Floofless Friday

Quill: Sorry Friday, I can't be photographed today...

Greyson: Me either!!

Quill: See it all happened when we developed a couple tiny little mats on our hunches... tiny ones, barely worth mentioning...

Greyson: Mine were tiny, yours were huge!

Quill: What? Yours were huge! It looked like a small mouse riding shotgun on your leg!

Greyson: Well you had a bunch!

Quill: Anyway, Mom is a knot hunter of the highest order. She finds a mat an offense, as Angel Fin used to say "An arrow of grooming humiliation." She can't help herself!

Greyson: Oh yes she could!

Quill: Every time we cuddle her hands race right for them to assess the size and removal viability. Usually she keeps tiny scissors and trims out just the mat but never likes to get close to the skin. And to tell the truth neither of us minded too much.

Greyson: Until now!! She was in a frenzy!!

Quill: She couldn't find the little scissors and Dad could only find the big shears... And well, there's a little... unevenness...

Greyson: Hack Job! We look like a lawn mower went over our back sides!

Friday: Come on now boys, how bad can it be? Come out, let's see... OH! Well, um, under the bed is nice too....


  1. Uh-oh! My human heard somewhere that seam rippers are good for mat removal. If you google it, your human can probably find some good how-to's.

  2. Uh oh, doesn't sound good if even Friday thinks you need to stay under the bed.

  3. Oh my Ceiling Cat, someone restrain that woman.

  4. "A small mouse riding shotgun on your leg" MOL I think the human needs an intervention!!! MOL

  5. Our mom sounds just like your mom. She finds mats very offensive. Thank cod we're shorthaired cats. Well, 'cept for poor Zoey. Fortunately, she hasn't had many mats...yet.

  6. OOPS! Hack job? Head for the hills! Or, uh, fur extensions?

  7. Thanks so much for coming to our Gotcha Day party!

  8. Uh oh...... but we bet you're still handsome as ever.

  9. Sorry boys. Guess you'll be doing a lot of sitting until your tock furs grow back. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo