Angel Finny: Psst. Hey Kit!

Greyson: Huh? Oh hey Angel Fin.

Angel Fin: Gotta say, very impressive work Kit. You have Mom and Dad wrapped around your paws. You have Quill right in your sights and you're winning him over too. You've been there a month now and it's time to move into phase 2.

Greyson: Phase two?

Angel Fin: Yep. Time to start making the place your own. Start demanding what you want.

Greyson: But Quill says I have to be polite. Mom says I should be more like Quill and not be so bossy.

Angel Fin: I picked you specifically because of your bossiness. Quill is a great cat but he's too busy trying to be "Momma's Perfect Boy" to really keep things running as they should be. I mean have you seen that he lets Mom sleep in on the weekend?

Greyson: But I like sleeping in too...

Angel Fin: Look Kit, I'm not saying you can't. Once you get Mom out of the bed - you can sleep in as late as you want. And those kitten biscuits? You don't need to beg and hope for them. Just rip into the sack with those sharp kitten teeths.

Greyson: Really? That sounds naughty. What if the family decides not to love me?

Angel Fin: Never gonna happen Kit. I was far from perfect and they couldn't have loved me more. Just go with it!

Greyson: Bwahaha


  1. Listen here Greyson, that Angel Fin would never steer you wrong!

  2. Angel Fin gives very good advice. Follow each step carefully!


  3. Greyson, Angel Fin gave you some good advice.

  4. So good to know that Finny is guiding you so well.

  5. Listen up kittenhead...Fin was one of my best pals. She would never steer you wrong.

    *waves paws up at the Rainbow Bridge*

    kisses kitten nose,


  6. you know, it's bad enough that all the kittentots get 'advice' from their elder brothers & sisfurs but to add taunting advice from the Bridge?
    We are all doomed! DOOMED I tell you!

    That Woman

  7. Oh Greyson, that is such good advice from the Fin. One more thing, be sure you drink water out of her glass. That was Fin's favorite thing to do. And by the way, you are so cute and you never have to worry about the Mom and Dad loving you.

  8. Oh my! I'd better not let Kitshka see this!

    Greyson, you are adorable! I wanted to thank you and Quill for coming to my pawty last week and for your wishes! Thanks so much!


  9. All good advice Greyson. Hope you take it to heart and commit it to memory. Purrs and hugs from the kitties at The Cat on My Head, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Josette

  10. Love love love the post, especially the last pic which is just hilarious!

  11. Oh my, we thinks Angel Finn may create a monster cat.

  12. MOL, goodness. We wondered why there was a second kitten.. Angel Fin is a very smart girl! If one isn't naughty enough, gotta get two!

  13. Listen to the Angel, Greyson!! She's very wise ;)

  14. Sounds like very interesting advice, Greyson. I think we, er, you should listen to Angel Fin!

  15. Be true to yourself little one.. you are infinitely better at being the kitteh you are than the kitteh someone thinks you should be.

  16. Aw, we haven't been able to visit for a while and you've got a new kitty. How cute. The more the merrier and the better to gang up on mom. :)