Mom on Monday

Saturday Morning - 7:15am

Mom: Fin. Finny! You need to get off my lap. I have to go.

Fin: What? Where are you going?

Mom: I'm gonna go meet up with the Mom at the Katnip Lounge!! I don't want to be late.

Fin (following behind): I can't believe you're going to meet someone so cool. Oh my Cod, are you going to the Catio? 

Mom: No. Not this time, we are meeting for coffee. (Fin begins rubbing on Mom's black pants)

Mom: Knock that off, what are you doing?

Fin: Marking you with cat hair, so she recognizes you.

Mom: I'm covered now. Thanks.

Fin: What are you taking for my friends?

Mom: Huh?

Fin: You are bringing them a gift aren't you?

Mom: Yeah, I have a mouse for Tiny Johnson, since he was sick.

Fin: Mom! You are only bringing ONE LITTLE MOUSE!! There are 13 cats at the lounge, and you're only bring ONE MOUSE?! I'm so embarrassed. Never send a human to do a tabby's job... 


Fin: You're home! How did it go? Is she just as cool as we thought?

Mom: Yep! Cooler! I think I'm going to get to go to the Catio one day! 

Fin: You? What are you going to do at the Catio? Sharpen your claws? 

Mom: She wants to meet you too. Look she brought us a present. 

Fin: I knew you should have brought something for all my friends! Hey, maybe she'd like to interview for an opening on my staff... I see I may need to let someone go...


  1. What did the Katnip Lounge's human bring you? And I agree, if my human had shown up for that meeting with one measly mouse, I would have been beyond embarrassed too!

  2. OMC we were so excited when Mommy came home...we were all full of questions and sniffing and stuff! Fin, maybe your Mom could smuggle you over...or maybe you could donate a knot for us to investigate!
    We gotta warn ya, our Mommy is a tummy addict.

  3. ::twitch::

    Your mom gets to go to the ::chirp::...catio?


    Oh sign me up! Fin if you need a coach to help you meet all those cats, you know you can count on me. My momma Ellie and I are social butterflies.

  4. oh, how cool to be meeting another mom!!!! My SS met Pablo's mom when she was at a conference in Sydney years ago. That was the extent of meeting any blogger face to face.

    One mousie for 13 cats? Ummmmmmm....

  5. That catio is the most pawsomest looking place ever for kitties. I think if your mom ever goes there, you should get to accompany her. After all, our beans only know each other cuz of us, right?

  6. Now your mom made me and my mom so Jealous !
    We wanna be there too !
    Tell us more....Please..Please Salmon on top !


  7. That was fun for your mum and KL's mum to meet up. They want a knot to sniff? We think you should go yourself so you can sniff them too.

  8. OMC! Meeting the Katnip Lounge's mom must have been awesome!

  9. We can't believe your Mom gets to visit the catio! So cool!

  10. one MOUSE!! OMC!!! I know that can't be true!! MOL!!

    I know we haven't seen what the Katnip Lounge gave you...that is for ANOTHER BLOG! :)

    How lucky that you get to visit the "Catio"!!!! We LOVE the Catnip Lounge!

  11. WEll that meeting sounds like it went well thanks to you Fin. But Mom should have taken 13 mice as gifts. Glad the two moms could get together. Betcha they had a lot of laughs. Take care and have a great week.

  12. How cool that your mom got to meet the Lounge Kat's mom!! Our mom says she wishes she coulda been there. We wish we could visit the catio!!

  13. Yous is the luckiest! Your Mom met Lounge Cat's Mom! Yous rocks and what did yous get?????

  14. Did your mom come home with any Katnip Lounge furs on her?

  15. We bets that was the coolest coffee meet, ever! Your mom and the Catio Lady? Oh to bees a fly-on-the-wall!
    This was a very fun post!

  16. That is very cool. Can't believe your mom only took one mouse... We bet they had a good time....

  17. pee ess Finny,

    My mom calls me "Mitten".

  18. Fin, that is just so great!!! Pawesome!! Lots of love, Holly and mom

  19. That is so cool Fin, you need to check out the catio and give us a first paw report!!!

  20. That is the COOLEST, Fin! Your mom actually got to meet the Katnip Lounge's Mom? Lucky!

    If you get to check out the catio, be sure to tell us all about it, okay?

  21. Love how you "marked" your Mom so she would be recognized! ha!

  22. Oh wow! the Catio is such a cool place. My mom likes meeting the beans of the CB when she travels.

  23. Stopping in to make sure that you all made it home safely from my birthday party. Thank you so much for coming it was so nice to spend the day with you. I hope you had a good time.
    So nice that your mommie could meet up with the CapNipLounge gang's mom. Better yet was the gifts!!! So nice.

  24. How cool! That was fun for your mum and KL's mum to meet up.

  25. Fin,

    What fun that must have been for your mom to get to meet the CatNipLounge gang's mom.

    But only one mouse?

    Uh uh. Glad you clued her in, even though it was after the fact.

  26. I'm glad Mom had fun, but I'm jealous too. I miss her.