Meme Monday

One of my friends Kelly Jeanette sent me a Meme (she's an arty human). I'm supposed to list 7 things all of you may not know about me. So here it goes:

  1. I ate dry food all my life till Mom thought it would be cute to give me some wet food for the blog and I've never looked back. I love gravy! I will eat my dry when no one is looking though.
  2. I love my water straight out of the faucet, I get wet and shake it off on the mirror. Oops.
  3. Sometimes the TV startles me. When I walk by it, it looks and sounds like something is coming after me and I run for the closet. I do like to watch a nice cheesy reality show with Mom or The History Channel with Dad.
  4. I hate the fax machine and I try to kill anything it spits out of its' evil mouth. I must protect my parents.
  5. I've had two dogs, but I don't have one now. Daddy wants one again.
  6. I've always been an only cat, and I'm fine with that.
  7. My meow was broken when I was fixed (technically I was broken when I was fixed, hey that's ironic). I can still meow of course, but it doesn't sound the same anymore (raspier and more flat sounding). The Vet thought the thing they put down my throat might have hurt my vocal cords, but it didn't hurt me and I was unwilling to try to have him try to fix it since he said it might make it worse. So I have many vocal variations and my parents are very capable of understanding them all.
So did I surprise you friends? Yep I still have lots of secrets I share in my book too.

So I'm supposed to nominate 7 of my friends for this meme. Here's a bonus secret, I don't like singling out anyone, cause I don't want to make you feel like I don't want to know about you. So if you want to meme with me, please tag yourself, and let me know in the comments.


  1. I'd love to see some photos of you attacking the fax machine!

  2. Hey Fin, What a surprise to have you telling us about things we don't know about you. Our dad always told us that what happened in Vegas stayed in Vegas. We guess that doesn't apply in this particular case. that's weird about you're meower getting busted when you were fixed. Out her in Bumpass they fix cats and dogs at the other end; barker and meowers aren't usually involved.
    - TBH&K

  3. Will we get to see a video that has sound so we can hear your sweet meower?

    I had no idea you attack fax machines...I ignore dad's. I figure it's his job to protect me against that stuff...so I can just nap in peace.

    You do have to keep some secrets Fin so we will be even more thrilled and amazed when we read it cover to cover.

  4. I attack the printer, Fin, as soon as I hear it go on, I'm on top of it ready to kill whatever comes out!

    We're glad we got to learn some more stuff about you!


  5. That is very interesting about your meow! My human sister's voice sounded funny for about 24 hours after her surgery.... but it got better!

  6. Those are very interesting facts, Finny!

  7. Wow! The one with your meows was really interesting! We might take you up on this meme thingy!

  8. Some interesting fact about you there.

  9. Very interesting. I love gravy too.

    Huffle Mawson

  10. We loved the facts about yoo ~ we attack fax machines too, and like gravy.

  11. I feel I know you better now! I wish I could hear your voice now, though, I am curious.

  12. We loved learning those interesting facts about you, Fin!

    Sebastian saw the TV for the first time last week and it scared him to pieces!

  13. Those are definitely some things we did not know about you, Fin! We can't wait for your book

  14. Interesting stuff, Fin! Pixie always attacks the printer when it goes off, the rest kinda look at it but that's as far as it goes.

    We too want to see some movies of you meowing! (And attacking the fax! MOL)

    Waiting for the book...

    Purrs and hugs,
    The Kitty Krew

  15. Wow Fin those were some interesting facts - the meow one especiallly! Our kitty Lola's meow changed after she was sick last year - it totally went away and never fully came back so she always sounds like her voice is cracking.

  16. Those are some interesting things about you, Fin. The TV does not scare me, but sometimes the telephone does!

  17. Always interesting to know a bit more about you.

    I don't eat dry food if I can help it.

    Very interesting about the change in your meow.

  18. Hi, Fin,
    We're glad you took our Mom's meme award. You sound so interesting. We like the TV (especially if a Nascar race is on, but we hate the printer. Niko runs and I try to battle it.
    We love to hear your voice. We bet it is nice and has quite a range.

    Barnabas and Nikodemos, Kelly Jeanette's boys

  19. Those are some very interesting facts about you, Fin. We hate our FAX machine too!