Floofy Friday

Friday: What? More Baby Quill Pictures!

 Look at the smile!

I may have pulled a squee muscle! 
I have to remember to limber up before I come over here.

Quill: Sorry Friday - we should have put up a warning. We are sure happy to see you though! 

Friday: Did you get any special treats for your Birthday?

Greyson: No! Because I followed him around all day - just in case and there were none!

Quill: Well, you gotta sleep sometime...

Greyson: What? You had secret Birthday treats that you didn't share? Outrageous!


  1. SQUEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!! (Rumblemum just fainted. Yes you should have put up a warning, now who will give me tunas?) Happy birthday!

  2. Aw, Quill. What a cutie patootie you were.

  3. I have found that secret birthday treats are pretty much a necessity!

  4. Oh goodness, Greyson, you were so cute. That is such a good picture of you.
    You sure wowed everyone here. You all have a fantastic day.

  5. What a cute kitten you were ! Have a great day ! Purrs

  6. NO, birfdays are NOT for sharing...they are for eating it all up yourself! Heee.

    Katie's mommy

  7. Oh my what a cute smile! We are melting here!

  8. Oh my goodness, there's a whole lotta squeeing going on over here, too! So cute!