Floofy Friday

 Hey Friday! We are so happy to see you buddy! 

Mom's pining away for you for days!!

Quill and I have been putting in the long hours snoopervising her activities... she claims she's "busy" but again her job looks just like talking n the phone and typing. Yawnsville! She claims she's almost done with her book too... we'll see about that.

It isn't easy being the head office cat but I make it work. 

What about you Friday, friends, what do you have going on this weekend?


  1. I'm at a three-day cat show in Portland, OR this weekend, so I will be very busy!

  2. You do a good job with being the office cat. It will be the same old same old for me. I will be lying on the bed sulking because it is still raining.

  3. we love just seeing you being so handsome :)

  4. ohhhh we have TONS of exciting things going on this weekend....yeah right.........MOL MOL MOL! catchatwithcarenandcody

  5. Well, with the mom home now...every day seems like Friday...or Caturday...or whatever. We'll nap this weekend and make sure the mom does her exercises. :)

  6. Napping, and helping Mum to comment on blogs ! Purrs

  7. You are adorable and such a sweetie!
    Have a wonderful weekend...

    Noodle and crew