Mom: Ahhhhh!!!

Quill and Greyson race for the bathroom to see what's up.

Mom: Boys! I just had to kill a big ole beetle!

Greyson: You killed our beetle?

Mom: Your beetle? Well no cat was here to call "dibs" when it scurried out onto the floor.

Quill: I was observing the bug for research. I planned to interview him later. May we see the carcass?

Mom: No! I flushed it! Why do you want to see it?

Quill: Well it may not have been our beetle.

Greyson: You're right Quill, it may have been another beetle!

Mom: Wait, there's more than one?


  1. My momma always kills my bugs before I'm dumb playing wif em.

  2. Our Mommy is with your Mommy. There might be more than one?? You boys better get busy exterminating! The interviews will have to wait! MOL!
    Happy Wednesday!

  3. My human catches them in a plastic container and puts them outside - she is insane!

  4. Our human always looks at us and tells us to earn our keep and kill the bugs in the house. We mostly ignore them...we prefer the outdoor kind!

    Good luck finding YOUR beetle! :-)

  5. We would have acted exactly the same way, especially Astrid. She is the supreme bug and fly hunter. Mom says that really does hope that was the only one. XO, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  6. Well of course there is more than one,. They don't travel alone!

  7. real researches keep their experiments in cages so as not to contaminate them..

  8. Stick something on it or paint your bug to recognize it next time ! Thus, your mom would know that it's a not-to-be-crushed bug MOL! Purrs

  9. tell your mom that our mom says be glad you guys at least think about killing bugs.... :)

  10. Bwahahahaha! Now THAT was funny! :)

  11. You guys wanna know something? The mom rarely kills the bugs around here. She will catch them in a plastic bowl with a lid and let them go outside. She doesn't even let us play with them first.

  12. Bugs bug the human!! I like them :)