Floofy Friday

Hope those swoon muscles are still limber...

What Friday?

You didn't pull anything did you? 
Cause there is one more...

Whew! Thank Cod we got through those. 

Greyson: Hey what are you two doing?

We were just going through the pictures from my photo shoot.

Where's my photo shoot pictures?

What? This is the best she could do?

Well you weren't cooperating. You wouldn't go into the light... source... and wouldn't look at the camera. She tried her best. 

Sigh. Whatever. She's been really slacking on her blogging duties too. 

She's been busy....

But she's gonna make it all up to us because we're going to see Summer at the cat show!!

Um. I think she's going to the cat show...

You mean we're not going? I love cats and most people.

Well Mom thinks it would be too much for us her to ever go out in public. Since some cats can be a handful ::Cough:: you ::Cough::

Well there better be toys or treats brought home!


  1. Well yes, she needs to bring treats and toys back! How cool to meet Summer though!

  2. Oh! Your Mom gets to meet Summer? How awesome!

    And yes, if you don't get to go, we're hoping there will be lots of treats and snacks to make it up to you...

  3. How awesome that your mom will get to meet Summer. Too bad she can't take you two.

  4. Aw, I'm bummed I don't get to meet you two handsome boys! Make sure your human brings you home some treats or a toy from the cat show to make up for not meeting me!

  5. How fun that your Mom gets to meet Summer! We wish you two could go, too, but you might get put into a little cage and then stretched out by judges. So maybe it's safer at home.

  6. very handsome boys - from both sides. tell your mom to have fun meeting Summer and her human. and they DO sell stuff there...she should be more than able to bring you something

  7. that is fantastic that you get to meet Summer! Woooo hooo!

  8. Your mom is very lucky to meet Summer ! Tell her to give Summer some cuddles for us ! Purrs

  9. That will be exciting for your mum to meet Summer.

  10. I hope you get lots of toys and treats from the show. I mean your mom is going to meet Summer, you should get something good..

  11. Your mommy is so lucky to have had the opportunity to see Summer. Sorry you guys couldn't attend the cat show. We think you could win ribbons. You are so handsome. Hope you mom will be able to work on your blog a little more often. XO, Lily Oliiva, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo