Global Warming

Dear Mr Global Warming,

Let me begin by saying my initial draft of this letter was a bit terse, but then I tried to put myself in your shoes (do you wear shoes? I digress). I realized you're like the new kid in school, and that can be difficult to navigate.

Mother Earth and Mr Sun have been around forever and you're new on the scene. Let me give you a few tips Warm, may I call you Warm?

First of all no one likes a show off, and you're clearly show boating. You're like the nerdy kid in the front row with all the answers. Take it from me, no appreciates a show boater.

Second you need to chill. If you wanna hang with the cool kids, you need to be cool, and so far you haven't really shown that to be your strong suit.

Maybe you have a little thing for Mother Earth, but you're gonna need to dial it back. A lady doesn't appreciate you coming on all hot and heavy. Take a chill pill, and give it time buddy. I'm sure she'll come around in time.

Your new pal,

Finny De Floof


  1. hmmm.

    Fin, we're glad you wrote this...we prolly would have included sailor-type language!
    Which we have learned from Mommy, incidentally.

  2. we hope Mr Warm will response soon

    BoBo Salem & the gang

  3. Ginny
    Let us know what Mr Warm says!

  4. Thank you for writing to Mr Warm. I hope he responds soon...

  5. Yes indeed. We would like it to cool down by about 30 degrees here in Texassssss. Goodness gracious. It's WAY TOO HOT!

    Luf, Us

  6. That was a very thoughtful plea to Mr. Warm. Hopefully he should start to change his ways.

  7. Unfortunately, these types NEVER listen to reason, Fin.

  8. Great Letter, Fin
    I hope Mr Global Warming do something about it !

  9. Trouble is, Mr G Warming is a bit too sweet on Miss Climate Change. They need to get their act together!

    Great post, Fin :D

  10. We hope Mr. Global Warming takes your advice, Fin!

  11. Fin, we sure hope G W listens to you.

  12. Fin, I knew you could write a perfect letter to Mr. Global Warming!!! I loved it...thanks for writing and lets hope he listens!! Lots of love, Debbie & Holly

  13. Oh Finny da Floof, thanks so much for writing your new friend Warm or otherwise known as Gloabal Warming. Hopefully he will listen to you can cool it for a little while. We are really tired of this darn heat. Take care.

  14. If we post our cold to you, and we mix it together with your hot, maybe we would get two good temperatures?

  15. We sure hope Warm listens!!

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  16. Finny, we are always so impressed how you take pen in paw to write and let offending forces of mother nature how they hiss you off!

    You go girl!

  17. Good job. We gots our paws crossed that this works....we are mighty tired of the hots. sigh....

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  19. what a purfect letter, we hope he gets the hint!

  20. Thanks so much for taking a stand for all of us Fin!

  21. Hi Fin! We completely agree with you on this letter! Warm needs to just learn to be cooler!

  22. Fin that was PURRFECTLY stated! Couldn't have said it better! I expected no less from someone who is such a literate kitty!!!

    This had me rolling with laughter!

  23. Fin, sorry to hear it's still so unpleasant for you. We're at about our usual summer temps --- high 90s to low 100s, so we're just keeping our paws crossed that it doesn't get any worse.

    Here's hoping Global Warming reads your letter and decides to back off a bit.

  24. Mr. Warm may reply with a few things we can all do to help him cool down, today!

    I love you, Fin!

  25. We would have peed on the envelope to give the message some extra clout 'cos Mr G Warming appears to be not listening to anycat.

    Gerry & Oliver