Floofy Friday

Quill: Oh yes, that's the spot. So glad you moved that silly old keyboard off the desk Mom. I mean look at all the room I have to spread out and get some cuddles. 

Mom: I am going to need to work here soon....

Quill: Oh. Hey Friday! Just getting another neck rubbin. I do love them. Doesn't everyone?

Friday: Sorry, I'm distracted by the size of those massive paws!

Quill: Oh these? That's Mom's average lady hand as a comparison....

Friday: Wow! You know what they say about big paws...

Quill: Big hearts? That's what Mom always says. That I'm a sweet, sweet boy. 

Friday: Um, I don't think that's what they say... ::Whispers::

Quill: What? Who'd say that? Whatever. Let's go play Friday! Time for some house zoomies. Greyson can't resist a good game of chase!


  1. Aaaaaaaw Yous do look adowable. Me has huge paws too. And lots of floof.Have a gweat weekend.

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Lexi

  2. Hooray for Friday! And hooray for neck rubbins and playing chase through the house! :)

    Big paws does mean big hearts, for sure. And big paw prints, too.


  3. Nothing nicer than BIG paws!!!

    The Florida Furkids

  4. Boodie has big paws too, but I will tell you a secret... she has kind of a tiny brain! 'Cause that's it's brains they're talking about, right?

  5. that Friday is gonna get you in trouble :)

  6. No matter what they say about big paws- you are adorable.

  7. Quill, looks like you are getting some good attention. Now off to chase the Greyson around. You all have a great and fun day.

  8. Bwahaha! I wondered if Friday would tell you about big paws!

  9. Wowza!! Those are some gigunda babunda PAWS!! Our mom got all grabby when she saw your floofy toes!