note to Meg - I like the Google Reader, thanks.

  23. those sure are some funny rulez!

  24. Your list is quite thorough! We here would add another rule: Humans shouldn't sit on the toilet when we are there first