Weighing In

Well, it happened. Our parents decided to weigh us both this morning.

The verdict (exclamation points implied):

  • Quill - 15 lbs at 13 months
  • Me - 8 lbs at 7 months
Good thing Quill is gentle during our wrestling matches. He could squash me like a bug if he tried. I'm small but I'm fearless and scrappy! I take him down as often as he takes me down.

Mom suspects Quill might be a wee bit heftier than he should be. Though I guess he gets a wide latitude - to match his load - heh heh - cause of his suspected Maine Coon roots.

So anyway, more playtime is on the menu! Sounds good to me! More snacks for me too - I have a lot of catching up to do! I hope I have Maine Coon roots!


  1. Um , Quill...you weigh more than any of us!

  2. Quill--you GO, my friend. Aim for twenty, like me...only a pound to go!

    Greyson--EIGHT pounds ALREADY??? What do your pawrents feed you two? Ginourous cat fuuds with extra growth hormones?


  3. Wow, I'm 8 pounds at 7 years! Whoa...7 months!

    And Quill...you sound like a beefy boy like Nigel and Figaro.


    xoxo Cory

  4. Geez, you guys are HUGE! I am less than 5 lbs.! I have never been bigger than 6 lbs., 2 oz., in fact!

  5. Ummm Quill, I think I should tell you that Eric was 14lbs at 15 months. He got to 23lbs at his heaviest!

  6. I forgot to say that when he reached that weight mum put him on a diet and he got down to 20lbs which was not far off right for him.

  7. Hmmm Quill is a big boned cat though, right?
    Cody just weighed in at 12.25 which the vet is NOT happy with, but Cody is a small boned cat

  8. Oh Quill, we don't think you are too big at all. Nothing wrong with a nice big cat. And Greyson, we are so glad that you are scrappy and can out do that Quill sometimes. Take care.

  9. It's okay Quill, my late brother was a Maine Coon and big is good!

  10. WOW! 15lbs!! I am only 10 lbs at six years old!! ::looks at Quill with admiration::

    Austin the Small

  11. That's quite a difference, indeed!
    But I'm sure Quill is being careful :-)

  12. You both are a little hefty for your ages. We're sure it must all be either muscle of fur. Right? Maybe some jogging or a little jump rope might help keep your physiques trim. whatever, have a great week. Purrs and hugs from the kitties at The Cat on My Head, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Josette