Be Forever Furless

A Tail
By Greyson

Once upon a time a gentle reader, Yesenia, was hired to work in a far away land at the Lilly Brush Company. Once Yesenia saw the company's product, The Be Forever Furless brush, she knew someone who really needed a brush to clean up the fur of two floofy boy cats.

So Yesenia told her new boss that a brush was needed post haste at Casa De Housecat. So they contacted the residents, and of course they were willing to deposit fur and try it out.

So they day came and the Be Forever Furless brush arrived to the delighted squeals of the human Mom.

"Look boys!" She exclaimed. "I'm gonna de-fur everything!"

"Did you read the directions?" Asked the sassy-mouthed wise Greyson.

"The directions? It's a brush, how hard can it be?" Mom replied as she proceeded to brush back and forth over the sofa. Low and behold - hair from the couch magically leaped to the brush.

"Victory!" She shouted, waving a clump of fur in her tight fist. "Hey... I wonder if I can brush you boys directly with this baby?"

With an evil gleam in her eye she walked with a forced casualness towards Quillbert who trembled.

"You're not touching him without reading the directions first!" Said the brave Greyson.

So she read the directions...

"Hey! You're supposed get it wet and shake it off first!" She said as she raced for the sink. She approached the bed under which Quillbert hid.

"Are you supposed to use it on your pet?" Quillbert asked as he inched away.

"Well... lemme read it again." She grumbled as she re-read the directions. "Well you can use it on clothes..."

"But directly on pets is not mentioned right?" Demanded Greyson.

"No." She replied begrudgingly, as she busied herself cleaning the bedspread.

And all was right in the land.

The End

The Lilly Brush Be Forever Furless brush usually $19.95 is currently available at Bed Bath and Beyond on sale for $14.99 - did I mention her tight fist?


  1. That was a near thing Quill! Sounds like a good brush to have with two floofmeisters around though.

  2. oh. my. Cod.

    We thought there might be nekkid cats at the end of the story!!

  3. Dood. I realy thought you were about to get nekkid. And now the Woman wants one but I'm afraid she WON'T read the directions...

  4. Thank goodness Greyson was onto the fact that the Mom had parked her brains somewhere else.

  5. We were expecting to see some nekked kitties too. Thank cod wise Greyson prevailed.

  6. I am so glad you got your human to read the directions first! I'm only allowing my human to get one... if she learns how to use it first.

  7. mom is always looking for ways to de-fuzz the furniture around here..... good thing you made yours read the directions before she de-fuzzed you guys :)

  8. That sounds great- I need to get to Bed Bath and Beyond.

  9. Oh thank COD, Quillbert that you ran under the bed and insisted on reading the directions. There would have been two bald boys.But the brush does sound like a good tool. Have a Happy Monday.

  10. But does it say you CANNOT use it on pets? I've been using mine for months. Maybe I should read the instructions. ( It says to get it wet? Really?.....oops.)

  11. Sounds like a pretty good tool for de-furring things around the house...just not the cats. Wonder if Dad would like one of those in his Christmas stocking? XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  12. WHEWWWWW, you guys rilly dodged the BULLET dint ya!

  13. OMC, we were afraid of having both of you de-furred and naked at the end ! Purrs

  14. Ooo that looks like something your family could sure use! Mine too... MOL
    We missed your 1200 post the other day, congratulations!!

  15. Whoa. That was a close call, boys! Thank Cod you made Mom read those directions!

  16. OMC! That was a close run thing!! *shivers*