Bugged - A Screenplay

 Mom (Off screen): EEEEEKKKKKK!

Fade In

Interior - Bathroom - Late Night

Mom (Mouth gaping in close up): QUILLLLLLLL!

Our hero Quill (Handsome and ample-sized kitten) runs bravely into the bathroom.

Quill: What Mom?

Mom points to the floor by the shower.

Close up of giant menacing BUG.

Mom: Bu.. Bu... BUG! Get it!

Quill scoots the bug along playfully. The bug makes a break for it and runs towards Mom's feets.

Mom: Holy COD!!! Get it!!

Quill grabs the Bug in his mouth. Mom clamps her hand over her mouth to stiffle the scream. Quill drops the Bug.

Quill: What?

The Bug makes a break for Mom's feets again.

Mom: Get it!!!!!

Quill grabs the Bug in his mouth.

Mom: Oh my Cod, don't eat it!

Quill (Mouth full): Woo said to git it. Got it! ::Chews Bug::

Mom: I meant kill it with your paw of doom and leave the carcass for your Dad.

Quill: You know I'm more of a biter than a whapper... besides now we're carcass-free. 

Quill winds his way lovingly around Mom's tasty cankles. Mom pats Quill and showers him with lovin.
Quill purrs away knowing he saved his Mom from the evil Bug.

Fade Out


  1. Great job, Quill! Although, I hope you didn't hork up that bug afterwards. I've been known to eat a few things that don't sit well on the tummy.

  2. MOL!!!!! Loved it! My Mom always gets nervous when I chew 'em up too! Hey she told us to get the bug, you're right Quill! Great job!

  3. Quill, when your Mom is sleeping, kiss her on the LIPS!

  4. Way to go Quill. Good job. You saved Mom's life. Too funny. You made our MOm laugh out loud. Take care.

  5. Ohhhh Quill you great floofy hunter!! So brave in the wilds of the bathroom! My floofy girl is a lover of all things with 8 legs and I have to keep saving them from her because she will follow them around for hours batting at them. I scoop them up and put them outside and she is upset for about a minute, until she find her crinkle ball. ;) Way to save your mom Quill!!

  6. Good job, Quill! We take bug patrol very seriously at our house!!

  7. Good job, Quill! You are so brave to take care of that problem for your human!

    We hope that bug didn't give you a tummy ache...

  8. Good job Quill, we think the late night kiss on the lips is a good plan.
    Jada & Scully

  9. Good job Quill.....though in our house that leads to a kissing quarantine. sigh....

  10. Yum! Lucky you, Quill, getting to eat the tasty bug! My human always rescues them and puts them outside before I can kill and eat 'em.

  11. Brave Quill!
    I hope your tummy was OK after inhaling that nasty old bug!

  12. I agree with you Quill.. eating them is much better :)

  13. Thankfully mum doesn't get upset by bugs and such.

  14. That's the kind of movie we could watch over and over again!

  15. Whoa! No bug is safe from SuperQuill!!! purrr...meow!

  16. Quill! What a manly mancat you are becoming!

  17. Why didn't your Mom film your success Quill so we could all see the mighty hunter in action.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  18. Have catsup with it next time, buddy!