Mancat Monday


I have to dictate this on the down low or Greyson will hear me. Have you noticed since the little twerp arrived he has kinda taken over my blog. I love him, but he always assumes EVERYTHING of mine should be his too. Sigh.

I decided to take over and talk all about me. So here are a few things about me that you might not know.

  1. I'm a little timid. These days if someone new comes to the house - you will find me under the bed. Bonus item - I like ladies much more than men. Dad is the only man I've liked so far.
  2. I still like to hang out under or behind Mom. Under her chair, behind her chair, or under her skirt - it all feels safe and homey to me.
  3. Mom says I am the smartest kitty she's ever had. I don't know about all that but I do like to observe things and figure them out. 
  4. I used to bring my toys to Mom when I felt like playing. Now I just toy with Greyson till he plays with me. He is really fun, but he is a toy hog. 
  5. I love to watch outside, but I like to be inside. 
  6. I'm so tall that I can drink right out of the toilet bowl standing up. I just stand on my back feets and lean in. 
  7. I hate the Evil Blue Ray Disc Player. I try to whap it's evil tray off every time it opens.
Greyson: Hey Quill whatcha you doing? Hey you're not blogging without me are you?

Quill: Um no, I was just telling Mom things I don't like...

Greyson: Great idea. Mom I don't like paper sacks or toilet flushes or...

Quill: Well at least I got in seven before somecat came along...


  1. Brat and Rags don't like many men except the DadMan either.

  2. Hey, Quill? I got a little secret to share with you. I'm a bit of a scaredy cat when people come to our house. And I like mostly females too. I like our dad-guy but not many other male humans. The dad-guy calls me a "momma's boy" but I don't mind...I love my mom.


  3. Oh Quill, I don't like strangers either and you won't find anything much stranger than humans!

  4. Quill, so you're a smarty-floof-pants?

    Wait, that didn't come out right...

  5. Quill, you need to show Greyson who's boss. Just like I do with Binga!

  6. I feel your pain, Quill. Princeton got here 2 years ago and has been trying to take over ever since!

  7. Hey Greyson.. look.. *waves cat toy* I've got something even more interesting than Quill blogging for you to get into.. :)

  8. Oh my COD, you two are just way too cute. Quill, that was great hearing some more things about you. Sorry you interrupted by your little pesky brother. You all make such a good family. Take care.

  9. We're scaredy cats, too. I'm really timid as I'm a one person cat. Sissy has been known to venture out when visitors are around. Keep safe UTB, Quill!


  10. We HATE strangers! We won't let them see us, no no no! Well, maybe if they hang around for a few hours and Mom gives us some treats and the strangers keep VERY STILL, then maybe, just maybe we will let them see us.
    We are glad you took over MOST of the blog today - you gotta show that sassypants that you are the alpha cat!

  11. Oh Quill, you're adorable! And it's ok to not like strangers or going outside, better safe than sorry!

  12. Quill you are truly a special kitty and always will be!!! We love you and Greyson just the same!

  13. In a somewhat similar situation, we have Scooter and then the new kitten Alice. I am convinced they just pretend they don't like each other.

  14. We were totally blown away by #6. Some of us have to get up on the seat and then put our paws on the side of the bowl so we can reach the water. We are impressed. And you must learn to graciously accept a compliment, especially one from your mom and especially one saying how smart you are. Purrs and hugs, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  15. Psssst, Quill! We're not fond of strangers either, and we definitely like ladies better too!