Taking Turns Tuesday

Fade In

Two kitties sit waiting impatiently for their Mom by the closed front door. Both kitties stand in anticipation as the hear the sounds of a lumbering human coming up the walkway.

Greyson: Psst! Quill if we work together we can both get outside like we did the other day. 

Quill: Huh?

Greyson: Look she only has two hands, and to catch us both she'd need four... Are you in?

They both turn to see the door handle jiggle. 

Quill: I'm in! You dart out first like you always do. As soon as she picks you up I'll dart under the chair on the porch. 

Greyson: Whatever she says about "going inside" just ignore her. As soon as she puts me down to pick you up I'll dart back outside. 

Quill: The door is opening - Run!

The door opens and Greyson darts for the walkway to the backyard. Mom foolishly trusts Quill not to run out and leaves the door open while she chases after Greyson. 

Quill darts under the chair on the porch and begins a slow inspection of every leaf. He ignores all Mom's pleading to "get in the house." As soon as Mom tosses Greyson in the house Quill moves further under the chair and Greyson sprints outside again. 

Rinse and Repeat at least four more times. Eventually a sweaty Mom manages to get all the pets back in the house... Until tomorrow...

Fade Out

Mom's Dad surgery update: Thanks for all your healing thoughts! They were able to place a plate on his arm bone and some pins and he is home for healing now! If you could spare a few more thoughts we would appreciate it.


  1. You two are so tricky! Binga made a dash for the back patio the other evening, and do you know that it just took the HINT that she would get some dog kibble to make her return? AND she didn't get the dog food either - she was tricked! You two are just too smart and crafty!

  2. You two are ornery! Poor Mom was probably tired from lugging home kitteh litter. MOL!

    We are sending purrs for the Mom's Dad.

  3. Oh you boys are sneaky! We like that! ;)

  4. Oooo you two is some bad kitties! Santy Claws isn't gonna leave you any presents if you keep up with those shenanigans!
    I'm sure if you're extra special good for your mama while her daddy is sick, Santy Claws will overlook your previous bad behaviors and bring you SOMETHING other than a dirty lump of coal in your stocking.
    Merry Christmas kids
    from Old Catman Simon

  5. Definitely sneaky.

  6. Naughty boys! And this close to present time! Better be careful or you'll be bypassed!
    Maybe your mom needs to keep a plastic bag on the door so she can grab and shake it when she opens the door, most kitties will run from that sound.
    Sending lots of purrs for your mom's dad for a fast recovery!

  7. That's such a great idea to team up to go outside! I gotta ask Kitshka to team up with me!!

    We hope your Mom's Dad is healing quickly. We send plenty of purrs for him.

    Also thank you so very much for your wishes for Milou. They help and we really appreciate!

  8. You two kitties are being naughty! You know what that means? No presents for Chrissymouse! That's right--you better not dart out again.

  9. Poor Mom. I bet she said some norty words. You boys better be careful. Santa paws is coming to town you know. But that was pretty darn sneaky of you.
    Take care.

  10. ah yes.....cat juggling :) an artform of its own.

    purrs to your mom's dad!

  11. Tricky boys ! We send you purrs for the quick mom's dad recovery. Purrs

  12. Oh dear please be careful and don't give your mum the run around. Its dangerous outside. I send hugs and hope the recovery is quick and good. Carol

  13. Once they get a taste for the big outdoors it's hard to distract 'em....

  14. Good teamwork boys!
    Sending purrs for your mom's dad.

  15. Careful boys. As our sweet Hitch has learned, door dashing can bring about drastic measures....like being locked somewhere away from the front door, so Mom can come in, put her things down, then allow two adventure seeking kitties out of whatever room she's decided is the "safe room". Hitch would tell you, it's no fun being locked away from part of the house.

  16. Lots more purrs and prayers for your mom's dad! You two are sneaky, little schemers. We can never agree on anything as a twosome or a group, so it is usually just one of us (Astrid) who darts out. "Thankfully," Mom says, she hasn't done this for quite a while. We are glad you are both safely inside where you should be. Purrs and hugs, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo